Burn. Part 1: Innocence.

Rain stopped. He walked for approximately shiny asphalt and sucked inevitably damp cigarette. Some peeling arch at the House of Books, where books and does not, it hailed.
- Give me please.
Words were tasteless and stupid - so it seemed to him then, and he did not turn around, automatically thought that such a voice alms do not ask in the first moment, but curiosity won. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw the girl in the raincoat worn. She stood under the arch, barely touching the shoulder angle. She was a little stooped, her hair hidden under the hood. He lost his head, and repeated mechanically:
- What?
He heard it perfectly, but something prevented him to admit it, as if it was something shameful.
- Apply, please - she whispered.
He regarded her with surprise. The girl blushed and turned away. He continued to look at her, startled. Then he saw her leave. Carefully stepping over puddles feet in shoes without heels, she slowly removed from it.
He stood as if transfixed, and then walked slowly behind her. The cigarette went out, and he threw it to the side, trying not to lose sight of the beggar. Beggar? It was extremely difficult to imagine a young girl, even her ugly, as a beggar - a gypsy does not count, in his understanding they were sexless, like the Negro. Dirty-green raincoat flashed around the corner flats, and he quickened his pace. Turning the corner, he saw no one, and stopped moving spirit.
The envelope of the house was empty track. He quickly realized that she did not run away by force, and rushed to a nearby first entrance. It was empty - he sniffed like a hound dog, rapid roll raced several floors, and found nothing, pulled down. In the next entrance of his attention was attracted by fresh wet tracks, and he pulled up. His heart was pounding - a strange chase it opened. He was hot. He found her on the third or fourth floor, zabivshuyusya into the gap between the wall and the tube chute. Here, surrounded by dirty gray walls, he first realized that her great beauty eyes - dark brown, shiny, scared to death and this seeming even more beautiful.
She silently shook her head, her hood fell off, revealing bright matted hair. The hands she held on the chest diagonally by grabbing them by the collar of the jacket, as if expecting a blow to the chest. He stood in front of her and was breathing heavily.
- I'll scream - Finally, she said.
He said the first thing that came into his head:
- What's your name? - She was silent, hiding her chin.
- Are you wild? - He reached into his pocket and pulled out a handful of change.
- Hold. You're begging, right?
- So what? - She said dully, without looking at him. - Why are you chasing me?
- I'm not chasing. Just I wanted to talk.
- So what? - She repeated. "It is backward - he suddenly realized. - Of these".
- Come on, take it - he shoved her hand a few coins, and felt for a moment the softness of her palm. She dutifully squeezed his fingers, immediately slipped into a pocket cam. Then again, she folded her arms. "As a nun, - he thought".
A man and a woman stood silently, he looked at it - worn shoes without heels, thick stockings, wrinkled scars darning, from under the raincoat could see a black skirt, as if on a school uniform. She had a neat chin, nose and clear line. Little hands were stained with ink, but quite elegant, with delicate fingers and a close-cropped nails. Later, he realized that it was a reminder of the school and decided to deal with. He reached out and touched her shoulder.
- Quit sulking. I'm sorry if I scared you.
With a quick movement she threw the hood, and only then, as if making sure that back in the shelter, looked up at him.
- Thank you.
- No problem, - he smiled unnaturally, and in response she nearly twisted his lips - which, apparently, was supposed to mean smile.
- And yet - what's your name?
- Bella - she said slowly.
He chuckled. - Tell someone else. You or Tanya, or Lariska, in extreme cases, Ira. Well?
She shrugged and pursed her lips. - Irina.
- So, I'm guessing. Bella And in this case - who is she? Just up?
- Girlfriend - dropped it, hiding his eyes. - I go to America.
- Long?
She nodded.
- Since then, you and ... - he stumbled. "My God, she's still a child".
- How old are you?
- To me? - She asked slowly. - How many do you need. - You are not affected.
She sniffed. - I will go.
- Where? - He asked. - To work? - Now he felt confident.
- I still do not work, - how little, she told him.
Sarcastic meaning of the question is to it never arrived.
- If you want, I'll make you a job? - A smile, he said.
- It's good money, and many do not have to work.
She looked at him in surprise.
- What?
His mind worked with extraordinary speed. Strange that she ... well, in life anything may happen.
- Age? - He asked sternly.
- Fifteen, - she said mechanically. - Sixteenth.
His pounding heart. Tuk. Tuk. Tuk. Now he almost wondered if all this was not with him. "So Tiny".
Tuk. Tuk. Tuk.
- Then make an offer - let's go have lunch together and talk about the work.
- You're not afraid?
She shook her head, so that the hood fell back.
- Nope. - Her eyes sparkled more than usual.
- There want - she said, when they were going down the stairs. He took her hand.
- As you go to school?
She nodded: - Sometimes.
- What grade?
- Tenth.
- I have an adult - he agreed. His heart was pounding. He led her to a new burgernuyu, a block from the House of Books. For him, it was inexpensive, and the money did not matter right now. He held her hand, glancing sideways at her, as if afraid that the girl escape. Inside the restaurant, he sat Irina a corner table for two, went to the bar and brought the pizza, burgers, fries and tea.
Girl with a serious face peered at the surface of the pizza purple. From the stress she bit her lower lip.
- Take off your jacket ... - he advised. She awkwardly pulled off the still wet raincoat with shoulders. It really was a brown school dress - or so he imagined. Last time he went to school for about ten years ago and had no idea how they have there is now supposed to dress. Her breasts were low, according to age, but their true form was apparently hidden a larger bra. Passing her tiny plastic fork it, as if accidentally touched her knee with his free hand - it was warm and smooth, despite the rough texture of the stocking. "I have cattle, - he said to himself. - But even if everything goes to hell".
Irina bite into pizza flesh, holding it with both hands. He was fascinated watching her. Pale slowly went out of her face, her cheeks flushed and her eyes shone like tears.
- I'll go call the machine, - he said. She nodded, not looking up from his food. He went out into the street, walked into the depths of the alley and sat down on the bench. He took from my cell phone and dialed the number. He was told, and he quickly explained his request, trying to sound carefree.
- Listen, - he said - we have long been recruited all the staff.
- I'm not talking about that ... She even cleaner, anyway.
- Is that important?
- Well ... yes, - he said, and thought: "Important?"
- If so, I think of something. Sellers on the book tray is suitable?
But there is great money does not pay.
He wanted to say that he is willing to pay for it, but refrained.
- And yet - I need an apartment for a couple of hours.
- It's no problem. Do you know the address? Petrovsky. The key take on the first floor, you will, I warn. All are disabled. Bai! He closed the lid and put the cell phone. In burgernoy people coming.
He barely pushed into place, which Irina prudently closed his jacket, so that no one peeking. She had eaten everything and pointed questioningly fork on his lonely hamburger. He nodded.
- Well? - He asked, when she cope.
- Class, - she said. - Thank you - look at him - somewhat provocatively - as if he had no doubt that deserved so much attention to it, and if knowing that the holiday is not over yet.
He threw the remains in the mouth of Coca-Cola, and helped her to dress.
- You know, where are we going now?
- Where? - With seeming indifference she asked.
- Shopping. But first, you answer me a few questions.
- Why did it happen? - She lifted her nose.
- Just like that - he snapped. - For my beautiful eyes. - He pointed it at the very bench where he sat recently. They sat down, she - with her legs crossed, as the well-bred, opening their beautifully drawn ankle in mending stockings, he - next, leaning back in his chair.
Then he lit a cigarette, inhaling deeply.
- You're like, you do not smoke?
She shook her head and added a threat:
- But soon begin!
- Really?
- All smoke.
Exactly - he agreed. - And yet - beg, floss, sniffing glue and shit on the sidewalk. It all fits.
She was silent, picking at a fingernail stubborn dirt floors jacket. It remains unknown whether or not it ironic to find a striker.
- You that have forced his hand to stretch?
She shook her head.
- I do not know - he muttered.
- A neighbor advised - finally she managed. - We are now with the money very badly. The mother in the hospital, the father of a migrant worker in Siberia or somewhere else ... I do not know. My neighbor was feeding at one time, and then said - go and ask ... you will.
He paused. The story was common in those days, and it is unclear why he was pulling it out of the girls. You could have guessed himself.
- How many years of your neighbor?
- I do not know. Maybe fifty ... or more.
- She was also a beggar?
She shrugged her shoulders, hearing "also":
- What is a beggar ... retired. And I'm not a beggar ... just asked once.
He looked at her, she pursed her lips and wrinkled her nose, as if it is about something else, but familiar. It rose up the excitement and the desire to act.
- So, so, - he said, - you know how to sell books?
She looked up at him, and quickly said: - I can ... I ...
- So the work you already have. And now we will visit one place.
The parade will be you. On one condition - all done quickly.
- What for? - She asked suspiciously.
He explained:
- Time is short. Clear?
She thought no more than a second, then looked up at him, eyes narrowed - apparently imitating a certain cine actress - and said briefly:
- Clear.
He was not sure as to what exactly it was understandable. But the women and children at the same time unbearably his gaze strangely reassured.
A thoroughfare, they took to the prospectus. He led her by the hand, like a little brother little sister. At one of the shops, he slowed down and pushed girl to the entrance.
- Come on. Its dimensions remember?
She said nothing and looked at him strangely. Silently I entered the marble steps, and hesitantly took the hand of a thick, yellow amazing front door handle. He followed her. Inside the boutique on them immediately attacked shoplifting lady burnished brunette with a hawk nose.
- Can I help you?
Mowing purple eye on him, as the most credible, she quickly embraced look small figure in a raincoat.
- Cloak - he muttered - blouse, skirt, underwear. Shoes. - As always, he felt uncomfortable among an abundance of mirrors. - Only good. And fast.
The lady calmly arched an eyebrow, for a split second looking at him closely. The spark of recognition flickered in her eyes, and then went out. Throwing sparkling varnish brush somewhere right, she sang:
- Please here.
He mentally spat on shaggy carpet under them, being sure that damn doll, apparently learned from him as one of the suppliers. He sincerely hoped that this thread does not lead to his wife. Hot breath burned earlobe:
- How do I buy it? - His new friend stood on tiptoe, applying to the shoulders something pigeon with sequins.
- Yes, yes, - he said quickly - just do not forget the stockings. Take all the colors, they are. I'll pay for everything.
- And you can re ......
- No, - he said firmly. - I'm not Richard Gere and Julia Roberts did not you. There is nothing here to change.
Half an hour later they came out of the boutique. Taxi. Driver with gold teeth. In the back seat, he turned to her and asked:
- You know, where are we going?
She shook her head. Her hands were busy - she held a dozen bags and bags - and she did not even move as he stroked her cheek. With one finger, he touched her lips, and looked her straight in the eye. She sat huddled. Her eyes shone with anxiety. "She knows that she will - he understood.
- But it will stand. She would go to the end".
They came almost to the outskirts, in a number of five-storey buildings. He paid the driver, he helped her out of the car with all its treasures. Finding the right road, they climbed to the third floor.
While he called a neighbor and took away her keys, Irina stood silently, leaned back against the railing. Then they went up to the floor above, and here, at the faded dermantinovoy unmarked door, she finally spoke.
- I will not go. I...
He interrupted her:
- You scared something specific?
- I - she said uncertainly, - you know: because I have no one.
- My name is Vladimir, - he said. - And you call me, please. - He took her right wrist, opened his fist, which held a stranglehold on one of the packages, and brought her hand to his lips. He licked her in the middle of the palm, feeling the salty taste. Her hand trembled as she tried to remove it. He held her tightly clenched hand. She made no sound, only breathing heavily.
- Do not fight it, - he said quietly. - It will be worse and you and me. Do you understand?
Her cheeks flushed. Brilliant eyes down somewhere, shoulders were twitching. Very quietly, almost inaudibly, she asked:
- What will become of me?
He shook his head. With his free hand he grabbed her neck and pulled her to him. She obeyed. He gently stroked her neck, getting under the collar of her dress and touching acute bone on his right shoulder.
- It's just a burn. You know, when accidentally pritroneshsya to the iron - when glowing, and suddenly you feel a sharp pain: You can cry. You can cry. You know, a man frequently tells her that he wants to break, it's painless. I do not want to lie to you - it can be really painful, and probably scared. But you can be calm - the pain will go away.
She lifted her face to him, and he carefully tasted her lower lip. She did not resist, and he kissed her eyelids. Her lips were tense, and he just slid them language. Apparently, she did not experience even kisses level - or it was really too scared. He pulled away from her. Insert the key into the lock, turned - it clicks. The door opened, and they smelled a heavy spirit of non-residential, full of meaningless things flat. He took her hand and pulled, pushed almost to the hall. The door closed. He stood with his back to the door, and said:
- Throw the rags on the floor.
She began to gently fold the bags. Then he straightened up and brushed a strand from her forehead. Her face was pale. She did not raise her eyes.
- Undress.
- Right? - She asked hesitantly, and covered her shoulders with his hands. She seemed to radiate despair, from both sentenced to death. He nodded.
She began pulling off a raincoat - he took it from her hands and hung on a hanger. Then it was monashenskoe dress. He lifted it over his head, and it was here that he did not help. He watched silently as she unbuttoned buttons at the collar, hem captures hands, and pulls up. For a moment she remained completely defenseless - with closed brown cloth face - but he did not budge.
The dress lay on the floor. Then she took off her combination, and remained in a pink bra and thick tights.
- Take off your tights - he said, and he thought in his voice slipped notes asking.
She slowly rolled up their knee bent down awkwardly and shifted from foot to foot, took them all. She straightened. Her mouth was slightly open. The eye is still not raised, looking down at his feet. He followed her gaze - small, regular shape of the foot, with little lag thumbs. On the traces of the nails were sloppy amateur manicure with pink spots of varnish. Higher up the ankle adorned brushed a mosquito bite.
He looked up. She looked away, hands on hips. Ears her, the tip of the nose, cheeks and quickly covered with a blush. Her legs were very slim, with a slightly darkened oval knees and hips bend barely noticeable. Wide cotton panties sitting on it is not too tight. Certainly not its size. Bra straps hanging out on the thin shoulders.
- Do you want to clean up?
She looked at him anxiously.
- What?
He repeated. She thought for a moment.
- Then: I need soap, and: and towel.
He led her into the bathroom, holding her hand. As long as it includes water and regulate it, by this time completely flushed, he stood, shifting from foot to foot. He helped her up to the bathroom, holding her waist. She tried to palm the water, strange sigh, and looked at him pleadingly.
He shook his head and smiled through force:
- Of course, I'm gone. I'll make some tea.
He placed at the edge of a bath with linen bags, and went into the kitchen.
There he fell helplessly on the rickety stool. From the crane measured with anger dripping. He covered his face, but now clearly realized how much he got involved. Fifteen. Debauchery. Zone. there was no fear. It was only a painful sense of self-pity and petty demon in the depth of consciousness humbly whispered to him that all right.
After a moment he shook himself, and began to look for tea leaves.
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