Olga worked at the school for several years. She was only 27, she taught computer science and has been married for about a year. Olga did not like to talk with the students, but for some reason today she decided to go with Bones. Kostya said that through the courts will be faster. As they passed one door, out came two inflated and high guy and approached them. One name was Maximus, in appearance he was 30 years old, the other about 19. Second Femme Nikita. The boys went to Olga and bones, was asked to smoke. When Olga said she did not smoke, Nikita and Maxim grabbed her, but she began to resist, then Kostya hit her on the head, Olga fainted. She woke up in the bedroom, in an hour, not even tied! Then came three boy and jumped on a young woman and tied her pre-stripped. Olga asked his disciple:
- Kostya, for what? Why are you doing this to me?
He did not answer. Max took off his trousers and underpants, he was great. Olya looked with horror at him and softly whispered:
- Neeeeeet! Pozhaaluysta not naaaadooo! Let me go, I will not tell anyone!
But no one was going to let her at least alive. Maxim began to rape her first. She felt his cock deliberately slowly penetrates her vagina. Her bosom was narrow, but not too much. Even when Max had already entered her, Olga did not stop resisting. When he came out of it, the young woman had finished and just cried and whispered:
- No! No! Neeeeeet! - As if it could still save her.
Abusers began shamelessly groping her wherever they wanted. Then, Nikita opened her mouth and put it in the spacer and thrust his penis. The man fucked her in the mouth, spitted on a member of the ears. After 5 minutes, he began to finish. The flow of warm jet of sperm hit in the throat, the woman slightly choked, but swallowed because rapist did not give spit out the precious seed. Kostya did not fuck her in the day. The next morning, the boys are back and Olga moved to another room. They asked:
- You fucked in the ass?
- No, - said Olga aspirated.
- Well, I'll fix it! - Kostya said.
He approached her, slowly parted the buttocks and sharply, with all his thrust his spear into her delicious ass. Olga cried:
- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Booolno, no!
When to fuck her in the ass I wanted to Maxim, she twisted, yanked his cock and ran to the door, but it was closed. Nikita caught up with her, began to beat and said:
- You will answer for this, you bitch!
- No, I did not want to! This will not happen again!
But the girl dragged in a specially equipped room. There they hung it on the hook in the ceiling, his feet tied to a stick, so it does not brought them together. Under her framed metal member (7 cm in diameter!) And began to lower. When she put on a dildo, Olenka thought that he will break it, but it did not happen, and Maxim began to rape her in the ass with the help of the tip with thorns. Olya brutalized by pain. Then they wrapped the cloth hook soaked in alcohol and oil, and planted the anus women on it. Olga screamed, writhed, trying to withdraw from it. When the torture was over, Olga could only curl up, but they did not break it. She had heard that Kostya and Max all night arguing about something. Kostya won the argument, and it was released. She recovered and lived as before.
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