It happened when I was in the seventh grade in an ordinary secondary school. It turned out that although I lived next to the school, in our yard guys my age were not. So it was that made friends with the boys a year younger - one like me Vovik name, and the other - Zhenya. we do not hold any particular ugliness. So - sometimes smoke, cards to play a trifle. They were engaged in sports before, but just in that year dropped.
Once Vovk, Jr. brought, found his father's pornographic cards. Black and white, with peresnyatye not the first copies of the map were only a small card size like 4 8 centimeters. Frankly, to see anything on them was difficult. But we are excited not so much seen as the mere presence of a naked female body ,, even the paper on which you can watch at will. Unless of course you have the card in his possession. Since the card had to be returned to the place, we decided to re-shoot. I for my birthday, not long before that, gave fotik "Change 8M"And Zhenya was an old FED from the solution in an unknown direction of his father. When Eugene was able to shoot some more, then I do not know how. To show the film could not nobody. There is a need to make a copy cards made us join the fotokruzhok house pioneers. There could be free to show and print film. Theoretical lessons in the House of pioneers, we turn a deaf ear, trying as quickly as possible to get to the second part of the course - practical. It was conducted in the laboratory. Reagents were feeble. One solution showed 20 - 30 films. Therefore, the time displays every next film had to be increased. With sin in half showing two or three films with innocent pictures and printing them one and we decided it was time to start implementation of the plan.
Putting money in a few lunches, we bought two black-and-white film. It was called the film "Svema". I remember - 130 units, 36 frames. Zhenya got hold of the flash. It remains to combine at the same time the three components - free apartment (my) - well, not on the street is to reshoot, Zhenya's camera, flash and Vovkiny card.
The next day, an operation to retake card was assigned. In the morning Vovk, Jr. brought cards to school. As luck would have immediately after school to go to Zhenya failed. Emma G., our teacher for Russian slapped me on the first lesson deuce and told to come after school to her in class, apparently, to the deuce to correct. By the way, it was almost the only one for the entire year of the current unsatisfactory mark. After school, I told the boys that they were waiting for me at the school on the porch, and he made his way to the third floor. I go to class I, and there is a cleaning service. Masha from fifth grade and her classmate, who studied in the class of Emma Bonner cleaned.
The boy really puny. But Masha does nothing large for his age. Ass round, ahead of something already bristling. Masha even know for kindergarten. One summer all the groups merged into one, and I'm with her and another girl once bit in the doctor played. All the details can not remember to six years and a half, and she was still at least two years, ie four years. I only remember that at the time were Maschke panties with polka dots, and I have not filmed and fingered her pussy right through the fabric. So when I entered the class, he asked, where, they say, Emma G.. Masha And with this boy excitedly: it on to the District Board meeting summoned. Masha proud of this, said to me, they say, the key entrusted to the teachers to carry! Twenty minutes later, I finish and I'll take it.
About how! When I now come to Emma? This option I did not expect. I stood rooted to the spot. And Masha turned her back on me and something there bent over to pick up a shovel on the floor wants.
And then something has worked in the brain. Whether Masha stooped too low, or the picture of the cards surfaced at the wrong time. In general, I look at the feet Mashkin, a short skirt, her neat ass, though veiled uniforms and I understand that I would like very much to see it all without clothes. And even better to shoot.
How drunk I went out of the classroom. A head continues to think in the same direction. And the faster I walked the dyeing terrible paint hallways, the head is faster. At the end of the path I was almost swept run.
Thus, the camera is there, tucked in his film. It remains to get rid of unnecessary witnesses and persuade Masha. The kindergarten is not shy! Then it was easier. It should be neat. Persuade somehow ... Maybe not immediately ask to undress, and then ... Then somehow. With such thoughts flew out of the school building. At the school porch, the two dunce running around happy as children. But healthy foreheads. It looks less than fourteen and not give. Zhenya, that's stupid freak, and not think of the camera run, until I had to take the rap Emma.
- Wait, - I say - sheep, Emma's not, but it's all garbage. There is a possibility naked girl on the camera down to shoot. If you do as I say, certainly agrees.
They are already bulging eyes.
- The once - I say - to explain Zhenya, - I say - blow for the camera down and come back until it was gone!
Who "she is" Zhenya did not ask again, and rushed home.
We stayed on the porch Vovik to think of a plan. Like as invented.
15 minutes later, Zhenya ran with FEDom and flash. Wet as hell, red, breathing hard, eyes like saucers. I'm on the go has become cram him so that he does not interfere, as we Vovka Jr. Masha mollify start. And his hands are not les, so that she was not frightened.
I took the camera and flash with a package remained in Eugene.
We almost missed, Masha is already closed the door naughty ...
I say to her, he says, there is serious discussion on behalf of the head of fotokruzhke talk entrusted to me. But not in front of witnesses.
So carefully look at the guy that cleaned her class. And he did not think linger - grabbed the bag and ran toward the locker room.
We order and necessary. I gallantly missed Masha in class. And the door itself look around their attendants. And Vidocq - crumpled some. Zhenya is still red, in the hands of the bag crumples. I closed the door with a key, and Masha are all worth a couple of meters, does not know where to sit. I say:
- Let's sit on the front row.
Masha village, on the edges of these blockheads. Sit, eat Masha views.
I had to start a vigorous voice narration. I wove about it, what Masha beauty and importance of budding photographers to find their model. At the same time, I made it clear that we will take it off, not only for training skills, but also to participate in the photo contest. With Head fotokruzhke all agreed and she, Masha it is also very pleasant. In passing, it was mentioned and gorgeous prizes for the centerfold, and specialists-help hairdressers to create a new entity. Masha listened at first with some mistrust, but gradually a smile on her face has become wider. After the words of the free foreign cosmetics for the centerfold she was willing to pose.
We put it at the board and made the first shot. His arms and legs were pressed against her torso, so I asked is, relax and draw swallow. Finally, he joined Eugene, and began to tell some innocent anecdote. At that time I asked Masha then raise your hand, you look out the window. She obediently did everything ... under the trill Eugene. Then I plucked up courage and asked Masha to climb on the desk. She hesitated for a long time did not - probably already in a rage then entered. She did not even really were covered, although we have already openly filmed and her legs. Then she got off the desk, and then Eugene started talking about what it is like to be a model to try to withdraw without clothes. Masha immediately stopped smiling. I began to talk about the Venus de Milo, the beautiful Greek women are not ashamed of their nakedness. It did not help. Masha was sitting at his desk, eyes buried in a desk. Then Zhenya gave her an ultimatum - either she undresses and allows us to make a couple of shots and we are giving away her undress and pictures throughout. From that moment she was silent, and remained silent to the end.
It looks like she fell into some kind of trance and personal listening. She had not even cried. One strap fell off from his shoulder, I would like to correct, and touched the girl's shoulder. She did not react. I exchanged glances with Zhenya. Slowly, he touched her shoulder to the second. I do not move. Eugene took her a second strap. Nothing. We rushed to take off her clothes. We were smart enough to not break anything, and gently remove. She even raised her hands, when we were shooting shirt. Bra is not yet worn. Small sharp sisyata jumped out from under the removable tank tops. But their appearance, though deserved my inner excitement, never for a moment stopped the stripping process.
Vovk, Jr. sat down and undid sandals machines. Brown tights flew to a nearby desk. When Maschke were some panties, I froze for a moment, but decided to take up their gum. I then began to descend below the gum strip separating tanned and tanned skin. Surprisingly, she is not looking at us, he lifted her ass. On her feet, I pulled the pants quite easily. Oh, these delicate panties with a pleasant smell! Mechanically I sniffed but, fearing ridicule, threw them away.
Then Masha absolutely obeyed meekly. Eugene made a slight movement, and Masha stood. She, on the first request silently walked to the window, and began to make all sorts of poses that we asked her to take. Only her eyes were clouded with some not seeing something. In general, words are not pronounced.
We photographed her at the window - with his hands up, then put it on the desk, intending to photograph the crotch. But when Mary opened her legs, none of us have not been able to hold the camera.
Heel Machinery stood on the desk, and between them and settled down, the desirable and previously attainable - bottom girl's stomach. Masha, looking at something on the ceiling, put the heels farther apart wider, resulting in internal details were visible even better. Pussy was small, but not small, few hairs sticking out at the top of a fairly broad dark section.
Masha silently and somehow doomed took hold of the edge of the labia and spread them apart.
The bumps of the labia majora is already filled with, but small lips were palish and so small that they are almost invisible. Klitorok looked like a pink wand with a snub nose, small reddish lips fanned out, and at the bottom were some very small pimples. two little wet holes between them and the appendage of the clitoris became visible - one above the other. Nothing of the sort we have not seen before, and therefore looked into my eyes, holding my breath. We pushed Masha legs even wider, and she was lying on her back, to reveal to us as Chicken Tabaka.
The camera has long been put aside, and we six hands, panting and partly interfering with each other quickly began to gently touch the little girl everywhere were getting hands - small lips, the nascent breasts, buttocks, thighs.
Masha once complained, complained burknuv loud enough when Vovka Jr. pinched her right behind the pussy, taking his right hand for much of his lip. In fact, we tried to touch her gently. We, and it never occurred to thrust his fingers deeper into Masha, and even more so to us, and it never occurred to stick to anything else. But if at first we just touched, it then we have to stroke Masha, not just pussy and ass, but also the whole body.
But when Mary was lying, we do not have enough space. Eugene pulled the girl by the hand. She got up slowly, feet slightly apart. We have placed her legs even wider and continued inspection.
Eugene stood facing her and sat next to, fixing his gaze Maschke in the groin, Vovk, Jr.. My position was not very competitive, so I found myself behind Masha. But put forth his hands to her armpits, I came across a small sharp little breasts, six centimeters in diameter, which completely fit in my hands. Elastic, like little fox faces, they were elastic as the buds of flowers. Warm and silky they were pleasant to the touch. I was afraid to cling to Maschke, because my pants already bristled, and it seemed to me - I Touch it "these", Masha wake up and everything will be over.
Fear of touching the body does not interfere with the trip of hands shot with grudochek. Smooth like silky spin passed into elastic ass. I held back, buttocks, and then sat down at her legs apart. Someone's fingers covered the girl's review "peach" and I could not help focusing on the buttocks. Then we boys were swapped, and my fingers were launched in pristine petals. At some point, the bottom hole moisten, but then I still poorly understood what it meant. Smearing a drop of wet lubricant on the petals, I looked up. Damn, what a beautiful Masha same. Even with such unseeing eyes and detached gaze.
Time passed, and the pictures were taken a little. As if coming to his senses, we again took turns to shoot everything on tape, trying to take with it feelings and impressions.
We have put Masha on the desk and removed from the bottom. First, of course, the perineum - three, four shots in a row, then a close-up ass. Again pussy, breast separately and the entire torso, over the general plan. In this case, the frame itself is not climbed, but in the intervals between flashes of each of us tried again to touch, caress. However, now we do not interfere with each other and not in such a hurry as before. Some of us have fumbled the first sparse hairs on lobochke, while the other clutched a small, newly appearing breasts, someone bred fingers lower jaws. Then we changed places.
Interrupted only when it was necessary to reload the film.
It was all like a magical dream - naked girl obediently stretching almost hairless labia, sag on my pillows of fingers, feeling the elastic young breasts, almost total silence in which all this happened. And our loud breathing. My heart is loud, pounding with terror and delight. I touched a naked girl! No minnows in kindergarten and school girl that I have not much younger than me. I photographed her naked and could expect to be able to look at pictures of her and remember those happy moments. On repetition of such luck at that moment I could not think. The second film too quickly over. We stayed as a team. Impressions were so many that the next, as it seemed not much. Oddly enough, but we were satisfied by these impressions. I do not know how much time passed. Masha dressed quickly and we zonked out of class.
Neither we nor Masha about this story is not told anyone.
By the way, the pictures did not work ...
(Written based on a true story, all the names and some of the circumstances changed.) ...
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