Girl for a monk

Frankly, I have many friends, acquaintances and friends. In all spheres of activity there "their" people. Therefore, no one is surprised by the fact that I made friends with a monk from a monastery located in the K field. More precisely, I had long been familiar with this guy, but he was a monk, I did not know. Frankly, I was surprised by his desire to escape from the busy world. Handsome guy, soul of the company (though he avoided the girls and did not drink). However, I was too young then to pay attention to it, he is older than me by 7 years, and he did not zamechal.V 17 years we went on a tour of the monasteries, then that I learned that he is now a monk. We got to talking, and half a year later became good friends. We lived in different places, but close to each other, copied, sometimes he came to his parents and would drop me. We were not even friends and girlfriends, as with him it was possible to talk about everything, so I did not hesitate to tell about their sexual modest successes. I knew that the monks can not sleep with women, but willingly talked about this, it's not prohibited. Soon, he surprised me with a confession, is it possible to have sex, but ... with a virgin. After that talk about sex more than ever we went. Over time, I noticed some aggression in the behavior of his friend, he began to stare at the girls and sigh that they went loose: 14-15 years old, and no longer a girl. I was calm against himself, he knows that I'm not "clean".Odnazhdy I was returning from the guests (all census, and had to go to one) and suddenly saw a familiar figure. Monk came to her parents for two days. We have not seen and therefore decided to make conversation but in the morning. We sat in the hay. He said he needed my help with regard to girls. We have long discussed this topic, I offered him a variety of options for their friends, for a long time laughing, as he calls friends. Then he began to explain to me what kind of girl he wants, because except virginity she should be a bunch of positive qualities. He spoke long and tedious, but still walked hop, so I fell asleep on me. I woke up on the wind cold on the skin on the chest, and the skirt was missing. I looked at him questioningly. He just put his finger to his lips. I'm not afraid of violence, because I'm not a girl, and he wanted to be monahom.On stroked my breasts, gently squeezing it (I really liked the guy, so I'm allowed to fondle himself, and then he did not go down). In the meantime, he had touched the lips of papillae, which I was not able to sustain longer and moaned with pleasure. He was inspired and began to caress me more confident. He stroked, kissed, nibbled my body. My excitement grew. He rubbed his hands chest, stomach, sinking, all below. And lips touched a treasured place, I almost screamed udovolstviya.On easily picked me up and put themselves in position 69, I realized that he wants. And I decided to thank him for his kindness lips. While I caressed his cock, he kissed my crotch, rubbing buttocks hands, lightly pressing the asterisk anus. I began to fondle his cock harder, I wanted him to finish. But he wanted more. He abruptly pushed me quickly put on his back and raised his legs bent to her chest and hugged me with his strong body. I was in the fetal position. I did not understand what he wants from "nedevochki". A second later, I received a reply to their questions. Monk picked up his penis and sent it to the anus. Only now I realized that talking to him about sex, I did not say anything about this side, and he made the correct conclusion that anal sex I have not dealt with. There - I am a virgin. From fear I just paralizovalo.V this time it is slightly (confidently) member pressed to the anus, I shuddered when the penis head is beginning to penetrate into the interior. It was terribly painful, and I tried to pull away, but he held me. And his penis penetrated farther, tearing at me, and just now I felt the size (on the lips, he did not feel well). Good thing I had smeared his saliva. It was very painful and I screamed, but he just slapped my palm on the buttock. This is a moment distract me from the pain in the anus. He slowly began to come out, I was delighted and silent, but he was not going to leave, he pulled out a member of almost the entire length only to dramatically re-enter. I screamed again, for which he received a slap again. Then he sat up a little, it became easier to breathe. He put his hand on my crotch and his thumb began massaging her clit. The combination of pain and pleasure - it is very spicy, the pleasure is felt more acutely in the background pain. I relaxed a little, he felt it, and began to move faster and sharper. A minute later I had finished. He smiled and went out of me. I'm glad that everything is over, the anus just burned. But it turned out, he decided to give me a break. He caressed his chest, then put me on all fours and one sharp movement again came into my ass until it stops. I was hurt again, I asked him to leave, but he did not hear me. He moved quickly sharply, leaving almost the entire length. I started struggling and screaming. He held me tightly and began to heavily slap on the buttocks. A second later, my ass was red, but he continued to beat me. After a few minutes, I felt a warmth that spread over the whole body. More in a moment we both finished. He stroked me and lay down beside him. But I must show him "offended" a woman, so I got dressed and ushla.Proshlo for many years. Now I feel even thanks to the monk of the case, since He revealed to me a new world of anal sex and a combination of pain and pleasure.
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