Family Secrets my friend

It was Saturday morning and I drove up to the house of his friend. Billy has not only got a new car at the end of the school but also credit card Trans American with a decent amount. We had plans for the stereo in his car to pump it to the fullest.
We became friends when I went to his school and studied in middle school. Billy's parents were rich, he always flung money, my friends and I were not so rich, but we had everything we need. I was a little unsure of himself, and modest, and Billy bold and a bit cheeky. These different but we became best friends.
I climbed the stairs a little before eight, and cried, knowing that Billy is now descend. For Billy built his own apartment above the garage of his ancestors. Actually garage - is an understatement, more hangar for four cars. Billy's father, too, was cool, he is interested in cars, and we were confident that he will help us with our car.
- "What do you think? is a pair of huge subwoofer in the trunk?" I asked as we sat in the dining room.
- "I do not know, Chad. It will be difficult to establish their own right and connect, I think even if it is done in some sort of workshop."
- "It will be expensive," I said.
- "I have a feeling that I can persuade my mother to pay for all this," he replied, with a grin that hid more than he was saying.
I'm used to this grin as part of Billy. It had appeared a few months ago, with a light that inner change that from me as a best friend, was not lost. He melts with his girlfriend, and now if you met someone, then irregularly. He also stopped somewhere to go for the weekend as we used to do with him. I suggested that I become too intrusive, but Billy assured me that everything is all right, I'm his best friend.
We are still talking about his new car when his mother came in. At forty she looked amazing, and made the men turn around after him, including me. She was blonde, straight hair to her shoulders. Her body ... God .... her body ... His parents have a mini gym in one of the rooms of the house. and I'm sure Mrs. Stevens spends a large part of the time. She is slim and trim, with beautiful legs, large buttocks very appetizing form, and her very large breasts. I myself call them milking, elastic fleshy in appearance, they looked like pornomodeli. Sometimes I even specifically climbs out of the water because of her boobs when we swam with Billy in his pool and she came to us in a bathing suit and sat down beside him.
- "Billy?" she called, stepping into the dining room. "Oh, hi, Chad! I did not know you were here."
- "Hello, Mrs. Stevens! I just came to help Billy with the machine."
I think that was what I said. I never remember what he said when she was there. She was wearing a white T-shirt barely covering her buttocks, and because the elastic twitched her breasts on a thin cloth as she walked, I realized that she was no bra. She was holding a basket of linen, apparently intending to throw everything in the wash.
- "Billy, do not you know that your father played golf this morning?" she asked.
- "Sorry, Mom, I forgot. Give me a minute and I'll go up." he told her.
Mrs. Stevens did not look irritated or angry. But I suddenly realized that my presence is not desirable when it came out. My suspicions were confirmed, Billy told me that I better come back later, somewhere after 11. He promised to help her mother with a surprise for dad. No problem I thought, and went to his car.
I almost came to his car, when he remembered that he had forgotten Billy car keys on the table. I turned around and went back. I did not want to disturb Billy from such trifles, and to call him, I thought I just go up to his room, take the keys and walk away.
I passed the living room, and I heard the voice of Billy in his bedroom. I was going to tell him to be back for the keys, and I'll see you later, but what I saw and heard when approached the open door of his room made me freeze in place.
Mrs. Stevens was on all fours, completely naked. Billy was also naked. However, he was standing. He stood with his cock in the mouth of his mother.
- "That's right, damn. Suck my dick. I did not finish since the fuck you in the ass two nights ago." said Billy.
He stood sideways to me and I was perfectly visible, as his mother works her mouth on his penis, her head rose and fell evenly, her eyes were closed. Mrs. Stevens Billy kept his head and he asked him to beat the most pleasant. He just fucked your mother in the mouth. I thought that I should get out of here immediately clear, and I turned to leave, when suddenly Mrs. Stevens opened her eyes. She looked up at Billy, then she saw me.
Despite the hand of Billy held her head, she stopped sucking. Billy looked at his mother, to understand what was happening. Seeing that her mother looks behind him, he turned and saw me. He took a step back, taking out a member of the mouth of his mother, a member of the thick thread of saliva ran.
- "I knew that sooner or later you will learn" he said with his grin. passed into a wide smile.
Mrs. Stevens was still on her knees, it was obvious that she was very embarrassed by the fact that I caught them, because she lowered her head.
- "A couple of months ago, I happened to see that it corresponds with the guys on the Internet. After reading her letters, I learned that basically, talking about sex, they play in role-playing games, such as it is their mother. Well, you know how many perverts in interente, and which are fantasy." He smiled.
- "Correspondence was very hot. I also started to anonymously communicate with her. After a couple of weeks, it accumulated enough of compromising. So I decided to blackmail her, that everything his father tell if it will not do what I want. All that I want." He laughed again.
- "She washed-whore. And he has agreed to everything without even blackmail. So in fact, damn?"
- "Yes, sir." Mrs. Stevens raised her head and looked at Billy.
- "Well, how about I take care of my best friend?" Billy asked his mother.
- "If that's what you want me to do." she said.
- "That's it. Crawl to Chad and see how it looks your new toy."
Mrs. Stevens crawled toward me across the room. When she crawled over to me, she got up on her knees, her eyes were on the level of my fly, which has already grown a decent hill. I was a little embarrassed by the situation, but was not going to stop. I was not a virgin, but was far from experienced. Only in my wildest fantasies I jerked off, imagining Mrs. Stevens in a subordinate position.
She caressed me through the jeans, then slowly unbuttoned and took off my jeans. I even thought I felt her hot breath, I was already full, and the head of the penis got out from under the gum cowards. Mrs. Stevens lowered my pants down. And now I was sure that I feel her hot breath.
- "Mmmm ..." she moaned.
- "Is there something wrong?" I asked.
Mrs. Stevens was holding my cock in his hand, and nadrachivat slowly.
- "Lord, Chad. What are you big!" she said.
- "True?"I was not sure. At the other guys I did not see members only in porn films, so I believed that I had a normal size.
- "What is it the length?" she asked.
- "I dont know."
- "Billy, honey, give me some line. I want to know exactly what it is size."
Billy left, and came back with a line that stretched to his mother. I, in turn, thought that Billy smaller than me, but thick. Mrs. Stevens, a couple of times vzdrochnul my cock and put a ruler.
- "Oo-oh ... a little more than 20 centimeters." she said, before you look at me. If I knew he was at you such, I would ask Billy to let me seduce you."
These were the last words she said before ... her lips wrapped around my cock. She slowly sucked my cock, taking out of his mouth carefully licked the trunk and head. With one hand, she hugged me, patted the second egg. Sometimes it would take them into his mouth.
- "She likes to suck, dude." Billy told me. " Take her by the head, so shove on the tonsils, let's see how she can swallow."
I am happy to follow his advice and took Mrs. Stevens and her head. She moaned. Billy who all this time stood, raised his ass mother, and began to get a job behind. According to the movement of the mouth of Mrs. Stevens, I realized that he entered her. Billy moved his body vigorously, fucking his mother.
- "Damn, like two dick feel?" he asked his mother, weighing the slaps on the buttocks.
All she could do so only mumble because I firmly holding her head spitted her hot mouth on his penis. Roth experienced adult women, it is a real bliss. I felt that the sperm boiling in my eggs.
- "Billy, can I cum in her mouth?" I asked.
- "Of course, man. This whore loves when she end up in the mouth."
I felt how hard Billy fucks his mother, his tremors. Every time he bumped hips with a slap on her buttocks, my cock penetrated deeper into her throat. We moved almost simultaneously. This went on for a couple of minutes. Then, I do not know what came over me, maybe I thought my fantasies about Mrs. Stevens. But at that moment, I became a good girl from a not very nice guy .... once matured.
- "Come on, bitch. Suck my dick. Play with my balls and suck all the sperm of them. I am right now, finish it in your fucking throat and on your ebannoe face. Suck, damn!" I said to ecstasy.
Billy began to move more vigorously. We see it aroused my words. He put his hand under his mother's breast and began to twist her nipple. I leaned over and took the second breast. Her boobs were really super. Elastic feel.
Billy switched on the ass of his mother, he squeezed her buttocks slapped on them. The next thing he said to me literally blown off the tower.
- "Suck dick of my friend, fucking whore. Suck good, and maybe I'll let him fuck your goddamned ass." he continued matzo her ass shoved his thumb between her lush buttocks. "Suck like a real huesoska, or I'll never let you see his dick again. I know that you want it, bitch. You want his cum in her mouth and fucking on their huge tits, pussy?"
I could not stand it and began to finish. The orgasm was so strong that even the egg room. It was a thrill. Mrs. Stevens swallowed a couple of jets of sperm, the rest dodrochila currently face.
I still held her chest and squeezed the nipple. Billy started again to move the body.
- "Turn your head," he said to his mother, "I want to see."
She turned and smiled, showing his obkonchany mouth, lips and whole face covered with my cum.
- "Blyaya .. finish." he said, twitching. Mrs. Stevens moaned and began podmahivat son. I realized that she too ends .. along with his son. Ends, and her face covered with my cum and pussy filled with sperm son. And damn did she. I sat on the bed ... A few minutes later I was joined by Billy. Mrs. Stevens was sitting on the floor, breathing heavily.
- "Dude, I did not think that you're so ёbar." he said to me. " I am sure, and my mother, too, very much. How about to spend the next weekend in the same bedroom? My father is going to leave the city."
I looked at Mrs. Stevens sitting on the floor. She looked at me and nodded slowly. I sat in front of Mrs. Stevens on the edge of the bed, examined her breasts, thighs, a thin strip of pubic hair. For me, it was no longer Mrs. Stevens. It was a piece of meat, to quench my youthful fantasies spermososkoy and whore.
- "It sounds great. And how much your father back today?" I asked, just appeared in my new lascivious grin.
To be continued if there is hope: [email protected]
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