Holidays in Tunisia

Vacation. At this time, our choice fell on Tunisia. The new country will give me a lot of new experiences, and I'm already looking forward to it.
We took two rooms separate, since children are already big and having sex in their presence is no longer possible. The first thing I saw was waking up in the morning sea and white sand. I had a burning desire to immediately swim. I kept a good shape and, therefore, do not hesitate to be on the beach only in narrow thong. Quickly dressed and throwing them on top of a transparent beach dress, I'm running on the hot sand of the sea, in the course of undressing. The beach is still empty, I'm smiling dive into the sea.
What is it tender! Warm waves caress my body. Still floating on shore, I felt the back view. When I returned I saw a tanned, handsome, who, smiling, just devoured me with his eyes. Having an indifferent look, I ran into the room to dress for breakfast. From that moment I felt his eyes on her all the time, while in the restaurant or on the beach. At first it bothered me, but then I got used to it, and even something I missed when he was absent. Days went by, my skin had a nice tan, but I continued to use suntan oil. Gentle movements, I put it on the breast, thighs, slender legs, looking at my admirer has straight, do not hesitate. His bulging trunks, gleaming flame of desire in his eyes and I wound up the procedure so that between the legs becomes wet, nipples hardened, my head was spinning. What would recover, I had to run to swim in the sea. And in the evening, or sometimes before lunch I dispensed husband so passionate caresses that he wondered why I was so insatiable. But in front of my eyes was not him!
My wife got tired of stupid stay on the beach, and he decided to go on a two-day trip to the Sahara. Referring to the bad state of health I was able to stay at the hotel. And here I am at the beach, my stranger at the same location is already waiting for me. His eyebrows fly up when he sees me alone, smile dazzles. We run towards each other. An unknown force pushing me into his arms. But we have not even talked never! As it does not like me! We sat at the bar. It turned out that it Tunisian long lives in Germany. Fortunately for me, I can very well be attributed to the German, but even without saying it would be understandable .We all could just look into his eyes and such sexual energy around us that everything began to kiss.
Wine, and it can not turn my head. We are holding hands as the children ran to swim. And not only the waves, but also men, so strong and such soft hands caress my body. I leaned against his chest, our hearts seemed to beat against each other, my hands eagerly studied his beautiful body, tongues entwined in a passionate kiss, the excitement was at its peak.
After melting the strained I could feel his cock, which began to gently palpate. He was so big, I pulled down her panties a little, and let him in myself. All this happened at a crowded beach, but we forgot about everything! As soon as the head of his cock entered my, this girl sick with desire, I immediately get a strong orgasm., .Ston Naslazhdeniya.sorvalsya my lips floating by a woman brought us to life. What would we fled from the beach to the hotel! Bursting into the room, he stopped a hurry, took me in his arms and put on freshly postelennuyu bed, carefully removed the still raw after melting sea, moved and stopped. Again, this view: he admired me, and I'm excited all the more strongly showed him their charms, spreading wide legs, turning to his ass, arching back, stroking my already wet girl. Unable to withstand this test, I knelt down and began releasing a member of it with pleasure suck, lick balls.
Nothing tastes better to me was not at that moment! Love liquid filled my mouth as it was tasty and nice! And now, his tongue penetrates me. Slowly, he explores every crease. My body shakes the wave of orgasm, I gasp with pleasure, but that's not all, he turns me on my stomach, and continues to explore the tongue my second hole.
Consciousness somewhere swims so well I was not even ever. Again a wave of orgasm washed over me. Hearing the sound of slamming doors, I opened my eyes, and to his dismay found that it is not. Scoundrel, how could he, without saying a word just disappear! I do not understand anything, everything - yet he was extraordinary. After resting for an hour, and so did not find the explanation the incident, I went to the beach. The sun was setting, the people almost was not. The warm sea gently took me in his arms .Proplyv about a kilometer, I slowly went to the shower. Standing water strong jets of water with eyes closed, I thought that now I would most like? It is not difficult to guess, I like good sex. And suddenly someone's hands skimmed over his chest and stopped on hips, lips captivated kiss. Yes, it was him. Without a word, one hand clutching his mouth, he dragged me to the beach locker room, I tried to escape, to finally understand what was happening, but he did not give me this opportunity. So do not let go of me, closed the locker room, he took off sharply melting, turned his back to her, and bent, he was not included, but just broke into me. It was like a rape. Deep penetrating into me, making it impossible even to say a word, he just breathed heavily, but very soon I resist no longer wanted .podmahivaya his ass beat, hand stroking his testicles, I was flying in the world of bliss. Another orgasm and another .: This does not happen, it was a dream ?! And a powerful jet of sperm hit me. I'm in paradise.
He pried my mouth and gave an opportunity to turn around. I saw that he was as good as I do. But the happiness did not last long. He had to run for the bus, which drove the tourists at the airport. It was such a beautiful farewell! Farewell forever. The Long Kiss, who will remain in my memory - all that we still have time.
The next day he returned with a tour of my husband, and everything fell into place. And I look forward to the next vacation!
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