In all holes. Nyagan-arrival.

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When I boarded the plane, flying into this hole, I imagined it over and over again will fuck me in between workshops. I imagined myself still more hole than this very Nyagan, and this is getting warmer ... the soul.
More than anything, I wanted a real submission, sitting in a chair airplane, I imagined, as he takes me immediately on arrival, with no trips to restaurants, clubs and the like, as a member of the beats on the lips, not allowing to take it in your mouth and I'm all like a bitch CURRENT ...
Is it going to be? Or again - candles, champagne, museum?
He was waiting for me near the exit from the airport. Smirk, nod his head - like, get in the car. Not a word about my short skirt, biting mink coat.
We went up to his room, he shut the door.
- Fuck, what are you standing there? You do not know how to enjoy a host?
I smile, thinking he was joking.
- I do not understand!
One movement of the hand he throws me on the face of the chair lifts up her skirt, tore off her panties and pantyhose that do not fall and get stuck somewhere in the middle on his feet.
- I do not want to fuck you now, - he said, looking me in the face - went away.
Another second and I was pushed out of the room into the hall, with a deflated shorts and tights. I feel all their pettiness and horror of what someone now can pass along the corridor. I knock on the door, through the 5 minutes, it opens, and I crept into the room on his knees.
He sits in a chair, talking on the phone. I crawled to his feet, and be afraid of them, trying to unbutton his jeans pants, take out a member. He reluctantly gives me to do it, and yet he continues to talk, his adored me great dick in full my disposal.
I caress his head, run my tongue over the bridle, moved to the hands of eggs - the only thing I'm dreaming that he, as before, put his hand on my head, and began to stroke her - for more, I never expected.
But his eyes slide over me, the conversation takes him much longer. Finally, he says goodbye, and at the same time, I get a strong slap in the face, on which I fall on its side.
It includes all five fingers in my hair curly, and skewer my head on his cock. Also, by the hair, he turns my head in different directions - I can only bow lips tightly and take his cock as deep as possible. All his cock I had in the throat - it is relaxed and takes it along its entire length.
- That's right, bitch, you have to suck like that, - he says softly, moving my head back and forth.
Already I got off all hair, cramps tears flow from his eyes, mingling with mascara and lipstick.
- Fuck, yeah you look at yourself, - he says. Strip naked and go to the bathroom.
I reach for his cock, I want him to cum in my mouth, but another slap knocks me off my feet, and a strong slap on the ass gives a clear direction to the bathroom.
I stand under the hot water, and feel that wild fear starts to drive up to the throat.
I understand that it has played a little bit, and it looks like everything is much more serious than what I wanted, masturbate in his bed. I decide to get out of here until late.
He goes into the bathroom naked, looking at me in a businesslike way to touch the beautiful elastic chest with two fingers in the pussy climbs, wiping them on my hips well.
And then, without saying a word, he takes my head, sharply bend forward, putting me on my knees, puts cock in her mouth and lets out a powerful stream of urine. Startled, I swallow a large part, the rest spills immediately mixed with tears, which are beginning to choke. He shakes off the last drop of my face, has a member on the lips.
- Lick, bitch, and wash. In order to be 5 minutes in a room in the normal form. He rinsed out and shower.
I crawl on the shower wall, realizing that this is only the beginning.
I came out of the shower, he sits in a chair, stands up walks around me, pushing the fingers pussy and then pushes a slap to the chair. I get cancer, sticking out your ass and wait. I am waiting for what becomes me nicer and nicer every our journey. I love it when he fucks me in the ass when the first finger lubricates my point, and then enters slowly, then with a run scored his dick in my point and ends badly to slapping me in this moment. But this time, it seems everything will be different.
He comes up to me and starts to associate me with a rope tightly locking arms and legs to the hands and feet of the chair. And then it takes given the belt and begins to flog me, remembering all my modest transgressions. It's much harder than I imagined, and if in the beginning, I try silently endure, then after a couple of minutes, I start to moan, then cry, then almost whining.
And at the very moment when it seems to me that the more I will not be able to endure, I feel his finger in his ochke in the nose hits the smell of poppers, consciousness begins tusknut, all feelings are getting stronger and brighter. It is not he in a few minutes, and I fuck him with her ass furiously nasazhivayas on his penis. Point off, ass off, and my only dream of at the moment to get so forever. My body shakes from convulsions, I'm coming, and he continues to fry me in the ass, saying, as he is now well.
At this moment there is a knock at the door.
- God, now someone will see in what I state. But there is no way to shut down. Comes with a man and a threshold says:
- Listen, give documents a group tomorrow ... Just at that moment he notices me and wildly confused. I only manage to turn away his face. He also received the documents, hastily exits.
I get more time in the mouth, suck dick inspiration, which is now finished so sweet, I feel most happy and think it would be possible to have time to go to the museum in the remaining three days.
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