Olga and dad on the toilet

Familiar heat rumblings for Oli body, from the chest, and further to the tips of the fingers to the young, gladkovybritomu vagina and down, knocking the floor under nog.Podobnoe feeling she felt every day - usually in the school when at recess or after school it satisfies their teachers and odnoklassnikov.Ey not need good grades, she could get their brains and do not necessarily pizdoy.No she liked to be the universal whore, dirty bitch, a female that had everything: the director, the teacher and the teacher, and even snotty starsheklasnikov treteklashki. her charming well-developed form for fourteen years allowed her to hook up any man, and even some women, both inside and outside shkoly.Ey like to fuck in obschesvennyh mestah.Ne quite openly, but so what would have been a delightful, incredibly budorozhuschee, exciting and the exciting feeling that it can catch with the male member is immersed in one of her holes.
She especially loved to stay after school to the sixth lesson and climb under the desk to the teacher of biology, but for that to suck and wank his cock until he led the class, sometimes causing it to stop three or four times. But that presented itself to her eyes caused a totally new, strange and at the same time a hundred times more budorazhuschee feeling.
While my mother was sleeping peacefully in bed, her father was sitting on the toilet and rolling his eyes jerked to the magazine multicolored dotted with colorful pictures of women covered by the male seed as well as the vagina and anus taking large members belonging to different nationalities and races.
By the way, about my father's chlena.Olga immediately fell in love with him. Not very long, but thick as a broom, with a huge head making it such a huge mushroom. A few seconds Olya was confused, not knowing what to do, while the excitement continued to embrace her in waves, storms soon turn into a tsunami and a puddle under her feet (with tursikov already dripping). The solution came by itself, along with hands tightening panties and two fingers of his left hand pornikayuschimi as deep as possible in her pinkish vagina, and the right hand caressing klitor.S minute Olenka enjoyed themselves, lost in the fog of passion while my father stepped up the rhythm of his hands sliding over the penis with the still donwloaded glazami.Potom making two weak step she sank to her knees and spit on the head of her father a member of captured him with his gentle girlish mouth, licked the head and abruptly, choking, propihnul it on, pulling his miserable mouth, deep in his throat, generously raspedelyaya saliva along the trunk of my father rod until it eventually has not started to drip onto the floor. Father snapped open his eyes and from his throat came a promiscuous wheeze. Olga only a second otveleklas from his new toys that would say:"Calm down and tell the mother what you're doing at night"And continue poddrachivaya with squelch push my father's term in itself, sometimes taking it out of his mouth to lick the scrotum.
She was not going to stop until her father did not finish, and definitely on her face. What happened fast enough, given the excitement does not understand anything of the father is already helping her daughter push a huy.Kogda his long-awaited moment, he was grabbed by the hair, Olga, what would make her swallow dick as deep as possible, but she ducked, and a white jet hit her in the eye and then in the mouth and on the neck, where it dripped onto her breast and stomach.
Strictly speaking, Olechka not going to stop there. She loved that man would have ended it at least three times. And her dad was no exception. Rising from his knees, she ran her finger over her eyes, gathering with their father's sperm and then licked it, with a smile polotoyadno ottsu.Ona quickly took off his night shirt silk, and making a circular motion on its spherical naked breasts start to push their feet, providing on display Papic undisguised juicy labia young, beautiful girls, terribly loves sex. Slowly, she put her legs on either side of the toilet and placed directly above the vagina member ottsa.Sam member she took in both hands and jerky movements start to masturbate him, exciting his father again, while his hands roamed over her delicate, fresh body , caressing her buttocks and back, runs through the golden hair, and paid special attention to the white balls juicy, bursting with heat chest.
Olya, putting a member of his father in the proper start position to tease him, leading head on his lips sex and after half a minute, reducible mad caresses daddy, not understanding anything, enter it on millimeter dick in her cunt, deeper and deeper each time when father runs a hand over her back and down to her ass. In the end he could not stand his father, and grabbed her daughter's pussy buttocks pulled over and taking matters into their own hands began steadily, but sharply push dick in dochkino vagina. Olga could not afford to howl, so it is just a very loud hissing from her throat with each thrust Dad struggled hrip.Ee vagina kind of a lot of members, both large and small, but my father's was probably the thickest in its zhizni.Papa at this time reached the language before the chest Olga and soon oblivious daughter biting her nipples, while continuing to increase the tempo. After a few minutes of hard fucked Dad's monster Olga rushed in to capture her orgasm, it seemed that she was mad, furiously propihivaya hot like a hot rod in his father's dick aching from the pain and pleasure hole, and whispering:"Yes, I'm your whore Fuck! Fuck me like a bitch! Insert in my own dirty, huge dick, you smelly pizdoeb! Fuck his daughter to daa !!".
Ochuhalsya of orgasm, and he realized that his father was now also finish, Olga jumped sharply with his father, turned his back on him and immediately put a member in anus.Vozmozhno it was not the best decision of her life. Both father and daughter from a distance a muffled groan. Olga - pain and pleasure, to feel such a thick cock in my ass was new even for such kinds of whores to see it. Father - ending by firing ochrednoy jet of sperm in her daughter.
Olenka felt convulsive reduction in her ass a member, and hot cum filling her ass. The feeling was not new in principle, but never before was not so much a lot of sperm, and she never looked so hot. This has increased its bar almost to the level of orgasm, and she forgot all about the pain, and hearing a father's heavy breathing but squelching and gurgling of his sperm that he is now kneaded his gribopodobnym members expressed desire to end, not just nasazhivayas on his father's penis, and almost tearing his skin vpihivaya his ass.
they had finished almost simultaneously.
Olga's father got off the member, licked it, and kissed his father's half-potervyashego consciousness on the cheek, and taking my things went to bed. Along the way she wiped her father's sperm from his body and panties night blouse and put it next to my mother's handbag ...
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