Sex Without Borders

I want to talk about one my novel with a very interesting and sexual man. His name is Dima, 29 years old, short brown hair with unusually beautiful green eyes. My name is Lina, slender 22-year-old girl with long light - brown hair. We met at a company, a friend of mine was working there, I went to her, she introduced me, and with Dimitri. I will never forget as he examined me as his languid eyes half-closed eyes, pleasant manners, courageous body, strong chin, and even Aries zodiac sign - the most fiery and passionate character. Since then, I began to go more often to her friend on the company, not yet hinted to him that I like him and left his phone number.
Even in his youth, I graduated from art school, so I decided to draw on the memory of his portrait and sent it by mail. Dima called, expressed his gratitude for the portrait and offered to meet. There was a heavy downpour, we went through the city, a solid wall of rain nearly drowned out our conversation. Quiet music, I physically feel his warmth, admire the beautiful hands of aristocratic form, I imagined how his delicate fingers caress and penetrate me. We sat in a cafe, then went to his home.
- Lina, you're cool drew my portrait, I would have thought that such a charming girl, also an artist, - he said.
-You've got the perfect facial features, I was very pleased to do so.
Dima filled champagne glasses:
- Let's drink to a pleasant acquaintance, and that this meeting was not the last.
This meeting really was not the last, the night without sleep bewildering sex. Once again, going to it, I was wearing black underwear and black stockings, high-heeled boots, clear beige blouse and a silk scarf.
Dima opened the door, and I immediately rushed to his embrace, inhaling its unique and such an exciting scent that resembles the smell of ripe plums and summer herbs. We drank, Dima has set slow music, and pulled me to him to slow dance, forehead pressed to my forehead.
- Linochka, station striptease for me ....
- But I do not really know how.
- Do you get - he said, and took out a video camera, sat in a chair.
I started to take off her skirt slowly stroking her legs, then took her scarf, reached between his legs and began to drive them on the perineum. Scarf clung to the hairs on my pubis, I took off her blouse, bra and began to pull at her nipples, stroking his neck and shoulders. Then he sat on top Dima, swaying, as though imitating the sexual act. For me only stockings and garters, start rubbing the crotch of his knee, it is a trace of my water on his pants. Scharf bind his hands behind his back and go down to her knees, slowly unbuttoning his trousers. I take his cock in my mouth, abundantly wetting with saliva, my lips tight ring compresses to the head, tongue, first gently, then slide on the bridle-intensive, hand holding the base member, compress it. Dima cheeks ablaze, he throws back his head, unable to contain moans. Before orgasm, I untie his hands, and he cums on my chest.
Dima takes me in his arms and carries on the bed, removes the remnants of my clothes. Take in the largest bowl strawberry, bites off the tip and begins to drive on my lips, all lower in the stomach, my skin is red trail of juice. Conducts berries on my clitoris, solid bones scratch the skin, the juice is mixed with my juice, strawberry scent awakens even more sensuality. After gaining in the mouth of cold champagne and produces my sexual sponges, I feel a slight tingle from the cold goose bumps. Long tantalizing kiss, Dima holds the tip of tongue on my belly kisses the inside of the thighs, the fingers on my legs, sucking his thumb like a little penis. A little bit tickled, his hands pressed ankle and is widely bred my feet.
- Dima, I can not touch me "there"- I moaned.
Finally, his lips are closed on my clitoris, tongue persistently glides across wet cleft, makes circular movements on the anus, two fingers penetrate the vagina. I shudder and moan in this madness, his fingers then accelerate the pace, then stop. Suddenly he puts a wet finger in my anus, I cry out by unusual sensations. One hand caresses clitoris, the other - stimulating the anus, while I am not finished. Then he enters me, I entwine his hips down, as far as possible to absorb it into himself and begins a mad jump. I close my eyes from the unbearable pleasure, biting her lip, our bodies are covered with perspiration, Dima's hot breath, his unusually quiet moaning inflame. His lips such juicy and tart drunk from champagne, I want to taste it and smell stayed on my skin, as long as possible. After orgasm, while in istomnom state, I feel like his semen dripping down my thighs.
- Sweetheart, you're such a sweetie ass, I want you, - a hoarse voice, he said.
- But I have never tried "there".
- Do not cheat, there was something, I see it in your eyes.
- Once I was alone at home, and, after reading pornography, she took a candle, lit it, to melt the wax and make the edges smoother, caused more Vaseline and put in the ass to the end. The candle is solid, it was very painful, I do not like this sodomy.
- Do the same with me, I want to see - Dima takes out a dildo and a box table stretches me.
- I do not want it thicker, imagine what would be done to you.
- I can imagine, and even want it ...
I take the pillow and throw in the middle of the bed.
- Lie down on his stomach on a pillow - I commanded.
Dima performs my order, I sit down on top of him, his hands stroked his broad back, buttocks, massaging each muscle. I widely Spreading its halves, tongue lick his tender hole, pushing the tip of a finger. Liberally grease the dildo Vaseline and gently insert it in the ass, I not quick start the movement, remove the almost to the end and insert the power again. His hands compress sheet from stress and pain loud moans fill the room. I'm very excited so that if there were another vibrator, I would put it in yourself. His cry brings me to my senses, I think I made too sharp, deep tremors, not controlling themselves. I pull the dildo from his anus and she exhausted fall next. I know how sensitive Dima, I never even scratching his back, afraid to hurt, and then crossed the line. I took his hand, kissing each finger and wrist, he said quietly:
- Dima, sorry, I probably overdo it. I very love you. If you want, do the same with me.
- All right, I myself like this. I will do, but not today.
- What can I do to make amends?
- There is now forces you to punish. I want you to put on the handcuffs, bite and brutally raped in all holes. But you're so soft and fragile, with the snow-white skin, you can only be nurtured as a porcelain doll. Do not let any man do to you what you do not want, you deserve the best, - smiled, he said.
- It was unforgettable, you're the best man in the world, you have opened itself to me, embodies all my fantasies, I adore you.
This ideal relationship ended after a year and a half, but I can never forget him and always will believe that fate will bring us back.
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