The last chord

Well, at last, and the last day in this musty district town. The instruments of surrender were signed, the keys handed over, the tools are packaged and shipped. At night we would leave - the machine prepared for the long journey. Last one's left a bar, without which even successfully finished work brings pleasure - a farewell celebration bodies. In addition, the summer calls and features. After a highly artistic, intelligent and hard work is necessary to relax the brain. We are used to relax an orgy. - We are building and art association. Six men, two women - Olga and Mashulya and four men - Mikheich, Shreds, Sanya and me. We are all talented and work in our exclusive and expensive - high decoration premises. A popular use, so work for the year ahead are painted. The ride is a lot of accounts, that we live as a family. Well, a few years of active employment has developed in our tradition to finish the project feast bodies, attaching to the forbidden sweets a couple of charming young girls. I was looking for suitable premises, I rented it for a couple of days. And he is ready to advance the drink of love. Drink changed taught my grandmother to do. Insist on vodka and honey different herbs and berries. From the infusion of men love the extraordinary strength shown, and women are recruited such sensuality that love joy without a break may be about 5 hours without a break to continue. A Mashunya Olya suitable girls were looking for night clubs or discos so tied friendly relations with them. On the last day, we visited with the men captured in the room, preparing it properly, and our women under some pretext dragged the girls there too. The waste plan worked this time.
Comes cute female company zalchik is located. Mashunya with Olga all love drink is poured, and a toast of some all drunk. Then Mashunya suited to the window and gives us signal. We also drink with the men drink at ryumashki and zalchik collapses. The girls were scared, of course, but the scream did not - we did not crowd them sprinkles. Olya Mashunya with their calm, talk a little bit about us, but without details and details. And then I take the initiative in the hand. I poured another drink for a drink and offer a toast to friendship. We all represent. The girls nothing left to call their names and all drink to the dregs - the drink is very tasty, and they had already tasted. And I'm starting to bear nonsense, pull time, I wait until the herbal blend well in any shibanet head on the brain and the mind, there will be no other than a passionate intercourse. Well, the girls stare at the meantime. I do not know, like Mashunya Olya such lure turns, but the girls really good. Kate and Julia. Brown-haired and brunette. Feet and popochki both - top class. Katya breasts a little bigger and looks appetizing. Well, short skirts and tops only emphasize the beauty of their bodies.
Look - the girls cheeks zarozoveli, the peasants began to trousers front Bouguereau, Mashunya Olya fidget in their chairs, and their breast stroke. It's time. Signaled the beginning. Olya panther slips to Mikheich. They caress each other, exchanging passionate kisses. Mikheich blouse on her hands breaks in half, bra straps pulls down, Olga turns his back to him and begins her fleshy breasts in front of all knead nipples and cheat. And Olya his hands under her skirt and launched himself Iron-on transfer. Everyone else on this action look so start stroking myself. I'm Kate and Julia say that now they have to help out each other - let each choose a partner of the other men and make him a blowjob and then ass girlfriend will be saved from visiting member Mikheich. And Olya already kneeling before Mikheich and mouth is a member of the caresses and squeezes his hands buttocks. Elda in Mikheich in embarking state simply fantastic proportions. In practice, I know that even those who like to fuck in the ass by his guns shudder. That's just not like anal sex Mikheich - close to him in the ass and a member of the roll no pleasure. But the girls do not know this fact, and the threat of it seems real. Katya was bolder.
She went to Sana'a, and he and pleased - pants with shorts and threw the girl pinched her breast. Katya to her knees fell a couple of times a head timidly licked and then sucked all the member so that the nose rested Sana'a pubis, and began to work mouth. And handles help themselves - the testicles Sanya pomnetsya, then grabbed for the priest. And while more smacked his lips so he yells. And I went back to Julia and whisper to her that it is necessary to either me or Shred select and proceed to business, and the reversal Mikheich his trunk Katina ass. Julia just got excited snorts in response. Well, I shall be filed Sana'a. He takes Kathu behind the ears and holding her head, so that a member of the mouth does not slip, sits on the floor. Kate had to be cancer. We got rid of clothes Tolik. It is to Mikheich with Olga moved.
The three of them began to produce oxygen - set Olu cancer Mikheich her vagina on his cock pulled, and her lascivious mouth Shreds engaged. Their trio filled zalchik sounds passionate copulation - ohami, postanyvaniya and intense smacking and squelch. I went down to Kate, became her ass stroking, barely brushing the inner thighs. And Sanya does not let her look for the ears keeps her mouth did not descend from the member. I skirt Katina turned upward, little white panties pulled up to the knees. Ass Katie - awesome. Plump, curvy, dark hairs between the thighs Curly, covering sokrovnoe place. And I'm already naked ass stroking continue. And like Kate - she arched back, knees slightly parted. I poslyunyavil two fingers and began her clitoris and the vaginal opening. And there, and I do not need anything slobber - flowed girl is ready already. Well, I did not put off, brought her to his friend, and began slowly to pull the entire depth of the vagina to the uterus itself. And itself I look like Julia Mashunya handles - hugged in your ear whispers something, and on its tummy strokes. Julia threw her head already. Mashunya kisses her on the neck, arms ass oglazhivaet, wrapped skirt upward. And with a bit of Mikheich Olu already on the table moved. Olga turned back, spread her legs and under her knees caught. Tolia did not deal with her vagina and gently pushed on the most tomatoes his penis in her ass and began to quietly handle. A Mikheich to Mashunya came back, and began his eldoy her ass stroking. And Julia Mashunya his back turned, pulled off topic, then pat her breast - pomnetsya, the panty fingers launch. Julia bent, their breasts exposed elastic forward, eyes closed. I slipped out of Katie, she already moaned with displeasure. I went over to Julia and start it whet tongue papillae, and she pats me on the shoulder to the head yes. I pulled up a chair and stood on it to the little girl not to bend and his penis to her lips pulled. Julia timidly began his polizyvat and suck and Mashunya her ear whispered something. The girl stroking my balls start and mouth began to move more active. Look, Sanya with Katya already pulled all the clothes and fuck her cancer, the girl already writhing with pleasure. Masha pulled off her skirt and panties Julia and Mikheich turned. And that her ass grabbed his big hands, a left nipple sucked, eldoy about belly rubs. Mashunya Mikheich tore myself, it fell to the floor, his clothes torn away from himself, tucked his eldu himself into the vagina, and galloped to the pleasures. I put Julia on a chair, her legs on his shoulders and began to fuck threw up the most eggs planting. And she told me podmahivaet, but bit her lip.
Hours before four in the morning we copulated. Mikheich stretch your vagina all the girls, so we had to develop their ass. Each three members immediately turned it over. Hall smell of sex soaked in the year ahead. What blossomed, plunged our gang in the car and rushed to a new place of work. And Kate with Julia ... I have some money left - on chocolates.
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