Rape whole barracks

One day, returning home with robots, I decided to walk, stroll, refreshed. It does not go so far as it seems. In general, walking in front of a military unit, began to pester me four soldiers. Naturally, I dumped them, but on the street it was already evening, and cook just at the moment is not who was not there, so the soldiers decided to use their only chance, and took me by force. And led to a military unit in the barracks. no one else was not in the barracks.
They tied my hands to the bed, but not as much as you have presented, my feet were on the floor, his hands tied behind his bunk, and I spiral stomach in bed. While the soldiers were looking for a rope, + and do not know why, but I put in the mouth gag that would not have screamed, I guess. I was excited order that I want it all, and so are rough, after the first touch, I was all mokrenkaya. When they saw it, once the first set to work, going to sleep rough compliments, which I class slut. When I have every raped, I do not know 2 times, how many times I had finished, and the forces have almost was not.
They untied me, and laid on the bed, and went away. 20 minutes later, the barracks includes about 10 people. But I would have anyway, because I enjoyed it very much. At first I was put on the floor, as it were planted on the member that I jumped, but after 15 seconds, when the pussy move full member, the second tried to enter in the ass, slowly but surely, soon I already fucked from behind right 2 member. My lustful mouth, too, have left without attention, and brought the two beautiful member that I take turns sucking and wanker. That evening, I swallowed the sperm that Coke drank less.
Well, it's a fantasy. I have many times had group sex, but it's the best of my lustful fantasies that I would be happy somewhere embodied, that would be in the city of my did not recognize, and I really like being rude, sweet violence, very often ask, what would I They tied up and brutally fucked.
Please do not write me on mail your film if you do not like it, do not hammer me a place in my drawer.
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