Group-The-Ear. The story first. Catherine

This event happened in the past year, and that too is now to conceal, changed the world of all its participants. It seemed that the day did not bode nothing unusual about November 27, 2004. In the morning I did not go to school in our city famous in the 85th high school, and went to wander around the city. The reason for this was banal: last night I came home late, and scored the elementary lessons, and grab "pair" I did not want, the more that day was to be a physicist. Oh, I could not stand this item. And all because the entire frostbitten head lecturer, considers that none of the students do not have the right to obtain an estimate of the above three.
On the morning I left the house, and mentally sent all the teachers dick, went to the cinema. At 9 am, I walked a good fantasy thriller, so a couple of hours, I quietly killed. Leaving the theater, I looked at the clock: 11. 32. Well, time to dick, you can deal with garbage with a clear conscience. Having nothing to do, I went to his friend, who is now ill and before he studied, by the way, in the same school with me. Then he was drawn to the college, and now he studied there with grief in half. I called at his door. After about a minute she opened.
- Lech You Th there? - He asked me with surprise.
- Oh, vyabyvayu school. Do nehuy. And you're here all day masturbate at home, eh?
- Fuck in pussy - with a grin said Pasha (the name of my friend).
I went to his apartment, we patted about anything, went out onto the balcony, smoked.
- How are you doing on the fucking front? - I asked with a hint of conspiratorial (Pasha was known for Walker and the girls he fucked already nemerenno; and this in the tenth grade - the horror!).
He wanted to punch me, but then changed his mind:
- Cocks.
- Wait - I was surprised - And Paula?
- All. Separated.
- Che did not give?
- And it is also - sadly said Pasha - And you?
I thought for a moment, because a clear answer to this question, I could not.
- So far, so mediocre. But I hope everything will soon improve.
- Katya?
- Good, rides, - Ekaterina Valeeva was in love with me since the fifth grade, but I did not fundamentally noticed, because before it was a typical gray mouse. However, recently I began to pay attention: the girl to my surprise showed breast development (ie somewhere in the second or third dimension) and cool, in my opinion, ass. And apparently it was nothing. Add to this the fact that it is almost idolized me, and it turns out the ideal female candidate in girlfriend.
I have a couple of times escorted her home, even had her at a party, we kissed, but beyond that it was not going to. Although it would seem, I could easily fuck her several times already, but I'm in no hurry. For me, a sexual relationship existed following rule: never nix and twitch, and trust in the natural course of events, that is, waiting for the moment when it will be clear: you can now safely fuck this girl, because she only wants this. And besides, Kate was a virgin, and I was too inhibited. Hymen, I vomited only once, and impressions from this were not so pleasant.
- And as you already otebal it? - Pasha's voice brought me back to reality.
- Not yet, but: all the time.
- Damn, as always. While she herself to you in the pants will not climb, you're not drneshsya.
- It's not the point.
- And what? - Pasha thought, then said hesitantly, - she - virgin?
I nodded.
- Yeah, fucking lucky you - Pasha said grimly, thinking about something his - Well, are you going to do something Che?
- I told you, damn: all the time. But without gonevo: Opportunities I appear constantly.
- You is not annoying, and come on, be a man.
I snickered:
- Yeah, there is no market.
- Hey, Che something cold here. Let's go to the kitchen, where I have a TV set.
- Lada.
We went away from the balcony. Kitchen Pasha was healthy and in the right corner of the wall was hung TV. We showed some comedy on TNT. Paha said:
- Sit down. Then there sandwiches, Hawa.
With these words he left the kitchen. However, I shouted after him: "Where are you going" But received no response. However, wait for it for a long time I did not have: a minute later he reappeared in the doorway, and not one, but with a bottle "Hennessey". Fucking where he dug her?
- Well, Che, will thump? - With a grin he asked me one.
- No, damn: stupid questions ask a fuck? Where did you get it?
- Bata presented, it has long been. He then somehow get drunk, and Nitsche could not find in the morning. I nix under the bottle and nykanul. Let the better I'll drink it than he did.
- It makes sense - I smiled - glasses-naprstochki there?
- And then?
The bottle we persuaded for an hour, during which time spoke almost every possible topic. It turned out that Pauline, female, never fucked, and was not going to give Pasha, took care of themselves 18 years. Sheep. I said Paje, he threw it right. He smiled tightly. Clearly, she liked him. And dick with that? If a girl fucked on his head, then fuck it necessary? Then the conversation turned to school. I admitted that I pull the program just barely, a little bit more - and I knock out of school. And I'm just that and achieve. No arrangements, such as "you're so smart and capable" actions by teachers at me had no effect, and now everything was going on as usual.
Pasha was also the question of expulsion, but he did not want it. Worst of all he had was the case with biology. The teacher on the subject, the rat, called his parents, snitched to the Director, and now it is likely to be expelled. It all started with the fact that he once was not prepared, he was summoned to answer, the teacher beginning in every possible way to insult his words, the type of "You - a moron, and parents in your same". Pasha could not stand it, and sent it into the pussy, where she, incidentally, is the place. Now he had to hand over her several offsets, laboratory and practical work, and before that a fig, because Pasha, clear horseradish, after the case of the biology scored.
- I do something to you than help? At the very troyban, fuck, damn all biologichku - sheep!
- Yes, I do. Just by the way. I do give a fuck: kicked, kicked so.
And then I remembered something.
- Although, wait, - I smiled - I have the same Katka something in biology class! And she was an excellent student. If I ask, then you will stopudovo. However, it may take from me anything in return. Pasha snickered.
- And you, it is always ready!
- Well. Che went to her?
- And you have the same lessons today?
- She - two pairs. Right now, in any house she sits, bored.
Paha, which has already made it awesome in the head, pulled out a pack "Kent" from his pocket and lit ...
- Fuck, let's go. Right now, this canoe finished smoking.
I laughingly looked at him:
- You do not smoke ebanulsya home, eh?
Further Pasha face expressed the most genuine insight:
- Damn, fuck! - He began feverishly to put out a cigarette in a glass with cognac unfinished - Fucking!
I was also struck by the rzhachku I frantically laughing and could not stop:
- Alan holey! Asshole, fuck!
Returning control of himself, I said:
- Wow! You Th lost spatial orientation?
- Che? - I asked the Pasha; on his face it was that his brain is busy seething activity. Only here in what direction?
- I said, lost orientation? - I shouted with laughter.
- Che talking about? - Pasha said and tried to hit me; I turned away from flying in my fist and prepared to fight back if the buhoy deer gather to carry out disassembly. Realizing that he had absolutely no control over himself, Pasha said:
- Sorry, Che something I did. I smoked Fuck?
For obvious reasons, I do not know the answer to this important question.
- You're going?
- Yeah.
Met my eyes, he said only:
- No dick then you are giving.
I wanted to stand up and bnut him, but Kate suddenly said:
- Did you find what you need?
Do not know if this was said with some special intonation, and perhaps a special kind was Katie: naked with semen on the breast, legs apart, she lay on the bloodstained sheet.
Pasha said:
- Yes.
After that, he began to undress, and I understand that he wants to do. Well, if you do not mind Katka, then: In every woman, girl, girl, slut lives, it just need to wake up. For group sex I treated properly, even tried to somehow participate, it is true then my mates were two girls, and in this situation we have stared girl who a few minutes ago was Tselkov. Once completely naked, Pasha came to us.
I said with a laugh:
- Now, Kate, you know what a group sex.
- Maybe I do, and want - the girl replied, and sat on the bed, cross-legged - Immediately stop a virgin. By all measures, - she paused - By the way, anyone of you had anal sex? What? I thought I had misheard.
Pasha immediately found a:
- I.
- Well, I do. I mean, I fucked, not me - I said with a grin.
Kate looked with interest to us:
- And with me weak?
Damn, it's ass. Rather, it is in fact an ass. But I did not want to give his girl to poebanie anyone else, even to his friend. However, she wanted it, and I obviously have to become a pioneer in her virgin ass. Perspektivka certainly tempting, but I still strained by the fact that Kate we fuck together with Pasha: My cock was again in readiness, Pashin was in this state for several minutes.
- Cach, once so it turns out, we will find ourselves Pasha service.
The girl did not have to persuade, she moved to the edge of the bed, Pasha approached her. Katya took his cock in hand and with a strange greed began to suck him. I like rezanulo, although I understand that sense jealous girl did not have any, because I am, he brought all this up. And then, nothing really extraordinary in it was not happening. Kate continued to swallow a member of the Pasha, then pulled it out of his mouth, he began to lick the tongue, conducted by a dick on his face.
- Boys, are you ready? - Her voice was felt lecherous tone. Here you have an excellent pupil.
Stupid question, stupid situation.
- Cach, yet let dick, still have time. And then inadvertently bite it - I smiled - Stay in this position.
As soon as I enter - take Pashin member in your mouth, it will distract you a little. But before that, girl, do something for me. Kate turned to me and with a smile on his face. I pounce on my dick standing. The way she sucked, it is simply impossible to pass. The impression was that she was a professional minetchitsey. Cum on her chest did not disturbed girl.
A few minutes later, I took a dick out of her mouth, Kate turned to her backside, put the cancer.
- Take hold of the sheet.
- Good.
I spat on his hand, rubbed the saliva on his penis with veins reared. I put my finger in the anus Katin. The girl moaned. Yes, you narrowish hole, madam. Well, Nitsche. Sama wanted to.
I took a finger back and forth on each administration responsible girl rough sigh. Pasha stood in front of her face and jerked off naturally, unable to control himself. Suddenly, I pulled my finger and without giving Kate knew it, thrust his penis into her anus. She cried, she cried out in pain. Pasha preparedness offered her his dick, Kate immediately took it into his mouth. I moved into her anus, the friction was fucking awesome. Damn, I would have thought an hour ago that we will soon Napara Pasha will fuck my girl together, and in such a harsh manner? Feeling that is about to finish, I quickened the pace, grabbed hold of the girl's buttocks and soon poured out into Katie. Conchal long time I even surprised myself: how much sperm in me? When he finished, I pulled out the dick from the anus of the girl and leaned back. Damn, how cool all the same!
Katya also during my fucking her in the ass is already finished, but continued to work Pasha tool. He was quite persistent, but soon could not stand, pulled out a member of the girl's mouth and watered her whole face. Then he looked at me apologetically. I nodded my head, saying, forget it, all right. Exhausted, we lay down in an embrace on the couch. Everyone was wet with sweat, and Katya and from something else. However, she wiped off the face of the Flank sperm, as if trying to show me their loyalty. Or maybe it was just disgusting. I do not know. I speak not like, and what can I say?
However, our Pasha soon members began to show signs of life again, and trahodrom reopened. To begin with Kate took turns our members in the mouth, and then I lay down on his back, stroked his dick and shoved it into the vagina Catino, pulled the girl to himself. The second time, the penetration of the girl did not bring such pain, it is only a leering smile. I started to fuck her rhythmically and Pasha wasted no time threw his friend in the ass Katya. This, though it was also the second time, it took quite painful for Katya, she moaned, began to look for my lips to kiss alleviate pain. So I both kissed and fuck his girlfriend. Pasha in this situation lasted little, and pulled out his dick from anus Katya, finished noisy, dangling on her ass. Kate looked at him reproachfully.
I is not going to stop, and ... I wanted to make something sort of. I took out a member of Katina pussy and put it in his mouth. Where, in fact, and I poured out a few minutes later. Sperm in the mouth did not have to taste the girl, she wanted to spit it, but I said:
- Swallow.
Unquestioningly obeyed, she completed my order. However, little is left of semen on her chin.
I pulled her to him and began to kiss, absolutely not disdaining the fact that on her lips left my seed.
- Katka, you - gold. I love you.
Then, finally vydohnuvshis, we again lay on the bed, and fell asleep. Waking up, I saw the front of the chest and Katya realized. That all happened really it was. The girl slept, was an angelic expression on her face. Pasha did not. I got out of bed and saw that the computer was included Katie. I sat down, moved his arm. Screensaver disappeared in front of me appeared screen "Ward". In large letters, it was written:
"Katya, thanks for the advice on classroom biology.
Lech, still need to discuss what happened. If that - that I can bnut.
I smiled sadly, looked at the girl. Katya woke up and now it is somehow strange looked at me.
- Lesch, I am now for you - a whore?
I was silent, and then said:
- No. Cach, I love you, I realized it only now. And I know that if I had the opportunity to go back, I would have behaved differently. You must be mine alone. You - the only one I love.
She looked at me with tears:
- I - damn, cheap slut. To itself repugnant.
- Kate, do not say so. Love and sex - different things. Sexually, you need variety, otherwise life would be uninteresting.
After that I went to Kate, we kissed, and I again took possession of her. I went home in the evening. The next day I left home for almost a week and was in the den in one of the areas of the city. Kuriles weed, booze, fucking with everyone. I realized that I love Kate, but could not get out of my head what happened. I have found back home. After two weeks of despair and guilt before the girl I cut his wrists in the bathtub. Miraculously, he came to the rescue dad called the ambulance, I was still alive. I was in another world, and I realized that I have no right to withdraw from life, no matter what happens. After that, I changed my attitude to what happened between me, Katya and Pasha. I called and the girl was reunited with her. We are waiting for a new adventure, which I suppose could not.
But that is another story.
July 22, 2005.
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