Business trip

part I
It started two years ago. I was looking for a new job and on the recruiting agency was sent for an interview at a large company, which is engaged in trade in food across the country. At the interview, everything went smoothly, along with my professional qualities important in determining my candidacy had the opportunity to frequent long trips. For the salary that I was offered, I was ready to go for months, the benefit of the family is not burdened. The last phase of the interview conducted CEO of this company. It was a pretty, slender woman 40-45 years old, dressed in a strict business suit. In a casual conversation she was the same several times asked about the opportunity to go on trips and getting my unconditional consent congratulated me entering on duty. I was elated !!!! Still, in the 23 and soybean already such salaries, soc. package, medical insurance, a foreign car in the private polzovanie..Ya worked for a month, got acquainted with the works and announced its readiness director, her name was Julia V.. And finally, at the next meeting of Yulia V. she told me that I was going on a trip to Novosibirsk in our regional predstavitelstvo.Otezd was appointed for tomorrow. Yulia V. told me that I would be called in front of the airport to her home and took the package to her friend, who was the director of filiala.Na next day at the appointed time, I came to see Yulia Vasilyevna home before the plane left for 4 hours. She met me in a robe, obviously after a shower. I was embarrassed, pretended that nothing much is happening, she invited me to come in and suddenly grabbed me by the power of the tie pulled down, I was forced to kneel. When my head was on her stomach level, it opened the robe and I saw her smooth pussy epelirovannuyu with strongly drawn labia, they probably hung a couple of centimeters, those two shriveled leathery marmeladinki. The figure of her, I must admit, it was good. Slender, devoid of vegetation, smooth legs, trim sport, not age a strong ass, a little sagging breasts third the size of a still protruding nipples. She ordered: - "Lick!"I was taken aback, but she pressed my head to soy pussy and began furiously to drive it over my face trying to be that my nose got it right in the hole. I pressed his lips together, she began to breathe heavily and out of her pussy flowed odorous zhidkost.- licked I said !!!!! through clenched teeth she said, and slapped poschechinu.Mne had to obey me. I licked and licked, trying to work his lips and tongue, as best he could. It seemed it lasted an eternity. Finally Yulia V. moaned and released menya.- If once again I have to repeat to you, I'll throw you off work. I got it ?! Animal !!!!, and threw me a rag that I utersya.- Understood, said I. 'Shut up, I already know that you understand your no longer open your mouth until I tell you will not tell it to do. Clear? !!!! I nodded in otvet.Ona smiled, she liked my submission. She told me that this month I'm going to live with her, and in any trip, I'm not going that my responsibilities include maintaining a constant purity between her legs. As soon as it comes out of the toilet, I had to run to her and lick golden droplets with her pussy. As soon as she came home from work, I met her at the door, he took off her panties and began to lick her crotch, then she went to the toilet, wrote there and I was again forced to lick her while she was standing and top-down haughtily looked my unizhenie.Cherez couple of days later she brought home what is the man. He was somewhere around 65 years. He was gray and thick. I immediately christened it "hog". Yulia V. fucked him in his bedroom, and I had to sit at the ready at the closed door and wait for her team. So after prolonged groans, screams, sighs Ohoven and she called me, I immediately flew into the room. Yulia V. lay on her back legs spread wide, flowed from her pussy fragrant whitish slime, she saw my hesitation, raised his elbow and on the index finger imperiously pointed to your lower abdomen. He had nowhere to go and I fell to the mouth odorous source. I licked and licked and jizz all continued to flow. I first had to taste sperm, at first it was not pleasant, but I soon got used to the taste, and he even began to like it. I had to push through language as possible glubzhe.Kraem my eye, I noticed that the ugly fat old man looking with interest at what is happening. Yulia V. However, noticed it and told me to lick and his crotch, lick it, and not suck. Hog contentedly lay back and I bent over him had time to be reduced considerably in size, in a frame of white hair, a member with the tip of which hung a drop of muddy. The trunk of the penis lying on his stomach, and impressive balls hanging almost to the anus. Several times I ran his tongue along the member carefully rotational movement around the tongue head profusely wetting it with saliva, kissing lips bridle and leading to the egg went in the opposite direction. Each egg is thoroughly licked upwards. I carefully lifted their hands, that would enter the language in the most secluded corners of his mashonki.Zatem I went back to the member. Hog moaned and asked Julia Vasilievna that she told me to suck him, she finally allowed. I carefully took in the mouth of his flaccid penis, it was a new experience for me and I felt a pleasant chill in the abdomen. Hog moaning put his hand on my head and began to ask me the rhythm. Sluggish member slides easily in my mouth, he slipped free, and I sucked it back constantly caressing language of head and stroking his dick yaytsa.Postepenno again began to swell and finally took the position ready for action. I sucked the head, podrachivaya member. I am extremely excited hardness of the penis, I felt his hand, and the mobility of a thin soft skin that easily go back and forth in a fist paltsev.Yuliya V. lay on her stomach hog back and told me to liberally lubricated with her saliva her anus. I naslyunyavil language of her brown hole and helped hog enter into it, she began to squirm and ride on it, and I continued to lick her pussy and suck eggs hog sometimes tongue falling into his anus. His cock slipped constantly and I had to send it back to his lips. Then they changed the position, she got on all fours, I also was ordered to lie under her head and settle between the legs. Hog fucked her from behind in the ass, and I again licked hot slit trying not to lose sight of the clitoris. Hog make sudden movements and his great sinewy member often slipped out of the anus developed and slapped me in the face. The old man did it on purpose, that I would have had time to lick his head, and I'm willing to take it into his mouth. His big saggy balls knocked me on the head and I had to gently hold and stroke them with his hand, that gave hog pleasure. Maybe it lasted an hour, he finally pulled out a member and sent me to the outburst litso.Stekayuschaya face sperm caused laughter Yulia Vasilyevna. While they were resting supine and exchanged impressions, I licked her mistress and master. From the anus Julia Vasilievna flowed abundantly mucus and I licked it. Then I pointed to the pussy and I licked pussy, fingers gently delayed sponge tickle the clitoris. As marmeladinki ... sucking pendulous lips and tongue penetrated deep inside. This went on all night. By morning, Yulia V. shoved the old man mysteriously while saying - That's the way to be signed by the favorable kontrakty.Prodolzhenie ... [email protected] (please send your feedback to the e-mail.)
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