She crossed her arms, hugged his neck and pulled him to the couch.
Her eyes flashed sparks crafty-Ella is clearly enjoying the situation.
During the time that they were familiar with, they were able to examine the passions and weaknesses of each other. Even the most passionate moments they were looking for an opportunity to give pleasure to the partner.
-We are attentive, as spouses with stazhem- often joked Ella - The only difference is that the couple with the experience does not cause such a desire ....
He preferred not to joke on this theme-so dear to him, this was the petite woman, with which in ordinary life he was hardly destined to cross ...
...So he took her, knocking back on the couch, spreading her legs in patent leather boots and frantically spitted her hips on his cock.
Even this shamelessness and greed of her excited. Gliding high heels on the parquet, he carefully podmahivala to the beat of his hasty movements, from his vigorous thrusts it forward and resting resisted intense breast-cool leather couch, his body sagged.
-Do not stop ... please, more ... more ...
Usually silent, this time, Ella did not hide emotions. Her moans and sobs only fueled it. Tearing wet-blesyaschy covered it with grease member, he abruptly opened it and sat on the couch, immersing dick in her mouth.
With the sound of smacking, Ella pulled it into his mouth and he felt the quick strokes of her tongue. But the excitement does not subside - petrified member almost did not give to the Greeks kindness.
Then again he put her on his knees, throwing over the arm of the sofa, so that her round ass ridden and torn opened, oozing chink between two red, swollen lips and a little touching-bezaschitnoe hole anus.
There he directed his enormously busy, hard cock. Overcoming the resistance of a small muscular ring, he rushed inside, feeling a rapist and a conqueror.
The fierce joy broke into the conquistadors condemned to plundering of the Inca city faded before his ecstasy. He enjoyed wielding member in the ass Ellina, chustvuya as she writhes in pleasure and pain.
The answer to it was the plaintive cry, quickly converted to stifled stony.Elliny claws tore the skin of the sofa cat claws is not worse ....
It ended when he threw in this soft supple depth of a powerful jet of hot sperm and sat exhausted on the sofa, next to a victim of exhaustion ...
-The vicious boy ...- Ella groan rolled over onto his back, then slipped on kover.-you I was nearly broke.
He lifted his head, she smiled.
-You have me there first ... Do not laugh, I'm serious. Husband tried twice, but I did not succumb - it is very painful at first, but then ... Then a very personal .. With him I would not have been able to -Sometimes it is rude .. Well, you know ... And! this case, I was very afraid that I can not stop it ... Do you have a cigarette?
He smoked in silence, knowing that time is inexorably counting the seconds. Night was falling, Ella's time to get ready.
-Wow, even stockings tsely.Ni a tightening ... You were very gallant, my dear ...
When she was gone, he had found on the kitchen table two squadron paper. Two hundred dollarov.Ih leaving left Ella. He knew why - after returning home from a two-day trip he will have something to report back to his wife. And perhaps, remain a little more money, which would purchase the products in the refrigerator - this coming on their "the safe" apartment, Ella loved to eat.
She loved food, he loved sex and get pleasure from life and probably in the soul loved him- and as one of the components of this life, from which she received so much joy ...
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