Sex on the toilet

It was early evening, and dusk began to fall only on the snow-covered ground. Sergei sat in my warm cozy apartment and doing homework, occasionally glancing out the window. He was bored and so lonely tonight. But nothing can be done, it has to learn to get a scholarship, or do not have the money on his hobby - playing machines. But without the machines, and there is no need to live.
Suddenly, Sergei felt that it is very urgent need to commit the act of defecation. He rose from his, a familiar for a few hours, the chair, went to the bathroom, took off the lid from the toilet and was about to sit down at him as the door someone called.
Come on in their bath - thought Sergei, already taking off his pants as the call was repeated again.
Who the hell's that brought .. - at this point he had already sat on the toilet.
Bell began to ring incessantly. Standing on the other side of the door and jammed the button was not going to let her go, as long as the door is not opened.
Sergei was beginning to enrage, and he, in that whatever the cost, decided to find out who is there so persistently breaking. He pulled back on his pants, buttoned his pants, opened the door lock and the door swung open, ready to express their utter indignation.
There stood his odnogruppnitsa Inna. It was a beautiful girl of sixteen, has a very attractive figure, breasts and hips, which liked to put on a show. She would tease them all to school, many have tried to make advances to her, but in response received only harsh and rude refusal.
- Oh, Serge, I thought you went to the machines: Look, you have an outline with higher mathematics? I was sick a lot and now I want to re-write the missing chapter.
She first called him Sergei, and he's looking at her charming legs, involuntarily aroused.
- Yes, Inna, there, you pass, please - he held it to his desk - and I'll be right back.
Hate getting harder and harder. Sergey lightning rushed back to the toilet, on the move unbuttoning his pants. Just to reach, if only to catch: Thank god the toilet was left open. He has the highest rate of collapsed on the toilet and relaxed sigh, erupting in a white bowl consuming vile contents of his intestines. All he could. He survived.
- Sergey, - a voice of Inna - Sergei, where are you?
Sergei reached out a hand for toilet paper, but felt only an empty holder. The much-anticipated roll was not there.
Shit! - He thought, clutching teeth - well, why dressing papyrus ended in the worst possible moment? What should I do now? How do I get to the most beautiful girl of the school, the whole enveloped terrible stench of feces? ..
- Now, Ina, already going, - he shouted in response, hurriedly thinking what to do next.
He looked in the trash, but it was empty, looked all around in search of at least a small piece of paper: Nothing! As if someone purposely issued to the restroom all paper products.
- Well, where are you? - Again heard from the rooms.
Sergei was silent, continuing to look for look well, anything paper. And when he heard footsteps approaching, steps Ina. She was sent to him. What will he do now that he could not imagine: He just sat there and said nothing, knowing that he is safe here, that there is no one will see or smell the aroma coming from him. And suddenly, like a bolt from a clear sky, the brain thought struck: he forgot to close the door from the toilet on the hook !!! ..
The steps came nearer and nearer. Here it is already at the door, behind which hid Sergei.
- Sergei, are you there? ..
No answer. But, apparently, he was so nervous that he could not hide his loud breathing quickened.
Inna yanked on the doorknob, and the door to her surprise easily opened. For it turned out to be her favorite classmate, Sergey cool, copes great need, who hastily tried to cover herself, but Inna his sharp eye caught a glimpse of his flesh excited and realized: you have to take matters into their own hands. It has long been sunk at Sergei, but did not know how to approach it. It seems that in addition to its machines not interested in anything, but, as she is now convinced it was not so.
Sergei tried to say something, ask her to leave the toilet, but Ina shut his mouth palm. She sat down, slow but decisive movements Sergei threw his hands to his groin and took his penis in her mouth. It was very hot and hard of unimaginable desire, and Inna knew he wanted it for a long time already. She began flowing movements: back, forward: backward, forward: with time, it speeds them, bringing Sergei sea enjoyment.
Cool I could not believe what is happening. Yes, he's really in the most secret and intimate thoughts wanted it, but could not believe that his dream finally came true, and true here at home, in his own closet. Yes! Happiness overwhelmed him, and he felt that now it spilled out. Yes! Yet!! He began to finish, when Ina accelerate their movement to the extreme: He came, came, and he swallowed, swallowed everything up to the last white drops.
Then she, still not saying a word, he took off his expensive underwear, sat on Sergei and began to move in the vertical direction. Hard elastic nipples beat him in the face, it is even more exciting. He took the Innu by the waist and started helping her move, but without this assistance well cope with the task. A few minutes later, Sergei again finished, although not so rapidly: he decided to kiss her and, overcoming disgust (he is just there finished!) Stretched his lips to it, and they merged in a long sweet kiss, forgetting everything around them.
Ina does not slow down the pace, she wanted to orgasm, and she decided to still make it. Her pussy was very flushed, she exuded viscous liquid that flowed on the thighs and dripped on the linoleum. The smell of the vagina and faeces mixed together, and it's even more exciting to the Innu, forced to increase the speed of its mad jumps. Next randomly motylyalas drgalka the toilet, it has a handle on the toilet, which at one point touched Sergey's ear, causing remember that under it still stinks and is a huge pile of sewage. Removing his hand with a big elastic tits, he pulled the rope, its action is, as expected, accompanied by the usual noise of flowing water, a powerful stream that carries away the contents of the bowl into the gloomy depths of the water drain.
Inna, groaned when he heard the sound, and then finished: finished and exhausted fell to Sergey. On her forehead appeared salty beads of sweat that Sergei began to slowly lick. Apparently, these movements require a rather big energy expenditure.
We sat them for several minutes. Sergey on the toilet, and Ina on Sergei. Once the water tank is refilled around was silence, and no one dared to disturb her first:
Inna all just silently stood up and started Dress shoes. She went to the door and started to leave.
- Inna, and how the abstract? - Sergei caught himself.
- I'll take really like something then - the answer - thank you.
She turned and walked out into the corridor ....
- But not for that, - he said after cool, but no one heard.
He closed the day, snapped the lock and stood undecided. It happened so quickly, he did not even have time to come round as it was over, and he again was left alone with a mountain of outstanding tasks. Little standing, and thought, Sergei decided it is worth re-engage in lessons and podterevshis double-leaf notebook of the total, took up the case. Only the image of Ina does not come out of his head. He wanted everything to happen again, and it will happen again. He was sure of it.
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