The case in the village

Our Artillery Company went into the forest to dig trenches. Each identified area, and we started to work. I Vitya decided prinebrech this dull affair, and go to the village next door. Before the village, we walked ten minutes, there just walking the wedding and we decided to join the celebration. As it is in the evening all the drunk and the bride razvezlo so that it fell under the table and was podomnoyu. Seizing the moment, I decided to check out this girl for strength. Slowly come down to her under the table, I turned her on her back and decided to check if she is fast asleep. For this, I pinched her nipple, but there was no response.
Then my hand grew bolder and began to slow down in her tender tummy to the perineum. And what is most striking - this doll absolutely no panties! White dress, and under it - nothing! Actually there was something on that is not ambiguous pointed neatly trimmed pubis. After a few minutes I was deep into her pussy, even able to find the hymen. I was particularly struck by her clitoris, it was very big and looked like a cock, I began to twirl his fingers in rather it bothered me, and taking out his fledgling fighter of his pants began to tear up the bride. It was hard to push his horse in her narrow slit, then I decided to lubricate her pussy. For this, I crawled out from under the table and picked up a jar of lard.
Properly missed, sex lips and the vagina of the bride, I tried again. Everything went just fine, the guests did not even notice a strange swaying table. I took the bitch angry and did not even notice as she began to recover. We see it confused me with her fiance, because humming something under her breath, she began to move me to a meeting. I quickly finished, but my excitement is lost, putting her cancer and her anus greased lard I introduced her dick in the ass, and helped himself with one hand to move, holding the table leg, and the other was trying to reach her breasts. Sensing the approach of orgasm, I decided to finish it in her mouth. Very thrusting member of asses led him straight into the open mouth of my crumbs, and she nearly choked on my sperm. I was completely satisfied and wiped the penis of her dress, hastily returned and continued digging those damn trenches.
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