I'm not like others. Part 1.

Until the age of sixteen I grew quite ordinary guy and I like most of the guys interested in a girl, to her sixteen years I had managed to get permanent four girls and with whom I have had a sexual relationship. Even in his most daring dreams I never dreamed of erotic scenes of homosexual nature, not to mention the fact that in real life look at a guy or whether as an object of his sexual desire, not to mention what - something more. But as I said - so I was sixteen. My sex life and my sexual preferences changed one party.
I almost from the first class had a friend with whom we grew up together and shared the joys and sorrows, in my opinion we had never even had quarreled, as they say do not spill water, and there were no secrets between us. In school, we were sitting with him at the same desk, after-school, too, spent time together, just wandering through the streets of our city, how they say hang in the apartment of Vova - was the name of my friend, the fact that parents have Vova worked on one company and home to come home from work after midnight, but still they are very often left in a variety of missions, so that other apartment was in our possession, unless you count sister Vova Light, who was younger than us for a year, but it did not interfere with us often to arrange all sorts of parties and drinking parties in Vova's apartment when his parents were absent.
It all began with the birth of Vova, not in the morning of that day, not even when we were sitting at the table and drank congratulated for birthday boy did not say anything about the fact that all would turn out, in short everything was as usual, as usual. The company at the table was the usual, not one new man, a couple of guys and a girl on each guy Vova and sister, were all familiar with each other for years, so that there is no constraint at the table was not even the first minute meal. Vova's parents were in the next trip, and we did not hurry celebrated his birthday. Everything was decent, we did not run naked through the rooms, not fucked girls on the corners, just sat, drank, talked and danced. I do not know how it happened, but I did not calculate your alcohol rate and drank a lot more, because that is simply switched off. I remember how I was taken into a room Vova, laid on the bed, and then I fell asleep, knowing that the house will not have to worry about my absence as I often stayed the night with Vova.
I do not know how long I slept. ((((((Who needs a virtual girlfriend, write z # e # L # L # of # p # m # # with a # and # l # p # y # -without reshotok letters and English)))
I woke up from that dream felt like someone kissing my lips. I opened my eyes I saw that next to me and it is Vovk he kisses me. It is difficult to describe in words what I felt at that moment, most likely it was a shock, I was like paralyzed, not only my best friend kissed me because I have noticed that we were completely naked, I divide the sleeping and I did not I felt. Vovk seeing what I woke up and did not resist at its interpreted it, he leaned back in my face and then kissed my lips and kiss it every second became more gentle and passionate at the same time. His lips were silky and hot so hot that just burned my lips and fascinated, I have never felt not the one my girlfriend. I am well aware that you need to stop what is happening, but something stopped me to do it, maybe the fact that I like to feel affection Vova and not only because I began to initiate an event. Vovk smelel and smelel, I felt like one of his hands glide stroking my thighs climbing up to the belly, he looked me in the eye without interrupting the kisses and saw read my reaction to his caresses. - Vlad, my dear, I really want you ... - hotly whispered Vova broke away for a moment from my lips and pressed to my side so I felt not only his body but also his already throbbing cock sticking out. What I liked to hide what happened, I liked the feel of the naked body of a handsome guy, I was excited by his affection, touching his erection. My hand Vovka hugged his neck, I've brought his face close to his face and he kissed his lips.
Vova with a groan of pleasure became violently kissing me, and I replied to his kiss. His caresses became more insistent, and outspoken, they aroused me so that my penis has become literally a stone from the engulfed me huge excitement. I have nothing thought because I was a real animal desire to reach, which is from my body shiver. We groan of pleasure kissed and caressed each other forgetting that we can hear the light, which is in the next room.
- Vlad, suck me ... - croaked Vovk
I bent over the other picked up his throbbing cock and began slowly podrachivat him, keeping him glance, admiring them and admire what has been, a member of Vovka was not less than 20 cm, with a burgundy head held high. I myself wanted to try what it tastes leaned even lower tip of the tongue, I licked his head and felt the salty taste, smeleya began licking tongue head first, and then the trunk. Vovk moaned with pleasure, his eyes closed. I took the head of his penis with his lips and did not quickly immerse it deeper into his mouth, pressing his tongue to the sky - remembering how did blow my girl. The feeling of the male member in her mouth was a unique and intoxicating, after some time I was sucking enthusiastically member Vova obtain moral satisfaction from the fact that he enjoyed physical. My movements gradually increased Vovk from under the bottom of the pelvis moved introducing me to his penis to the throat, I just reveled in the male member, enjoying it, caressing tongue deep in my mouth. - Yes ... yes ... dear ... -sheptal from Vova pleasure.
I do not know how long I sucked a member of another, when he felt his cock shuddered in my mouth and began to shoot a jet of sperm I swallowed this divine-tasting liquid, drank it, but from what I did not practice it choked and she released a member of the captivity of his mouth. Sperm were many she beat me in the face, dripping face on her stomach Vova, when it flows dried up, I took a deciduous member of the other in his mouth and sucked from it all to the last drop, and then licked the sperm from the abdomen. - Lada, be my girl, - said Vova. - I beg you.
I stood over the body with kisses Vova and thankfully, with the consent kissed him, I wanted to hear something like that from him, I liked it in such a short time to give men pleasure. He hugged me tightly hugging her, his lips kissed my lips covered with his sperm. His hands stroked my back at first, but then went down to the buttocks and began to stroke gently knead them and push your fingertip to circle at the entrance of my priests. His caresses were gentle and incomparable ... I felt like beneath the entrance muscles begin to relax, my penis is literally whining with excitement, asking to be allowed to be discharged.
- Ladochka, and be my girl, - I heard the voice of Amy in front of his ear.
I was so fascinated with Vovka that did not notice that there was light in the room, besides, she was like us naked. Intuitively, I tried to jerk, which would cover up, but Vova with their arms held me. Without waiting for my answer she began kissing my buttocks while Vova kissed my lips, I gave in to their will, especially what I had to resist if I was well on their caresses. Light widely spread my buttocks and began to lick my anus, richly covering it with saliva, I moaned with pleasure, losing his head completely.
It took some time when the brother and sister put me on my knees.
- Ladochka, you're so excited, - said Sveta, holding a pen in my member - now I'll help you, - with these words she stood in front of me on all fours and began to suck my languishing member, stroking his fingertips my anus, without any warning broke her finger into my ass and began to move the entire length, I was a little painful, but it was sweet, not with the incomparable pain. She moved a finger, mimicking the movement member. I am with a loud cry of pleasure came inside her mouth greedy Amy. Sweet, I've never finished, I was literally exhausted, my body became a cotton on the severity of fun, I could not even move me to that had no strength.
- Lada, did you like? - Light whispered leaning toward my ear - Yes ... - only that I was able to say, I really liked the fact that I was treated and acted like a woman.
- You have a very tight ass, it is necessary to develop you have been nicer - Light slid off the bed and left the room.
But I did not go alone because next was my friend Vova now become my lover. He drew me to him again hot kisses kissed my lips, I eagerly responded to his kisses her while his hands were not inactive, it caressed caressing my body and felt the excitement rolls over me threatening to engulf his head. Vova leaned back, pulling me with him so that I was lying on it, I clearly felt his broad solid chest, abdomen, and also began to raise member. How I felt good in his arms, his hands slid down my back, buttocks, thighs made me tremble.
- Lada, I want to get you in the ass, he admitted. Of course, for me his confession after the incident was not a surprise, but my heart beat even happier at his words.
- I want to be your first real boyfriend. Do you want it?
- Yes, I am very happy with you, I want to be your ... - I said, what Vovk kissed me so that I even caught his breath.
We were again joined World, bringing with it some - the tube.
- This is the usual cream - it catching my questioning look said, - you have a little patience, will not hurt much, but it is unpleasant, it always happens for the first time. - A professional tone she said, and began to cover the cream your fingers, and then I felt like a cool cream covered me anal. Light fingertips stroked my anus, covering it with an even layer of cream, causing it to relax from fondling and Vova again stared with a kiss me on the lips. Light, without warning, introduced me into both his index fingers, well that even though not all of their length, but also the fact that she ran into my anal enough for me to groan and twitch all over, trying to free himself, but Vova held me in his arms . Feel at home in the pope, though immovable finger light was not very nice.
- Do not strain yourself, try to relax - prompted the World - and it will be much better.
- It is easy to tell you - I tried to snap hoarsely.
- Lada trust me and do as I say, I've already been through all this.
- You just do not do anything yet ... - I asked the Light. I began to try to relax the muscles of anal sex, but it's bad I did it.
- Of course, Ladochka. You must first priviknut to these sensations, - she reassured me, it was clear how she likes to call me Lada. As she had promised, Light did not move his fingers inside me, they still remained immobile, but her other fingers began stroking the ring of muscle that surrounds the entrance to my ass.
It took some time before my anal accustomed to being inside the fingers and I felt the muscles relaxed, loosened their grip. Light, too, I felt it and began to gently push the fingers apart, exposing my hole and release so that it is not too annoying.
- Well Ladochka now we'll work out a little ass, so you were not hurt when Vova enter into it - it calmed me.
The feeling that I experienced from fingers girls were unusual, it is not particularly painful and I did not see how they gradually began to like me. It took some more time and I felt like I entered in her third finger, and then a fourth, and they continue to stretch my anal opening it. I was still lying on Vovka and we continued to kiss, I felt his groin that his penis as tense as mine and it gave poignancy to my excitement.
- Voves it is ready - made its verdict Light.
They put me on all fours, Vova put a condom on the penis and knelt behind me, and the light fell on his back at me was the hand stroking my dick.
- Lada try not to strain - gave the last farewell to Lada. - Vova And you do not hurry, remember that Lada we have still a virgin.
Light spread hands my buttocks and the next moment I felt like my ass touched a member of Vova, one hand guiding his cock and the other hand holding my thigh Vovk became pressing on my ass literally vzhimaya it to me, I tried not to strain not to interfere with his penetrating me in the ass. Probably because Amy fingers worked on my anus, muscles Vovkinomu long resisted persistent pressure. When the head of the penis entered my mouth, my lips broke moan. Light as though waiting for this, I felt like she took in my mouth and became a member of his slowly, expertly suck. Member Vova did not stop there, he literally millimeters continued to sink into me, and at the same time I felt the pain and the pleasure, I clearly felt like a man's penis fills me up inside. Vova did not stop until his cock was not included in the full-length, until he pressed his groin into my buttocks, trying to get as deep as possible. A few seconds penis was not motivated by giving me the opportunity to get used to it, and then he was just as slowly as the sinking withdraw from me. And located podomnoy took my penis in his mouth the whole time in this World and this flattening the discomfort that happens when deprivation of anal virginity. A member came out of me in most head and rushed back into the interior to go all the way. Vova bent, covering me with his body started ... kissing my shoulders, neck, ears, moving his dick burned inside me.
- Lada you have such a sweetie ass, that I did not long enough - his breath burned my ear. He also acted cautiously, fucking me anal afraid to hurt me, but he gradually stepped up the rhythm of his movements, losing his head with pleasure. Not immediately, I noticed that the member moving inside me gives me pleasure without any discomfort that disappeared somewhere. God, how could I be good if everyone has their own idea about happiness, my happiness consisted in the fact that if I was given to my friend that I was his friend for the girl, the girl coveted. I began to move his body in sync with the movements Vova, his cock already move freely in my ass, my mouth more and more frustrated moans of pleasure. In order not to deprive the pleasure the Light, I leaned closer between her spread legs and began to caress her pussy mouth. Pussy girl was not just wet, but literally raw on which completed its excitement, its juice is almost emerged from inside, first I kissed and sucked her pussy lips, forcing Light hum of pleasure, then my tongue burst into the pussy and began to fondle her inside moving around. The first orgasm hit me and a torrent filled the mouth girl, the second with a loud cry finished the Light, and the last was Vova that the last movements moved so sharply and quickly as vdalblivaya me your dick, I felt like I had inside it exploded sperm as it fills prezik. Tired we went to bed to rest and regain strength to continue our sex marathon.
- Lada, will tomorrow make you into a real girl - announced Light tone brooked no argument. Our sex marathon lasted all night until the morning, it was a night of bliss, the first of the sweetest nights! In the morning we looked tired, but extremely happy.
To be continued.
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