My neighbor Andrew recently bought a dog. Since the entire floor I was reputed to be the most experienced dog breeder, he asked me many questions, which appeared to him after the acquisition of the animal.
One day he invited me to walk the dog with him, and I agreed. It was about 12 at night.
As we passed a dark alley, he told me:
- Go there.
I immediately knew where he was going, and so willingly followed him, anticipating the forbidden activities.
We went into the alley deep. Then he stopped and put his hand under my skirt and began to massage my buttocks. My hand went to his crotch, unzipped it and felt quite big and already standing member.
I took off her panties, he pulled the pants to his knees and swung put me in his long and very large diameter member. I moaned, and he introduced a member of the deeper and deeper, for the convenience of having set me on the edge of the box. Andrew abruptly moved her hips forward and with every movement the pain in me put up with delight. Finally, he introduced a member as deeply as I wanted - I could tell by the way he groaned - and began to drive his penis back and forth. At first he succeeded hard, but then on the walls of the vagina made grease, and became a member of go in and out like clockwork. I moaned even louder, and he unbuttoned my blouse and bra, began to suck and nibble on my nipples hardened with excitement. Andrew stuck his finger in my vagina and gentle touches began to caress my clitoris. I grabbed his head in his hands, pulling him to her, and, gasping with delight, screaming and moaning.
Feeling that comes, Andrew grabbed my buttocks and I went in up to the scrotum. We came together, huddled, crying in ecstasy, and I scratched his back blood.
- Wait, - he said to me, seeing that I am going to dress. Ponadezhnee sat me down, he again took my buttocks with his hands and tongue entered my vagina. Andrew licking my clit, then I began to bite him, and finally began to push through tongue deeper and deeper until I finished again. Then he apparently aroused again, he told me:
- Get on all fours.
I obeyed, and he settled down from above, again began to enter into the vagina. The feeling this time was sharper, and we moaned together. He quickly became a member of the drive back and forth to the downright expiring lubricated vagina - so members include even deeper. He squeezed my nipples fingers. We came together again and dressed and out of the alley.
- Come to me, - said Andrei. - I have a surprise for you.
When we entered the apartment of Andrei, I saw five men who smoked on a sofa in the living room.
- Guys! I brought you someone, - said Andrei.
- Oh, Andrei, well you give, - one of the men whistled. He came up to me and held his hand over the wet vagina. - Yes, it is already flowing! Come on, let's not waste time. We've got fun is night. Arrange trahodrom.
All went into the bedroom, where he undressed.
- Well, start, Andrei, - someone said. - Let's see how good pussy.
- Now you will be on top, - said Andrei and I lay down on the bed. His penis was horizontally. At first I just wanted to start a sexual act, but then suddenly changed her mind. I took his cock in his hands and began to knead. Andrew began to fidget in bed and moan.
- In the mouth it, in the mouth, - he breathed.
I started biting the head member, and by continuing to bite, it pushes deeper and deeper into his mouth. Andrew clutched my head down and moaned.
Then I got up, climbed on Andrew, opened her legs, took a cock and giving to himself, he sat down on it. He went only halfway, but Andrew still groaned. I started slowly, then faster and faster, holding on to the back of the bed, move on it.
- Come on, faster, faster - he moaned. - Come on, pussy ...!
He grabbed my buttocks with his hands and began to help me move. I began to feel the approaching orgasm, but then Andrew said to me:
- Sit on it more, more ... sit down ... come on ...
Insert dick deeply it hurt. Andrew, noticing my hesitation, grabbed my buttocks, squeezed out to the pain and began to enter into me more and more, not hearing my screams.
- Deeper !!! Deeper !!! - He shouted at each movement. Then he twitching, and a member of me hit the hot jet of sperm.
Andrew took out my cock and got out of bed.
- Dude, do not stand, pull the champagne. Lech, you're next.
Lech came up to me.
- A pussy is not finished, - he said. - Disorder, Andrei. - He lay down on the bed; his cock was slightly less than that of Andrew. -
Sit down, my beauty. Do not worry, I will not hurt you.
I put myself in his penis, and he, too, went into me only half.
- Sit down, sit down, do not worry - I said Lech. He became somehow in a special way excitingly massaged my lower abdomen. I once again began to fall gently, and, to my surprise, a member began to enter slowly deeper and deeper. When he walked into my very foundation, and I began to move.
- Do more range of motion - advised me to Lech. - Do not worry, he will not back.
He pressed some point in my anus and the penis actually stayed firmly in the vagina. Carried away, I even started "to fly" On him. He groaned and rolled his eyes, and then I finished, crying out, and after he had finished.
- Class, - said Lech and stood up. - I'll see you more, - he whispered. - I have my phone in my pocket your skirt.
They brought a bottle of champagne and poured a drink by the glass.
- For our fairy - said Lech and kissed me on the current lubricated vagina. Liquid dripping from it at my feet, and was already at the bottom of a pool. - Kolyan, come on, do not be afraid - it encouraged the next.
When I saw a member of Kolya, then it became ridiculous. He was short and barely standing. But then I regretted that thought so.
Kolyan spread my legs and pressed his lips to the vagina, and began to drink out grease. It took about a minute, and I'm almost finished, but then he straightened.
- Aha, broken off? - he said. - Who are you and work too.
He sat on my chest and stuck his penis in my mouth.
- Come on, damn ... suck it, suck it, bitch ...... Come on, work ... more, more ... oh ... oh ... shit, the buzz about what ... ... come , come on, prosun his larynx to ... Come on, bitch, swallow as it .... and ... and ....
From anger to the fact that he did not let me finish, I became a member of the bite. At first, he liked it, but then he pulled out a member of my mouth.
- Well, hold on, damn, - said Kolyan.
He pulled my legs apart and thrust in my penis. Kolyan became very quickly and abruptly began to move them forward, and soon my breathing quickened, and I began to moan ....
- Oh ... oh ... oh ... - I moaned. - Deeper, deeper ... More ...
He pressed my hands to the bed and began to enter into me to overflowing, moving with a really fantastic speed. vaginal lubrication flowed onto the sheet.
- ABOUT!!! ABOUT!!! Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh !!! Come on, deeper, more !!! - I cried.
He entered furiously at me with a deep groan, and I twitched, finished.
- Well, shit, - he said, taking out a member. - What the dick you finished before? Now there is a penalty - I'll fuck you in the ass.
With that, he turned me on my stomach and spreading my buttocks, introduced a member of my anus. But he had no time to even move a couple of times, because immediately finished inside me.
- Garbage, - he said. - Sergei, it sucks.
- Let's see - Seryoga said. Member, he was even more than Andrew. - Turn over a minute on the back, baby. Let us make you stretch, and then my boy, I see bolshevat for you. Dude, give the bottle and Vaseline.
He rubbed a bottle of champagne a large layer of petroleum jelly.
- Spread your feet a minute, baby. Do not worry, everything will be fine. Spread wide, so wide, so Daddy could see your pussy.
I spread her legs, and he began to slowly introduce the bottle to me. Three minutes later she came almost completely, and then he took it.
- Excellent. Now fuck. - He sat on my lap, and his penis touched my stomach. - You only push the fingers pussy to her uncle was more convenient to enter into you.
I spread the fingers vagina, and he introduced me to his giant.
- Sag in the abdomen, - he told me. I followed his advice. I watched dumbfounded as this whopper included in me and wondered where is it for there is so much space. Soon my cock was in full - it was difficult to breathe. Seryoga became somehow is funny move. His cock inside me looked like a plastic toy that can bend in all directions. Seryoga made a circular motion pelvis, then moved forward, and then - back and forth, and repeating this cycle indefinitely. I experienced three very strong orgasm, one after the other without pause, and after he had finished. When Seryoga already climbed down to me from my vaginal lubrication hit fountain. I looked at it with surprise - this never had happened.
- Take the baton, Vova - Seryoga said.
Vova took the bottle, which gave him Sergei, and then smeared it with Vaseline.
- Come on, pussy, today you will be fine, - he said.
I spread her legs, and Vova put the bottle in me.
- Now that's what we'll do, - he said. Without taking the bottle out of my vagina, he took his dick hand (he was a medium-sized), liberally smeared it with Vaseline and began to enter into my anus. Once on the scrotum in me, he started to move a member, while moving back and forth in a bottle. He nibbled the skin on my back. We came together, and then he finished again.
- Well, all the housing department, you're the last person it has never fucked.
Housing department for a long time I massaged the muscle between the vagina and anus, and then suddenly said:
- Handcuffs are?
They brought handcuffs and strapped me to the headboard.
- Come this way. Now I fuck you, and then you do me a blowjob. There is?
I agreed. He sent his rather large penis into the vagina to me, lifted me by the buttocks and with a flourish put on yourself. I groaned.
- Everybody scream! I want to make you scream! - he said.
With every movement, I cried louder and louder, and soon he began to cry, too.
- ABOUT!!!! ABOUT!!!! - Gasping with delight, I shouted. - Come on, more, more !!! Fuck me !!! Ah ... ah ... Come on !!!! Deeper and deeper !!! Ah ... ah ... Come on! I want you! Inserts !!! Ah ... ah ... ahhh ..... More, More !!! More deeply !!! DEEPER !!!! Ah ... ah .... Aaaaaaa ......... GO !!! GLUUUUUBZHEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABOUT! ABOUT! ABOUT!!!!!!!! AAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I yelled at the apartment and came, twitched so that not to brake a little bed.
- So. And now - the promised blow.
He stuck his penis in my mouth, and I was his delight to suck. He turned so that his feet could now throw me on the shoulders and in the ecstasy began to bite my nipples. From my vagina flowed grease, and Sergei, not to lose time with his cock at the ready ran up to me and parted the labia of the vagina, entered into me with a groan. Then he groaned again because the back ran up to him Vova and put him in the ass his dick. Andrew immediately zhekinoy perched behind his back and brought his boy into his ass, Lech fell in behind Vova, Kolya with the words:
- Oo-oo-oo, damn, could not fuck you in the pussy, so fuck in the ass! - With a muffled groan burst into my ass.
In the end, I finished again and again without a break, and I poured the hot jet of sperm.
Houses, taking shower and drinking coffee, I thought it was the most I liked how fucked Lech. Well, I have a phone ... the rest will follow.
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