Wife Revenge

Perhaps the man is much harder than women to admit that he was excited when he put on his knees, bare ass and beat on her palm, massage brush or a birch cane. But I guarantee that there are many. I myself as a child never flogged, it is only heard or read. And the first time it happened to me two years after the wedding, and it happened in the following way: we were in the company where I was, as usual, a little flirt with other people's women. On the way home, his wife was silent, and I thought that her tongue untied as soon find ourselves in the apartment. But this time he untied stronger than usual.
- All I'm tired of your flirting. I told you a hundred times about it, but words to you, apparently, do not apply. Now you should be punished for real. You're acting like a cheesy boy, and therefore you have to do and. Maybe as a child you have not flogged, but now you get a substantial portion of the cane on the bare ass. Maybe then you'll stop to flirt with all indiscriminately! - She said, when we came home.
- Haha - I grinned. - How do you intend to do?
Although my wife and athletic and in good shape, but it is still weaker than me.
- If you refuse to be punished, I deprive you of access to the body for a month. Choose yourself.
Her face was clear that she was serious, and I decided to give up.
- Well, I agree - I say, embarrassed and blushing.
- Fine, then march into the bathroom and wait for me there.
I went to the bathroom, thinking over what I am, in fact, agreed. As it is I, twenty-seven adult man will be flogged with rods, like a boy? As she was going to do it? Would it really hurt? My knees were shaking, and in the lower abdomen was strange sinking feeling of excitement and suspense. Ten minutes later his wife came into the bathroom and sat on the edge of the tub.
- Come here! - Strictly commanded it, and then undid the belt on me and the fly, so that the pants slid to the floor. She firmly took my hand and made to lie on his stomach on his knees.
- Now you will receive, so that will remember for a long time! - Having said that, it is with all his strength began to slap on my bare ass and completely defenseless. It was quite painful, but still tolerable.
- You should have seen you now your girls to whom you show off ... No matter what you think, say if they found you lying on my lap, and get on the bare bottom, as the naughty boy? Back I began to burn, and I tried to cover it with his hand.
- Take your hand and I'll take a massage brush! - Followed by instant reaction.
After a few more strokes, I still could not resist and tried to protect his hand.
- Bring the brush! Immediately! - I commanded wife. I had to be dragged to the bedroom with a deflated pants to the floor and look for massage brush. Then again lay across her lap. But this time, his wife clutched me tightly, put your right foot so that it came to me just at the knee bends and his left hand firmly grasped my neck, so I could not pick it up. Clap ... Clap ... solid rear side of the brush, whistling in the air with the force of falls on my butt. Now blows were such that their sound echoed from the bathroom walls. It is difficult to say that it was more difficult to endure - the pain or humiliation.
- Now you will remember for a long time. Promise that you will no longer deal with these nonsenses. Or do you want a couple of hot to? - He asked his wife after another series of blows.
- I promise ... - I groaned and received permission to stand. His wife giggled when she saw a strong erection, which made me the whole procedure.
- Well, enough of the whip, and it's time to try the carrot - she laughed and we went into the bedroom.
It turned out that his wife was also pretty excited, and it ended up multiple orgasm, during which she dug her nails into my hot ass.
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