Chapter: only the beginning ...
Last September, I went with her friends in the physics and mathematics (who does not know the physical and mathematical class), and each had their own perspectives and plans to learn here. Kate went for the next guy you liked, Sonya famously gave a precise science, and I did not care where to go, and I went with them for the company.
Perhaps I talk about our trinity.
We loved to sit together in the internet, an opened, to communicate. We loved the three of us to engage in shopping. Each has a separate book, which is concealed in the heart and soul of their secrets.
Sonia was fond of poetry, she was talented and romantic woman with red hair who loved to read novels, and wanted as the heroine live in medieval castles, wearing corsets, dresses and lush surely love:
Katya also wrote poems, stories, novels, and read novels. Katya was more advanced and interesting girl. As for me, I am an ordinary brunette with brown eyes. This year I was fifteen. But the love I have not yet met.
So back to the beginning of the ninth grade
On the morning of 31, three of the girls I went to school with shtormovat new class. We were all in his repertoire. Kate wore new jeans at the hips and a shirt of the same jeans, Sonya did not lag behind it, coming into the classroom estimates.
I put newfound gray jeans jacket and midi.
So coming to the school, we saw a sign 9 d. They met their former classmates embraced and regretted that now learn in different classes. It was boring, and we began to explore the future of parties masculine. As it turned out, there was little choice. But only for now ...

Head: First day of school and first love.

On Monday morning I Katya and Sonya went as usual to the school.
The first lesson was a physicist, it led our class.
It was so boring to sit and hear about the forces of nature. And I turned my head and saw him. It seemed to me an angel who came down to earth,
And I said: It is a miracle, an angel:
- Who! - Suddenly I woke up Anne.
- He, in a red blouse in the third row. Just look.
- God, you're crazy Th or so are the forces of nature? It is terrible to say the least?
- No, he is the best, most beautiful, most wonderful man in the world - I have not appeased.
- Are you sure you overheated, the girl .- finished Sonia.
The lessons were over, we went home after a hard day's work.
I could not think of anything else, all my thoughts were taken up his brown eyes, his unusual smile, his voice:
I fell in love. At first sight. From the first breath. From the first touch. It's beautiful, like the morning dew, like a rainbow after the rain ... His eyes reflect the world in which I live. He is like the sorcerer lures behind him, in the dark forest to his pit.
Afternoon light gave it to me. Probably, it is a gift of fate ... He's a snake pierced my heart ... OH ... OH ... OH ... The guy I never knew ... I felt a sense to it. Clean. Innocent. Lovely. Nothing can tarnish.
Just a feeling.
Love - the most difficult riddle of life, no one knows whether there is an antidote against it, whether there is a boundless, eternal love, is life without love is possible. Love - the feeling of the mind or soul? Why hate and love are inseparable and are so similar? Why are so many lies and deception? such "why" a great many, and the responses to them there. And it's not the person, nature itself can not give us the answer to these questions, and the man only constitutional unit of this nature. It is completely at the mercy of nature, without understanding and without realizing it, he follows the call of nature. Of course, a lot of love on earth, but few people who truly feel this love, who is sincere with himself. Love means not only the ability to love others, but also himself.

Chapter: continued ...

So I continued to study, not trying to tell him about my feelings for him. What for? I ask myself every day the same question. He likes other girls do not like me. Liberated, daring. I'm unfortunately not so. Passed September girlfriend to know that he did not care about. But I did not understand and did not find in it anything special. He's not a super model, not macho. And just an ordinary person, my favorite person. We were told that we should be on duty, since we the ninth grade. I was torn, of course, to our ninth grade to it, beloved: I still took third on the window, but the main thing taken. To my great regret, I prodezhurila only one day. Why so few? I think I'll tell you later.
So that day I took and gave him a jacket. How nice to look at his eyes. Knowing how much you love him and you can not without it. How wonderful smell of his clothes, this crazy smell of cigarettes, alcohol and other things without which I can not live.
After that, I'm not on duty. Since the seriously ill. I did not go to school for three months. And lying in the hospital, in the intensive care unit of the state.
I miss it. No, I came to visit a girlfriend. But still I was bad without favorite brown eyes ... But he did not come to me, do not come:
Coming finally to the school. Again I saw Sasha. The same unattainable as before such as a loved one, as before. Everything went on as before: my feelings, it does not comment in relation to me, he indifference.
Perhaps he did not notice me never ... never ...
This story I wrote a few months later. Too sad and hard to get my story. And now I want to continue it.
Today, I'm also with Sasha in the same class. But it was much easier to look at him, knowing that I did not need.
Recently, a few days ago I learned that he was leaving after the ninth grade. How can I be difficult to stay here without him, without a loved one.
Of course, I have friends. I can even say gentlemen. But my heart is far away from them, it will always belong to him, my Sasha.
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