My name is Bob, I'm learning and I have a little trouble with math. To solve this problem, I agreed with his teacher Natalia Andreyevna work out after school. I'll tell you a little about ka Natalia Andreyevna-she was slim zhenshinoy 32y.o. with small breasts.
Classes began we had sat at one desk. During the explanation of the material I quietly undid his pants and pulled himself a member of the so Natalya Andreevna I never saw him again and began to podrachivat. Finished lesson she quickly got up from the desk and saw my pod I quickly tried to hide. She said that if I fulfill her request she will not tell nobody about my act. I agreed because it no other way out, I had not. Then she told me in a low voice said, kiss me, and my chest.
I walked over to her and began to kiss her lips, my hand touched her breast which was the first size. Pulling livchik I started kissing and sucking her tits with soski.Raspravivshis I dropped her skirt and saw red panties hidden under kolgotami.S tights I dealt quickly and knelt in front of my face was her panties. Letting them down I saw her badly shaved pussy, then I stuck her finger and began to rotate Natalia Andreevna moaned and turned her back to me. I spread her buttocks and began to lick her anus smooth transition to the hole. When finished, I stood up and thrust his cock into her crotch and began to poke constantly picking up the pace.
Natalya Andreevna moaning and sometimes even screaming but not paying for it, I popped her his stick. After a few minutes she took the hand of a member of the vagina and sent it to the anus. Thrusting him I hardly unnecessarily I'm sure that her husband was not in the ass pecked. After a few movements I felt that will soon be over and taking out a member of the priests, I sent it to Natasha's face. She grabbed him and began to suck, in 10 seconds, I began to splash cum on her face and mouth. After I wore shorts waited for Natalia Andreevna dressed and we went home with us because it is the way. When he reached the entrance again we kissed and parted. After this incident, I fuck her every additional.
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