Oda ass

... Someone pussy who blow job ...
But I've ASS road
When she wears dick,
So fucking Tuga!

Tastes argue I will not,
For any kind and tolerant,
But I gain I nirvana
When ochke my pilgrim!

Let someone wrinkled in disgust,
Interpreting something about shit ...
But condom Case
For nepotreben fucked me!

Alas, much more difficult to find
Girlfriends willing to anal sex,
But the more expensive and nicer
The one who you're looking for a long time!

And dick will drive in the ass,
Suddenly I hear a moan of bliss
And the request of only one thing to
It was night in the ass dick and day!

So sweet sphincter squeezes dick,
Like magic pulsar
And I know at this moment,
What will never be old!

I praise the ass, and I hope
What I have here is not one such,
And that in our sinful world
All we have enough assholes with a vengeance!

Olga S. and her similarly dedicated

As important as a young man,
When you're in a fucking rookie,
To found a close one
And I would have given impetus to start!

I was lucky. I was short-lived
Ignorant of this craft,
I got in the way of Olga -
Damn, what a little in the world!

Was her husband is always on the move ...
And because its by a pussy
She could at the same time
Hold for ten eborey.

We are for each other and did not know
About group sex no speeches,
We just fucked it all,
Who day who are in the twilight of nights! ...

She selflessly eblas
And not afraid to fly ...
(That is according to the rules of the universe
Children, it seems, do not have)

no not knowing the limit,
She gave in all the holes,
And, damn, so I got up,
Werth, like a squirrel in a wheel !!!

I knew it all the filth of vices
And the pleasures of low taste,
She eblas, eblas cruel,
With the royal taste!

She was older than me
Years as six or seven,
And snotty odnoklashek
I did not want to climb at all!

I am thankful "aunt" Ole,
With so she eblas with me,
After all I went to the "school"
I have come in handy more than once!

It has long raced wonder years
And I sunk into oblivion our romance! ...
And I wish you all, that someone
And you discovered love Sesame!
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