Signature and put dososi

the working day was close to dinner when in the office, after knocking on the door and a little pause, a young man with some documents and a charming smile on his face. "What pleased this?" - Olga thought, was going to, in fact, to leave. It was necessary to look more birthday gift former classmate, but she has not yet had even thought that she may wish to 35-th anniversary.
- Good afternoon. - She said aloud, does not, however, indicate that the day is good at least to some extent.
The guy a little embarrassed distaste, handed documents.
-Here. Hello. It is necessary to put the seal. It's kind of fast ... - he said, and glanced at his own shoes. But not for long. The woman took the paper, began to browse, sharply turning the pages. She sat half-turned to the young man, leaning back in his chair and crossed his legs. On the legs, he was not slow to translate the look with shoes is already overexposed and carpeting, and realized that they were caused by the thought is not about a new job and need to quickly finish the design on it. Thoughts are like that, to hold his hand on the inside of the thigh under her skirt. Then stretch your fingers to the moistening panties and two fingers to massage lips sex. Later...
Then he heard a click and print time stopped to stare. At the time, and even very much, because the time to see the direction of gaze of Olga - a moment later she had finished his inspection clearly outlined under the pants member move into the firing state for a few seconds. But the guy had enough and this moment - now it very carefully and stared directly into her eyes.
-Something is wrong? . . - She asked calmly.
-Yes, perhaps ... - I handed back and he walked slowly along the cabinet, avoiding her desk and continued to stare at her.
-I have to go, here are your documents. are women pulled a piece of paper to the edge of the table. At the same time it is slightly leaned forward, demonstrating a high chest of lace blouse.
-You forgot to put a signature here. - The guy was already at the edge of the table with her hand, abruptly pulled the documents back. - Bitch. - He added, and enjoyed watching the reaction. - Past the paper I looked, huh? Do you want me then come and you have washed off, the creature?
Olga could not believe what he hears is here in my office! Her face turned pink, her eyes sparkled, that did not escape the notice of standing beside her Man. She slowly reached for the zipper on his trousers.
-Dura chtoli really ?! - He shouted and walked away from the table sharply. Then he pointed to the door and said: - Maybe you close?
Olga jumped up from his chair, knocking his heels walked up to the front door and quickly poverula lock twice. Then he turned and looked expectantly.
-Forward. - He said, leaning against the edge of the table.
A woman came up to him, threw her not too long hair from her forehead sitting in the chair, while she had to unbutton his pants and belt. Trousers easily went down, Olga hesitated cock through tight black pants, then pulled them too. In her hand she turned out to be a full-fledged bolt 9 inches long, barely covered with palm at the base of it. She looked at the guy from the bottom up and scooted closer. Sit in a chair and sucking will be uncomfortable, so she thought how would contrive, with podrachivala throughout. Thinking could not last long.
-You jerk me going? - With these words the man took her by the neck, pulled his head, sending a member of the hand, shoved it into his mouth tried to free the woman. Now, in her mouth she was head and she licked her, sucked in all directions, until his hand on the back of the head is not pushed it forward strongly that a member has entered into the throat. Breathing became impossible, he began to squirm and struggled, trying to push back.
-Bite off more fucking ... - women exists, he released her head and she abruptly moved back. She often dyshaly, restoring breathing. But the guy apparently did not care about all this, he put her in a chair on his back, until the end off his pants, got to his knees on the seat, again stuffed the end into her mouth. Now he shoved his nearly full depth, take out, shoved back, while Olga stroked his balls with one hand while the other, more precisely, only two fingers to the beat of her movements wanker base member is not part of it into his mouth.
When she again lost the ability to breathe because of the penis in the throat, she took lightly with your fingers to gently podtochennaya, gorgeous nails buttocks of a maniac, but he continued. Then she took a strong, just glared at her, but he just growled, made the last few sudden movements and jet of sperm hit her in the throat. Only after that he took a member of her mouth. Olga coughed.
This guy does not finish the thought. He reached for her blouse, ran it under her bra through the first recess, squeezed his chest, then unbuttoned and pulled off the woman's blouse, lifted Olu chair. Then he dropped to his knees, ran his hand under her skirt. There, he is not thinking long summed up his hand to his crotch, the moisture which has long been leaked through the underwear. With both hands, he pulled with Olga panties, stockings while remaining in place.
She sat back in his chair and put his feet on the high armrests.
-Otlizyvat I will not love you, do not count. Fuck it is necessary to me. - With these words the man took her by the hand, and lifted the chair and put the cancer around the table, so that she rested her elbows on the surface and spread her legs. He came up from behind and pulled up her skirt.
After that, he put his fingers on her clit and began to rotate nebystro palm. Olga moaned. He began to pull at the clitoris middle finger from top to bottom, and then very quickly in a circular motion so that the woman is almost finished, and removed his hand from her pussy.
-On lick. - He handed her a wet hand, Olga grabbed her hand and began to lick his fingers in that moment, he plunged the cock in her. Just taking a quick pace, he began to fuck her, every moment everything sharper and sharper. Forgetting about his fingers, the woman is focusing on how to stay on the table and did not scream too much. She came almost from the moment the member entered her already sprawled on a table, documents lying there for a long time lying on the floor. A man bored her from behind, filling all of its internal space and stretching the vagina. However, his pubis slapped her on the ass, and his fingers badly squeezed the buttocks, bringing with it some pain.
-Stronger! - I could not stand it. - Stronger fuck boy!
-What I'll fucking boy! - He lifted it from the table by the hair, and now she was screaming in pain. He took his chest and began to knead and squeeze strongly, holding her hair. Now it is a completely overtaken by orgasm, she ceased to control myself, wildly podmahivaya rapist, at that moment, as he clamped his hand over her mouth to bliss cries were not too loud.
-Yes-ah-ah-ah! - Olya moaned at the end. The young man came out of it and turned to face him.
-On, dososi. - Sliding the dick to her face, said the guy. She took in her mouth and began to do blowjob, fast sucking head, and passing his hand over the barrel, so that he finished half a minute. - And put a signature, a whore.
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