Morning of a new life

Midnight. The guests dispersed. On the bedside table to expire last tears of candles, turns snatching out of the darkness the table with an opened bottle of champagne, the apparent huge bed, the red roses, floating in the storm cloud of dark green leaves.
In the bed next to me, slowly sipping a noble moisture, He sits. Eyes half closed with huge fluffy eyelashes, hair sparkle flare light candles. We both know what will happen today, this night should be my main gift on the day of the end of the first quarter of a century, lived boring and colorless, and quite rightly so. But this night would end and his former bezzabotnotnoy eighteen years of life, all the achievements of which are in two or three dozens of spoiled girls who filled several boxes of Russian vodka. What's ahead? Miscommunication, confusion, contempt of friends and strangers, friends and family. Are we ready to go through this? All my life I asked myself this question, and now I know the answer. But he???
My hand rests on his shoulder, I feel like a palm tense and tight muscles. Andre puts the glass and closes his eyes as if to shut out the night, and the room from me. My fingers are raised on the back, easy to deal with neck and gently slipped on her chin and turning, frozen for a moment in the flaming cheek. Gently, like an autumn leaf glides to the ground, Andre goes down at the scattered cushions. A few minutes later, I can not look away, admiring the delicate features of his face in the flickering candlelight, perfect figure, tightened in a light shirt and jeans. My hand gently touches his silky hair, while the other hand on the chest and froze keenly listens to beats of the heart has long been loved by me. Finally, throwing unruly lock of hair, I gently touch her lips to his forehead and freezes, not believing in the reality of the situation. My lips slowly kissing his face, trying not to miss a single millimeter of this velvety and warm, like a just plucked peach skin. Eyebrows. Whiskey. Cheeks. Chin. Frozen for a moment, how to jump into the water, I immerse myself in the tenderness of his mouth heady, I feel their awe, their heat, their moisture. My tongue gently decompresses white teeth and gets into his mouth, meets with his silken tongue, fondles it, leaves, returns again and again. How long do I have to wait for that kiss. It is sweeter than it seems now not find the strength to break away from this intoxicating bud.
Poor Andre, my little boy, he could not open his eyes, could not believe that all this is happening with him. His hands lay motionless on the bed, and only the nose tremors felt by my hand under his shirt, but shortness of breath, caressing my face, show that he was not asleep. My hand gently unbutton and casts a light cloth, exposing beautiful youthful chest rose and fell. Muscular torso. The fingertips in an instant easily run over his body, feeling for him nipples, belly firmness and narrow strip of soft hair, leading to more closed to me the depth of his body. My lips touch the delicate skin of his shoulder and down below, caressing his chest, dig into the nipple, tongue caresses their hot surface and causing a hoarse sigh from his chest. My hand wraps around his bent leg, guessing at the rough cloth of the ancient perfection of the body. The sound seemed to unzip silence of the night thunder.
- Valera!
Oh my God! What did he say? What to say? How to convince not stop this passion, already swamped me with his head.
- Yes?
Foolish or wise answer he breaks from my lips. It is useless to look for other words. If he can, let him find them. Minute. II. It seems an eternity.
- Nothing.
Thank you, my boy! Rubicon has been crossed, and no turning back. His jeans and smelting fly into the nearest chair.
- Andre! - I extend my hand to him, and my heart was beating is now in the palm, making her shiver.
He silently and without looking in my face, takes my hand and leaning on it sits on my lap, bashfully bending his legs and pulling her knees to her chin. I embrace his beloved, to bury his hair fresh, whole sweet face is gently pressed against my shoulder.
* * *
Light ray of light, playfully broke through the curtain, fun jumping over the walls, filling the room with joy and happiness. I'm afraid to move, not to accidentally break the unity of our embrace. Andre cozy sniffs, her nose buried in my collarbone, and still does not know that the window is already raging May morning. The morning of our new life.
Kharkov 1994
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