On the stage

It seemed that damn line would never end, as if the whole of Russia came together in one place, only to arrive at some stage! Although even that Arina was here for the fifth hour, saying that he was not for her "some theater"For her it was a dream, not an obsession even! Learn here seemed to her heavenly occupation, the building of the institution itself, in Paradise called Arinin consciousness, with a capital letter. And now this girl was so close to the realization of his dream, but even more distant from it.
Time went on and on, people came and went around someone always something wonks, sang, read poems and showed scenes, and everything trying to show off to each other. After a while turn and Arina. And I think at this point the reader need to know what is it like to the girl, who had at first glance, such good intentions and a desire to transform their dreams into profit.
From the earliest years Arish got along fine with the boys, they were her best friends and advocates in all its rowdy nachinaniyah.Gody walked Arina has grown and changed in his eyes. By the nature of the magnificent external data added ability to get along with the opposite sex and knowledge of male psychology. And just in those few seconds a tall, slender brunette with a small square, atypical for spring chocolate complexion and sea eyes are framed by long, as the antennae of butterflies, eyelashes, opened the door of the room, which was held a creative competition.
Twice tsoknuv heels, Arina was in the middle of a spacious room, with large windows. In the room there were only two people: a man, thirty-two, wearing an expensive suit, the color blue rat, with slicked-back hair and seemed withered, wrinkled woman, so small and thin that it seemed to open his mouth for it would be very difficult. She clearly has long been tired of sitting here, she nervously fiddled with the corner of his old vest and constantly rubbing her temples, indicating that a severe headache and a greater desire to shift out of this damned place.
Throwing a doomed look on his partner, a man named Gennady Mikhailovich, sighed and said:
- You'd better go home, Anna Dmitrievna. You are very tired.
- Yes, perhaps you are right, - said, not believing his luck, Anna Dmitrievna and began in a hurry to go home. When the room door closed behind her, Gennady Mikhailovich focused his gaze on the Applicant.
- Well, what do you surprise me today?
- I'll read you a poem by Alexander Blok.
- Oh ... begin!
Trying to join the role of the hero, the incredible Arina writhes and mines and is constantly grimaced. And as if she did not try, before entering the theater she was still a long way, especially in front of a man, it seems, had no interest in her performance, he was too tired to listen to the same thing.
At this time, Gennady Mikhailovich lowered his gaze and looked at some indeterminate point, as if looking for something, his eyes wandered around the room when one of the gusts of histrionic despair Arina moved forward. Men like a pretty picture on the other hand, in this day Arish looked especially sexy: indecently short denim skirt barely covered round delicious ass, wearing striped top were top and slender legs snug translucent stockings. All this kind of gave the girl child pochi forbidden sexuality, she could not draw, she just beckoned, it is confusing, making it impossible to think about anything else. For fifteen minutes the man rudely staring at her body, he did not even try to hide the desire, clearly expressed on the face, and especially in his eyes. All the facial muscles have been stretched, in this state, it was very difficult to keep yourself in the place, and that thought frightened, terrified and unbearably attracted common sense.
Gennady Mikhailovich did not want to listen to it a worthless speech, he wanted to pounce on this latest still very innocent girl, rip off her useless topic (why he is still almost nothing covers), one wrench lay on a table, unceremoniously lifted her skirt and sharply enter into it, and the sun inflamed desire young beautiful body, and then tear without stopping, without reducing the pace and not thinking about anything.
5 minutes. 10 minutes. 15...
- Stop, move closer.
The girl stepped forward quite confidently.
- You certainly know that the actress - it is a very creative profession, tell us what you know, what are you interested.
At this point, the person has changed dramatically Arina, naive and childish gone missing, replaced by a daring, brash, playful smile.
- I'm doing great blowjob and virtuoso lying, do you think I have a chance?
- I think you have great potential, my girl.
In less than a second, Gennady Mikhailovich, forgetting everything in the world, powerfully fragile girl grabbed her waist, hugged her and eagerly bit into his neck. Arina quite frightened this behavior, in her heart she had long dreamed of hard violence, and now she has the opportunity to combine business with pleasure, and she was not going to miss it. From the passion of men movements, she quickly excited. Kiss, kiss ... and more Arish already felt a pleasant warmth between the legs. The legs buckled and would not listen, but they did not have to obey because Gennady Mikhailovich immediately knocked her on the table, laying on his stomach and pulled off her bra. His attention will provide an excellent elastic ass in black lace panties. He stroked the hollow ass and crotch, pushed her panties to the side and fell at her girlfriend with beautiful pink plump lips.
This test was higher Arinin forces, she could not stand, and the man all accelerated and accelerated pace ... Ah..Ah..Ah..i she arched and moaned. Gennady Mikhailovich did not give her time to recover and immediately entered into it.
One orgasm is superimposed on the other, and Arish beginning to squirm like a snake and almost pulled out of his hands. But it is certainly not possible.
- Feelings more sense! How are you going to act, you play the unfortunate woman who lost her son, not zazhravshuyusya socialite.
- Well, Gene, it was impossible to think of anything else! I did not fit this role!
- And really, why do you play a role you play brilliantly, and the rest is not so important.
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