It was an ordinary morning, and as usual, I went for a run. Usually we run the three of us, but that day was an exception: the guys did not have free time. He ran two kilometers, I caught up with her and razed it. He ran about three hundred meters, she stopped and just breath, asked: - Are not you tired - No, - ya.Sprosiv said her name, I almost rasteryalsya.- Ira, how you - Thank very priyatno.Razgovor continued on the bench? the front garden. She told how she was very bad time with her husband, and that she was only because of the child living with him. I told her nothing could help not only said: - Be strong and things will horosho.Progovoriv about half an hour, and we parted, promising each other that they meet tomorrow. All day I thought out about this woman and her life. The next morning, we met on the treadmill. Ira was dressed in a short topic, tight shorts. Topic was so thin, that through no one could see her nipples, hair dissolved and hung up to the appetizing ass. She smelled of perfume and light faint smell of sweat, but it aroused me so much that I almost did not finish. Suddenly she says: - Come on now will not begat.- And what we do? - Asked I. 'Come on, - said Ira, I know a place here. Let's sit and talk, I liked you obschatsya.Privedya in place, Ira sat on the bench legs spread apart. Her crotch was wet it was seen through the shorts, I thought to myself, "that's got involved." She asked: - Do you like me? - And, not waiting for an answer, pulled me to the sebe.Prizhavshis to my erection, il said: - I see that nravlyus.Medlenno pulling sportivki with shorts, she took in her hand standing member. After seeing it began to suck eggs - it was just bliss after spending the entire length of the tongue is completely swallowed member. Then Ira started as a war would examine my tongue. Sitting on the bench, I reached for her pussy, which was all in the juice, as soon as my hand began to pull at the clitoris, Ira quickened their language of movement. More hated, I sat back on the bench and put il himself on a stake, from her mouth came a groan. Sticking to it for a moment she was completely stopped, then a lull Ira began to move her hips. She was so excited that I could feel her nectar dripping down my scrotum. Suddenly she stopped and sat up a little and asked to rearrange the member to the rear prohod.Golovka buried in her small hole and gradually began to sink into it, the member went without problems, as was abundantly lubricated with grease Irina. Slipping his hand between us, she began massaging himself klitorok. I looked at her happy face. Burying her breasts, I sucked her nipples, which were so excited, they were like two small chlenchika.Tem time Ira jumped on me as a rider, will drive a member of the most eggs. Then she leaned back so far that I could see as part of cock in her ass. Ira began to growl and convulsing. He felt a warm trickle between his legs and then I pierced an arrow, the sperm flows filled her anus. We froze, can for five minutes. Slide with me, Ira began to lick my limp dick, licked all spermu.- I enjoyed it so much, - said Irina - come again after that day vstretimsya.I more I have not seen her.
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