It happened

I do not know where I come to such fantasies. But I do want to give the guy. But be sure to put on stockings, lace bra, short silk robe; She can wear a wig, make up nails and lips, and ... be in his arms.
He accidentally caught me when I changed. Suddenly she came over and hugged me from behind. I cry out in surprise - what a horror: I found a man, I like this. He turns my face and starts kissing her neck and ears. I step back as I can, trying to escape, but he firmly compresses me. His hands stroked my ass, fall below grope lace elastic stockings, and then that between my legs. I breath away, but my guest did not confuse such a find. He tries to kiss me on the lips, his hands stroke my legs, covered with beautiful stockings and I like it a lot, although I continue to resist the inertia. He begins to whisper sweet words, calls me "gentle girl". "beauty" - Then I finally gave up. He began to slowly respond to kisses. And here I am in a beautiful woman's dress enjoy male kisses and caresses (and it is delightful to kiss me). I understand that one kiss is not limited, and he wanted me to become his "girl" completely. He takes my hand and leads to the bed. I sit down, bed legs and short robe can not hide the body of the strip elastic stockings. Said male body is very exciting contrast and chulochek. And I see that my boy glared at this place. Here I coyly lifted the edge of his robe, which produced the desired effect. It became quickly take off her clothes: T-shirt, jeans, and then, looking me in the eye, he took off and panties. Everything was clear and no explanations (ah, I happened to be in underwear, ah, I did not specifically respond to kissing and fondling) can not prevent his intimate relationship with me. But I'm not thinking about it. My eyes and thoughts were fixed on his cock. Finally, I will be able to take in her mouth excited male member, to kiss him, embrace his lips head. Feel how it touches my palate, as the testicles are pressed to his chin, and his pubic hair tickled my nose. He read all that in my view and went to bed. His penis just appeared in front of my face, I felt the smell coming from it. It seemed to me he was the most pleasant scent.
- Your mouth innocent man has not yet received?
I emotion could only publish inarticulate groan. He brought dignity to the most my mouth. I instinctively folded bow lips as for a kiss, and he in them, and rested. I began timidly kissed his head, going crazy with excitement. Then he threw back his head a little, closed his eyes, opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue invitingly. What picture! Who of the men refuse to enter? And in a moment I felt the one hand he grabbed my head and the other confidently sent his heated cock in my mouth. What a joy - He is in me !!! I instinctively closed his lips. One of his hand I grabbed his hips and the other touched the testicles. He groaned and began to slowly move her hips. What an incredible sweet feeling when fucked in the mouth: the excited flesh fills my mouth, rubbing against the palate. I'm a little bolder, and took matters into his own hands cupped hand member of (I could barely close my fingers), the other is still playing with the testicles, massaging his crotch. From time to time I let a member of the mouth, tongue ran along the entire length, played with the head. Apparently, it's very like my boyfriend, and was approaching orgasm. I wanted to make sure he finished in my mouth, I was looking forward to how he will fill my mouth with hot cum and he seems to have wanted the same. I've been preparing for this moment, but still it happened so suddenly. In an instant the sperm filled my whole mouth. What is it was a jet! I swallowed, but he poured it faster than I could swallow, and it flowed from the corners of my mouth. Lips, chin, neck - everything was in the semen. He pulled out a member of my mouth, but I continued to lick the tongue bunches delicious white mass. Then I sat on the bed and out of my cock hit the jet, filling my face, chest, abdomen. And when I opened my eyes, my first man was not. He disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared. But something told me that he will re-appear, so to be continued ...
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