The jungle book

Chapter 1: Introduction
During the monsoon season, man cub was stolen from his parents Sherhanom tiger. Wolves, led by their leader Akela rescued the child and took it to the flock. Akela asked the inhabitants of the jungle, who can redeem the life of a human cub. Bagheera the Panther and Baloo the bear agree, and brought several antelope caught in ransom for the life of the child. Leader of the Pack took these gifts, and accepted human cub in the pack as an equal, and gave him the name of Mowgli. Mowgli was accepted as a new cub, though somewhat strange wolf. Mowgli did not remember anything of his human past, the wolves took him as a brother, and he did not try to deceive their expectations. Since he was not a real wolf, he could not run fast, jump as far or bite as much as his brothers the wolves, but he is less tired. He could do things that they could not; he could climb trees, pick up something from the ground. He could make something new from the material at hand.
As he grew older, the pack started to rely on it in the solution of more complex problems, which themselves could not handle the wolves. Most of the wolves knew that eventually Mowgli will pack leader.
He has evolved a special relationship with Lala, beautiful red wolf. Her father was beaten in the competition for leadership in the pack when Akela took his place. She blamed Akela in exile from her father's flocks. Mowgli also did not escape her wrath when he became chief assistant Akela. It is the bane of his life until the day when he saved her from Sherkhan, driving off his stick. Lala was surprised, as she was sure that he hated her. They spent the night walking through the jungle and talking. She realized that he never held any grudges on it. They became close friends, and go all the time together. When a flock of sleeping, she always went to bed next to Mowgli.
The closest friend Mowgli was Alex, a large gray wolf, which was the son of Akela. Mowgli was adopted into the family of Akela in the same year, when Alex was born, and they became inseparable.

Chapter 2: The mating season

It was the end of February, and the air was filled with the scent of the female wolves. Mowgli had been with other males, dreaming of a female. One day late in the afternoon one of the senior males barked: "Leaders of the pack going mate! " All jumped up and ran to the meadow to look at Akela and Sasha. He was a master at this, and it was a real pleasure to watch his mate. Mowgli climbed a nearby tree to watch Alex would like to join him, so he stood up next to a tree. Mowgli was unable to raise his friend on the tree, besides there was no room for two.
Akela flirted with Sasha all day, rubbing on her and licking her fur under the tail. She began in heat and she was nearing the end of the mating dance. They went back to the clearing and stopped in front of the assembled wolves.
She ran around and jumped on Akela, grabbing the back of his neck his mouth. Wolf sighed and made a sound of cheering. Akela pulled his massive shoulders and threw her to the ground. She lay on her back, spreading hind legs. Her swollen vagina was clearly visible. Akela lowered his head, impatient to start licking.
She beat his head with his tail and snapped at him. He bounced back, and again she rose to her feet and ran to him. She jumped up and grabbed Akela around the neck, and then licked his entire face with his long wet tongue.
He pushed her back and rolled onto his back. Akela stood up so that his heavy sheath was directly over the head of Sasha, while he returned to his leisurely licking.
Sasha ran into its sheath and began to stroke their language. Akela screamed, but continued to stand above it. One of the young females in the pack said: Wow, he is excited !: It's so beautiful !:"
Mowgli, meanwhile, sat on a branch and stroking his hard dick. View, which opened to him from his place, really excited him. He looked down and saw that Alex curled into the ring and licked his own cock.
The courtship dance was almost finished, and the pairing was soon to begin. Sasha got up from the ground and now just stood there. Akela again ran his tongue under her tail, licking her vagina.
Mowgli ran zhludm in Alex, distracting him from "important lessons": Shhhh, Alex: They're going to fuck ... " Alex stood up on his hind legs, front and leaned against a tree, so that you can see everything well.
Sasha jumped and snapped at Akela, and the crowd barked his assessment of both actions. Akela jumped back, but after a moment his nose was again under the tail of Sasha. This time, Akela moved to the side of it, to the far side of the pack, tossing his head on her back. She whimpered and stood, clinging to the wolf. He stood up on his hind legs and threw her to the front to the back. Just a moment, his front legs slid under her belly and rigidly captured wolf. The position of their bodies was the most favorable to start pairing. All present saw how swollen sheath Akela relate to a thirsty vagina Sasha as his cock gently slipped out of them and touched female. All screamed as one, when he began to enter into it. Akela began to push his hard cock deep in Sasha, gradually moving to a higher speed. Akela went into a rage and began to really fuck my bitch.
Mowgli looked down and saw two young males to climb on each other and desperately trying to mate, as they watched, as did the two main wolves in their pack. From his position, he could see Alex's cock, completely emerged from its sheath and protruding under his belly, as Alex continued to stand on its hind legs.
Akela was rubbing its muzzle on the back of Sasha and whined as he put his hard cock in it to the very limit. Wolf arched her back. She could not resist his instincts and began to push his hips forward Akela.
Mowgli jumped down from the tree and quietly went back to Alex. Based on the tree, the wolf was a little higher than Mowgli. He put his arm around Alex and moved his hand down to grab his swollen cock. Alex screamed in surprise, but remained standing, allowing you to continue Mowgli. Mowgli began a rhythmic massaging hard cock Alex. He also began to caress him under the tail, first stroking the soft fur heavy bag, rising slowly above. Finally, he reached his anus beneath the base of the tail. Alex began to push against the arms Mowgli while he came closer, pushing his own hard cock under the tail of Alex. Great Wolf started and spread his hind legs, putting the tail in the direction to the human cub had better access. He felt something unusual, rooster head Mowgli As for his anus, he began to press harder to pass through a ring of muscles tense cleft ass.
Akela went on furiously fuck my bitch, Sasha was shaking with tremors of massive male. Her eyes glazed over, she began to scream with delight. Alex watched it in ecstasy, almost oblivious to the thick cock which slowly penetrated his ass.
Alex gasped and squealed as Akela much Sasha grabbed and pulled her to him, entering deeply into it to drive a ... a node in the bitch. Akela felt the muscles ring captures him blow the cock, and this seizure caused him to experience first orgasm. In ecstasy he grabbed Sasha by the mane and held for a long time. He leaned for a moment on her back, and then slipped away, getting back to the female. In this position, they both wonder how sperm Sasha Akela fills the vagina.
They were in this position a few minutes, while the other wolves came closer. They licked their lips and fondled them between the legs.
Alex woke up from their imagination, when fat cock Mowgli went into it with a single push. He yelped in surprise, but continued to stand on its hind legs. At this time, the human cub started to vigorously fuck his busy ass, caressing a wolf chest and stroking his scrotum. Mowgli's breathing became ragged, and Alex realized that the man cub is soon to come. It felt amazing fingers, caressing his long, hard cock wolf and the other arm, which slid to the base of his cock, I grabbed it behind the knot and squeezed. Alex moaned and began madly fucking hand Mowgli, moving his ass on the human penis. Mowgli cried, completely buried his cock in one cub strong blow and finished. A moment later, Alex threw his sperm into the tree on which he relied. Mowgli stopped for a moment and took his soft cock from the backside of his brother-wolf. Alex went down on all fours and licked Mowgli member, then he curled up and cleared his own cock.
Mowgli was curled up next to him and fell asleep in the warm sun.

Chapter 3: Dream Lala

Lal Akela observed mating and Sacha and felt how deeply inside her, inflames the fire of desire burning her waist. It was her first heat, and she was confused by these sudden outbreak desires.
She retired from the pack and entered the cool darkness of the jungle, to be alone. She could not let go of the kind of red rooster Akela. Every time she closed her eyes, everything about what she might think it was a massive cock pack leader. She gently slid under the branches of trees, allowing them to stroke her back. Sometimes she paused to push a branch on her hot vagina, sending shivers of pleasure deep inside yourself. As she moved, she could feel her tail rubbing against wet strongly swollen lips of her vagina. Each motion sensitive slippery lips rubbed against each other, rubbing her swollen clit. Going to the dark glade, she stopped for a moment, and then sat down gently, touching his burning flesh, the cool earth. She lowered her head to the tail, and slowly began to lick the red liqueur her first heat.
Mowgli went upstream to swim in the river and clean up after him "pairing" Alex, who joined him in the cool water. They are easily lapped awhile, then came out of the water, soak in the sun and dry off. Alex shook off the heavy drops of water, thus raising clouds of spray that flew at Mowgli. He tried to do the same, though it has little what happens.
While they were basking in warm sunshine, nose Alex caught the subtle scent of the female.
- Mowgli, I think because of the trees there is a very interesting smell, - he said, and crawled between close standing trees. Mowgli stood up and quietly followed him.
Lala is completely immersed in the dream, slowly licking her vulva, imagining that this language Akela. She could almost see how he rubbed his nose and licked her blushing vagina. Then the pairing ... She moaned as she imagined how his strong body falls on it. She could feel the hardness of his scabbard, pressed against her vagina. Her tongue began to move faster, like a crazy snake, and her hips began to shudder in time with her movements.
Alex was the first who saw Lalu. He immediately felt the excitement at the sight of the wolf, trying to get rid of her burning desire to mate with the help of language. A moment later, Mowgli stopped on the side of Alex, watching what was happening. They both could smell her heat, and this makes them even more excited.
Reaching Alex Mowgli began stroking slowly growing member of the wolf. Alex moaned and began to rub against Mowgli. Man-cub whispered: "She needs help ... ". "Mowgli"He hissed Alex, " You know that only the leader of the pack are allowed to mate ... You'll be in trouble."
Mowgli ignored the warning and went silently into the clearing. Since Lala did not notice anything, Mowgli sat down next to her and added their own language to the language of the wolf. He felt her lubrication, sliding his tongue along the vagina.
Lala jumped in surprise and then back to reality. "Mmm: uh ... Mowgli ... what you do :?" Mowgli did not say a word, but just dipped his tongue deep into the wet vulva wolf. Lala groaned when his tongue touched her clit, pushing her hips to face the human cub.
Alex also came into the clearing. "Alex :," Lala gasped, " Mowgli stop ... He should not Aa-ah, do it. " Alex quietly moved toward Lala. "You know Mowgli, and I doubt that I will be able to stop him." Having said this, he slowly licked her face and lips. From where she could see his broad sheath that swayed under his flat stomach with every movement. Tenderness Mowgli made to spread the warmth of her vagina all over the body. Now she was not thinking about the pack or of the leader ... with whom she wanted to mate.
Mowgli carefully turned Lalu on his back and looked into her eyes, hoping to see it permission to continue. Her golden eyes hesitated only a moment, and then gave way. He leaned his hands on the ground on the sides of Lala and slightly pressed his hard member on the lips of her vagina.
She gasped and moaned as the head of the cock slid into her flushed bosom. He was so cool inside, but it only increased her burning desire. He pressed harder, stay longer in the shrinking ring, which keeps the inside of an excited male during mating. Gently increasing the pressure, it stretches the muscles of her vagina, sending shivers through the entire body of Lala.
She could feel how Mowgli is completely penetrated into her, stroking excited, shaking the walls of her vagina. At this point, Mowgli began to move: Each push of cool, smooth member racked her body in waves of relief and increasing pleasure. Mowgli lay between the hind legs of Lala and felt soft fur caressed his thighs with every jolt. Her tail caressed his back, clutching his nice balls and ass. As the front paws Lala rested on the shoulders of Mowgli, he slowly bent down to kiss elastic, black lips and soft, wet tongue.
Alex felt his cock tremble, calling for a mate. Watching how Mowgli fucks Lalu, he was ready to cum. Sensations added odor coming from the couple fucks. Alex could clearly discern in it the smell of the female estrus and musky smell of the male, the number of which increases with each passing second. He could feel his cock, already swelled beyond its sheath and as the first drops of grease dripping from it.
He went to Lala to stay in the moment when he caught up with a member of her mouth. "Hey, Alex, wait their turn," - Shouted Mowgli. Alex ignored ... Mowgli and pressed his cock to the nose of Lala.
She responded to his men's fragrance. Wolf turned her head, touching the wet tip of brilliant cock grease. Her tongue slipped out of his mouth and gently curled around Alex flushed member.
Alex groaned and froze on the spot, while Lala completely plunged his penis into her mouth, rhythmically stroking and caressing him. Mowgli was almost at its peak and slowed its frictions, because he was going to bring
Lalu to orgasm.
Lala felt the walls of her vagina rubbing against huge cock Mowgli. Each push the fire intensified, growing in her belly. She released the cock Alex, unable to concentrate on anything other than his own feelings. Suddenly, she felt a contraction in the groin. Every muscle shrank still more, while through its furry body of a wave of pleasure incredible strength. Mowgli knew that Lala was already on the brink, and dramatically accelerated their movements. Muscle tension ring through which he penetrated, he clenched harder and harder on his cock. Her body with the force pressed against him. Lala start rising whine of pleasure. Mowgli stroked the wolf's body with his hands under him, and with the power of a fully immersed in her tight vagina. He felt like an orgasm cover it completely as every second streams of his sperm flooded cunt bitch. They hugged and clasped each other's arms until they orgasm subsided. Mowgli's eyes were closed, and Lala head resting on his shoulder. Her eyes stared distantly into the woods, her long, wet tongue hanging out of his mouth.
A minute later, the two emaciated creature fell to the ground, trying to catch his breath. Mowgli pulled his penis out of Lala and gratefully licked her face. He slowly sank to her vagina and licked it clean. When finished, he lay down next to Lala and hugged her. "Thank you Mowgli," - Lala still breathless. Ya No ... it's - I have to thank you, Lala" said Mowgli. "I had never felt anything like it before."

Chapter 4: Queue Alex

Mowgli looked: Alex curled up and licked his swollen member. He was very excited, his unit was easily noticeable. Lala also noticed Alex turned to Mowgli, she giggled softly: "Poor Alex:"
She began to dance around him, shaking her hips and lifting the tail, so that he could smell the Bitches in season. Alex knew her hint and stood up on their feet. Lala slightly lowered her head and began to gently lick his hard penis. Alex whined loudly. She took his cock in her mouth, caressing the hot flesh with their sharp teeth. He involuntarily jerked his hips, plunging member deeper into her mouth and she-wolf giving her eager tongue a few drops of his sperm.

She released the hard cock from his mouth and stepped back from the tormented young wolf. She turned to him backwards, and lifted her tail, showing its dark swollen vagina. He screamed and clung to it, licking her vagina and reveling in its savory juices. Alex clearly distinguish the taste of semen Mowgli, as well as taste, which he knew very well how to taste the current bitches.
He concentrated on dance, and his cock slid back into its sheath. Lala slightly biting Alex, trying to get an answer from him. They are rubbed against the bodies of each other, playfully nudging tails. Finally, when the air in the clearing had already been electrified by their passion, Alex jumped on the back of Lala. She, in turn, welcomed his gentle movement of hips. With silly but happy expression on Alex's face he cupped wolf paws and pulled her close for as long as their hind legs do not touch each other. Lala could feel his massive, male body slides down her spine. She felt his crotch, is pressed against her hips as Alex continued to pull her closer to him. The female stood firmly on his feet, because the male has finished her dance and was ready to mate. A member of the wolf was pinned to her vagina. Alex sat down a little bit at a time, when he tried to enter it. She could feel the tip of his cock gently rubbing on it. When Alex found what he was looking for, he abruptly parted her labia and marked the passage.
Unlike Mowgli, Alex Wolf cock was hot and slippery. She arranged the hind legs wider to make it easier penetration and a powerful push, Alex was fully in it. He began to fuck her as fast as he could. Both Wolf swung under his powerful thrusts. Alex felt his cock began to expand and stretch the vagina Lala. His unit also began to swell. Now the wolf paused in their thrusts, trying to push the knot. Lala felt straining member within her body, sending waves of pleasure through her.
Lala knew what was to follow this. Instinctively, she tightened her muscles and slightly crouched. She felt the knot is pressed against the lips of her vagina, opening them and stretching them bloated ball in member basis. She whimpered, realizing its true dimensions, and even more jerked back. Grease Alex endless stream flowed into her vagina. There was a moment of strong resistance when the assembly met Alex narrowing of the vagina bitch. It was the most difficult moment for both animals. After a few seconds, Alex finally able to promote your deeper node. Alex yelled as his cock is fully entered into Lalu and took even more (if possible) to fuck your bitch. His cock still filled Lala vagina lubricated, further increasing the force with which it bowed his cock. He still continued to grow in size, swelling like a balloon inside the body of Lala. She felt like a vagina stretched by this monstrous cock wolf. One minute she was even scared, because it seemed that further stretch her vagina is no longer possible. A massive dick still continued to move in its depths and grow. She could barely stand on his feet on the force with which it desperately fucked Alex. Rooster, which continued to grow in her body, stretching it from the inside; abundance of lubrication in her vagina; his claws clutching at the fur on her stomach, forced heat of her vagina to go through her entire body. She whined and shivered, while the other slower and more powerful orgasm shook her body. Vagina Lala also began to tremble, clutching Alex's cock. Every muscle in her body was on fire. She froze in suspense until the tremor passed over his body.
Alex felt a strong but pleasant compression Lala vagina. It felt like a fire blazed in his groin and spread to his balls, multiple efforts in this fluffy pouch. Fire outbreak has passed through it. Wolf was the last time with the power planted a bitch on his cock as his balls already throbbing. He shot his winning load in semen Lalu. Alex gasped as one after another wave of burning pleasure ran through him.
After a few minutes, which seemed like an eternity, the fire disappeared and Alex gently laid his head on the back of Lala. He slowly slid off her. They were still bound Alex node. He turned his back, and they continued to stand in the castle. Other particle fire broke out in it when he ejaculated another portion of sperm in the vagina Lala. They had to stand like this for a few minutes until Alex node does not decrease enough to escape. During this time he had more than once to fill her vagina with his seed. His cock was still hard and Lala "did not release" him.
Lala ... whined, feeling like a member of her body began to decline slowly. Fire in the lower back and slowly walked member Alex slowly slipped out of her. This was followed by a sperm waterfall spilled out of her vulva on the hind legs. Alex licked his slimy cock until he was not clean, and then he slipped back into his furry sheath. After that he went to the back and Lale clean and licked it.
Mowgli joined the exhausted pair, and all three have failed deep contented sleep.
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