Anal acquaintance

This story will tell you the girl and the guy. The story of their acquaintance. And though several years have passed, the memories do not leave them. They talk at the same time, often interrupting each other, often complementing. In order not to confuse the dear reader to tell they are to each other, reliving what happened, and you ..... and you can stand quietly and listen.
Chiara: I will not tell how I got to the house, it is a long time and believe me interested, but only tell what it led to the middle of the huge room - bed with metal backs. On it people. Completely naked. He tied tassels and ankles to the metal. In the eyes - bandage. On the bed - you. In the twilight of the room and you lie so long ago. Your feet are widely separated, and you feel that near the anus is something there. You're trying to figure out what it is. The move is almost impossible, but even in that position at the slightest movement it "something" little by little gets into you. You do not know how much time has passed, and when people come, but your suffering hole something promising moves. You moaning from each of his movement, but move in the desired rhythm you can not. After another movement, according to the sensations in the ass, you know that it "something" - Is anal track. Beads size increases and all you know is that you yourself - a movement in one direction. In your member of wave after wave of excitement rolled, leaving a nagging feeling in the abdomen and the tension in the testicles ... so it takes several hours ... When you nevyplesnutogo fatigue and accumulated tension falls into a poludremu, the door opens and you hear voices. For a while you listened intently to them, but then you realize that they are talking about you, not paying attention to you. You're trying to figure out who is nearby, but only you know that among the several men - one woman. Finally someone takes pity and is suitable for you. You understand that you, defenseless, unceremoniously treated. Through the bandage you vaguely see movements of bright light on your body. Excitation increases again. You fidget impatiently on the bed, for what you have taken away a toy.
Ass is empty. Your face touch someone's hand. They take off the bandage. For a moment, you blinded by a bright light, but you have time to realize that the woman in front of you. You do not have time to consider it better to you once again that something is put on the eyes. The light does not blind, but also surrounding you do not see clearly. On your astigmatic glasses impermeable black plastic with a small holes. I pick up a rubber police baton and similarly anal track puts to your aching analchik. You shudder and sigh convulsively. From your movements rubber baton bluntly abuts the hole. You see me and at the same time I was - a dream. I'm in your brain and you next. I rented maroon pants and sit on the back of the bed in the legs. I'm starting to stroke himself slowly, his head thrown back, penetrate into his ass fingers ...

You start to caress his hole, but I see it all very vague, rather guess than see. You caress my ass holding with his left hand to the back of the bed on which you sit. You lay back, and something I still see. Here's your finger gets into your ass, here it goes again. I try not to move, to get a better look at everything. Here I see that the back of suits a man. Who is he? I dont know. He holds out his hand to your object of pleasure. You do not udivlyaeshsya, you know already seen what was coming next. You take out your finger from mink, now and for ever Beres second hand to the back, where you sit. Here are your hands tied to the back of broad soft bandages. Now you are also a kind of prisoner. And now I see that where there is just naughty your finger, appears the man's hand. a man larger than your fingers, and he acts more decisively. It is part of you at once with two fingers, they include Lego, they seem somewhat lubricated (Johnson's baby?). You bites her lip, and issued a moan, but the man did not respond, he continued to caress your hole. I rather guess than see it become more and more softly, more accessible, here are immersed in it for three fingers, no, not three, all four. About how you moan! At this time, a picture of me obscure, I can not see anything.
It turns out even one of the men present climbed onto the bed, and to squat over my head. This young man, as far as I can see from under his glasses. Over my face hangs his anus. I see him hanging from a rope with a ring at the end.
-Clamp teeth - I ordered. I obey, useless to argue. The guy starts and lifts of its holes is shown how the subject, here it goes hand in pushing stenochki, that seemed half, that quickening popped out. This ivory ball, but he is not alone, the rope is not over ... It still is there, into the unknown ... Next comes another ball, then a third. Everything is clear, it's anal beads. But how many of them there, I do not know. Man rises very slowly and I see another, here stenochki anus seemed to swell inside, so slowly to the sides and shows the ball.
At first, his movement as a Budo hard, but worth it to leave more than half as the farther it pops like a cork from a bottle. He strikes the ones that are already out, uttering a knock like a game of billiards. I do not see that at this point do you, my stranger, but judging by the groans, you publish, muzhschina does not leave you alone ....

After playing around with me enough, I untie the bed and lay down on the examination table.
When you face with this already exciting sound falls last bead, impress your size, you too untie and lay down on a nearby. We are tied. On protivopolonoy wall - a mirror between us - a screen. We can see in the mirror not only each other but also another perineum. But we can not see each other "live". Around and at the same time the other parallel to the world - the mirror.
Bring two absolutely identical sticks of plasticine. You and me.
At the same time introduced. I focus on their sensations exploding, but groan behind the screen understand that we are flying in the same direction.
Up the ass does not reach, hands tied. We were left alone. But ... Click and bright flash! We take pictures !!!
After the stack in the course are pencils and pens, combs and screwdrivers. They just introduced to us all the same at the same time, be sure to take pictures and take out ...
Initiation of all increases, the torment seems endless, made dozens of shots ...
Here at last bring huge beads on a long string. We smile in anticipation of pleasure. But that is not all that is invented for us. You slowly, hideously slowly injected in the ass by one ... I salivate excessively and I instinctively clench your anus ... But suddenly ... You are blindfolded and then come up to me and also knotted. I do not understand, but it is intriguing. My chair is rotated, somewhere to move, stop. And, finally, to me in the ass begin to penetrate the same as yours, beads. A lot of them. From me depart. I relax my legs and his feet ... I feel your - hot and dry. I begin to understand that the path of the beads we have one for two ... We are slightly up against each other, our holes, looking at each other, expand and give one ball ... under our lingering groans ...

...our holes, looking at each other, expand and give one ball under our lingering groans ... Here you go out of the last ball and strikes the frame of the chair with a thud. But the path continues to lead me. Nevertheless, untie me and removed from the chair. After that is supplied to you and say:
-You know what to do, act.
I'm not sure what exactly they want from me, and act more intuitively ... I bend over a little bit forward and pripadaet tongue to your bare hole. I begin to caress her, quickly quickly obegaya around shallow periodically penetrating inside.
Standing around is not ostanavlimvayut me and then I continue. I caress your anus, sometimes accidentally rising a little higher. I penetrate into your pussy pushing the tongue sexual sponges. Gently touch the clitoris. Barely noticeable touch of the tongue I teased him (I do not know whether you love cunnilingus?) And then again drops below and pripadaet to the coveted hole. How confidently she exhibited toward me! Butt track still hanging out of my ass, I'm so keen on going on that completely forget about it. Nastat culmination. I can not hold back any longer. As if guessing my thoughts somebody hands me a tube of anal cream. I squeeze a little on your fingers, and lubricate your hole. Chustvuesh how easily jumped to my finger? Carefully brushing her I put a little grease on your standing erect penis. Then edging close to you and with a dull groan get into your ass. It is indescribable oschyuschenie. Having a woman tied to a gynecological chair. And it is not where it should by nature, and there where not every woman is allowed near muzhschina. Several shallow flowing movements, and I feel that you are ready to take me deeper. I'm coming at you the entire length. Your hole relaxed and hassle-free accepts my gift. The sharp push deeper - a smooth transition, again push back again ...
Oh-oh-oh, you moan! Our groans merge into one. I do not even notice the strangers present here. I'm entirely focused on you, my dear ...
End of Chiara:
... moving with pleasure in me, you are picked up by a rope with balls and handed it to me, tied my hands. I gratefully receive and in quietly wound onto a finger (not you stay with the same rope in the pope?). As soon as I feel a little stronger thread tension, I open my eyes and watch your face, where the flour is replaced by pleasure ... And then you do not waste another chair to lean on, and climb a couple of steps and lie down on me. You're hot and heavy, but it's so nice to feel you! I almost bent and hugging you, to reach for your holes and gently stroked her as the most native.

End of the Shadows:
Ends at the same time, we almost ... powerful impetus in you comes my seed. Then I carefully leave. My God! I give way feet.
Unable to stand, I privalivayus standing next to the chair. That was awesome!!! A curtain.
You do not believe that all this is true? Your right. But Shadow with Chiara believe, and sometimes still register for the remainder is a mysterious place.
Shadow and Chiara is a real-life people and they do not even publish one of his story.
Do you have any questions? Want to chat? Write: [email protected] Shadow. [email protected] - Chiara.
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