Playing in the wedding

When the uniformity of the flow of life becomes unbearably painful, we plunge into the world of hidden desires. These dreams are painted our poor life experiences. But few people are hesitant to make a reality of at least a fraction of their secret desires. And if you try to implement at least one such dream, the fantasy can become one of the brightest memories.
I took a chance, and that's what came out of it.
To begin to tell a little history. My name is Igor me. I - pretty slim bisexual guy 22 years old. I could not boast of a rich sexual experience with a man because of the fact that I have had only one partner. It happened a few years ago. Once I was at a birthday party for his friend the institute. It was an ordinary birthday - boys, girls, lots of drinking, lots of music, dancing. Among the guests was the elder brother Andrew birthday - twenty-seven high bit swarthy young man. By the way I want to say that I was already had fame faculty Lovelace, but sometimes come to mind thought to be with the girl and make men's affection.
In the evening, or even a night when it was time to break up, it became clear that we needed with Andrew to return home in the same direction. We went out of the door and walked past the night side of the square in the great outdoors, where you can catch a taxi. Alcohol drunk in large quantities, has done his job, and we are buying in a nearby tent for a couple of cans of beer, sat on a bench that, as it happens, talk and his views on some topics. Gradually, we moved on to the discussion of same-sex sexual relations. He said he does not see anything wrong with that beauty is not male or female - she is still beautiful, and I said that it would be interesting to feel what women feel, to get into their skin. I did not even notice that his hand was on my leg. Then again the first time I made him a blowjob. I was surprised that it did not cause me disgust, but rather gave a great excitement. I sat on a bench and sucked his dick, and he caressed my hand.
Then we have occasionally, not more than once every two or three weeks to meet in his apartment. And so it went the last few years.
Over time I began to notice that I was very exciting kind of bride. In my imagination began to paint a picture that I give myself a bride dressed Andrew. That is, a picture of our wedding night with him.
Once I told him about my fantasies. He liked the idea and he said that it should be done.
I went to a nearby town. In one of the salons of marriage I bought a suitable dress gloves to the elbow and veil. I bought a pair of white stockings, cosmetics, delicate white lace panties. Most had trouble with shoes, because they had to be measured (42 size all the same) for all to see, I do not remember what I naplel saleswoman. Panties I decided to adapt their physiology ... I made an incision on the member site, so that you can get it and sweep off the eggs and cut thread. Now you can wear shorts, but the pull member in the incision.
With the languishing of impatience Andrew decided to hold our wedding night next Saturday.
On Saturday morning I went to the country to dress up and wait for Andrew. I paid a makeup put on stockings, dress, veil, shoes. He looked at himself in the mirror. Before me stood a very appetizing and tempting bride.
When dusk, came Andrew. In a black suit, white shirt and tie. When he came in, he stopped, enthusiastically and sensually began to examine me.
- I - Inna, today I - your Inna - I told him.
He kissed me on the neck.
We got into the car to go to his house. We still had time to get to him in the night to observe secrecy from the ubiquitous neighbors. He offered me a drink of champagne in nature. We arrived at a small clearing, and it quickly spread a blanket on the grass and covered buffet. We drank champagne, and he poured me again. Suddenly, he could not resist, he came up to me passionately kissed her lips and both hands pressed my head to his groin. I unbuttoned his pants, lifted the veil, made his lips and tightly covering his penis mouth and began to suck, tongue caress his head. He moved his hips wildly almost pulling his dignity from his mouth, then planting for most pubis. He finished quickly, powerfully and abundantly, and then long admired the way my lips drip trickles its juice.
Then we went to Andrew home. The room table was set. He brought out of the fridge a few bottles of champagne. We drank, and he kept stroking my hand stockinged legs, back and buttocks.
Then we danced. He held me by the waist and kissed her on the mouth constantly. He knelt down, lifted her skirt and began to kiss between her legs. Saw cut on panties, I got my standing member of the stake and began to suck him, caressing my wet finger bud anus. As it turned out, he quietly greasing it with a special cream. Then, abruptly he stood up, turned me around, picked up the dress, took her panties to the side and began to enter into me. I was standing with his back to him, his hands on the table, legs spread slightly and invitingly exposed ass. He entered me and began to thrust deeper and all the frantic, holding with one hand my ass and the other caressing my cock. I felt an unknown before the excitement and fierce bliss every time it moves. Andrew grabbed my hips and, as he could become a stick to his guns. All crotch captured vibrating moist heat - he finished. Cum in me. Its coveted coveted nevestushku Innochka.
We sat on the couch and drinking champagne. He was in a white shirt, and I'm still completely bride. They share experiences. Passionately kissing and playing with each other's members.
We began to dance again. He lifted my skirt and carefully removed her panties. Suddenly, he took me in his arms and carried her into the bedroom. He put me on the side himself - on his back and began to lubricate his penis. I sat on top of him and felt like he was nervous and quickly introduces him to me. Andrew held my hips, setting the pace of movement, and I clung to him all over and felt my crotch, my balls and my body rubbing against his belly. We are speeding up the pace and I began to finish. All my body struck the current viscous voluptuous waves began to run away from my crotch to the head. Andrew felt my vibration and violently threw my juice deep into my anus. We came together.
After resting Andrew took off my dress and I stayed in stockings and veil thrown back. He put me on his back, threw my legs over his shoulders, put his hands on her ass and passionately kissing my lips, neck and nipples, gave me his juice again. I did not have time to finish, and he kept sucking my cock, caressing fingers crotch.
Then we fell asleep.
In the morning I awoke to the fact that in my open mouth trying to slip cock and ass drill lubricated finger cream. I eagerly opened his mouth, and immediately took a member of more than half. After a few minutes I was lying on his side and my ass eagerly and relentlessly fucked Andrew, caressing my cock.
A few months passed. I inherited from my grandfather apartment. Now I have the full right and the opportunity to meet. And sometimes, not often times the phone rings in the two or three weeks ...
- Hello, my Innochka. I ... missed.
- Come in a couple of hours, Andrew, be sure prizzhay.
And I'm going to apply makeup, dress and lingerie lace dress, like a ball with a fluffy skirt above the knee ...
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