Setting Biology

Biology teacher gave the task to the class at home. Very strange job. Draw some sperm and bring it into the jar. Naturally, the male half of the class. Sasha, very puzzled by this, went home.
He sits at home and thinks, what does it mean - "draw some sperm". How to tell a teacher, you need to stroke the pussy and then spill out a little white liquid. Sasha took off his T-shirt, tights and panties and sat down on the sofa. I take stroking his cock, but nothing came of it. At that moment there was the sound of the front door open locks. This mom came home from work, Julia Alexandrovna.
Sasha does not frightened of her arrival and was left to sit naked. Because the systems have not yet formed at this young age ... My mother saw a naked son immediately jumped to it:
- Oh! What are you doing??
- But Mom ... - guiltily handed Sasha - we task the teacher of biology has given. And I do not know how to do it.
Julia Alexandrovna sat down beside him.
- Well, interesting ... And what is the job?
- She said "draw some sperm in a jar". Mom, what is the sperm?
Mom smiled and said:
- Come on, I'll show you ... Sit down, relax.
And began to stroke the genitals of his son.
- So ... Vooot ... - she said at the same time.
Member of son gradually began to swell.
- Mom ... - Sasha whispered.
- Now ... ... vooot - continued Yulia Alexandrovna.
Her hand on the carrier has a solid trunk up and down. Suddenly she said:
- Oh. A jar of something we have forgotten.
And I went for a jar. Then her warm hand went back to the member's son and continued to stroke.
- Privstan, it was convenient to get into the jar.
Sasha stood up.
- No, it's a little uncomfortable ... - I said mother - come on my knees, and I'll hold the front jar.
Sasha stood up she said.
- Come on ... And now you will be very pleased.
With these words, my mother abruptly pushes his hand. Sasha already hard moaned:
- Aaaaaaaa! .... . aaaaaa! ...
And sperm hit. I went straight to the bank.
- Mommy! ... - Cried the child.
- More more! - Julia Alexandrovna cried, vytsezhivaya from it the entire stream of white liquid.
Grabber continued to move, even when ejaculation is over. Mom's hand soiled in semen. We draw some from about half a centimeter at the bottom of a jar ...
- Well ... - I smiled mom - your task is completed. Get dressed.
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