He called in the morning and dry as usual calm voice told me to come. I of course immediately packed up and gone. At night. Through the entire city. Taking with him a bottle of martini, which I opened in the taxi and drank almost all on the road.
To him, I burst into already tottering and smiling stupidly. It seemed to me that this infuriated him, though he did not show the form ...
Walked into the room, sat on the sofa and sipped more ... He came and took the bottle hit me in the face ... It sobered me.
- You know, I do not like drunks, especially girls.
- I do not like when I was beaten.
- OK, sorry...
- you are crazy.
He takes off his belt. It makes a loop out of it and puts me on the neck. He pulls me like a dog on a leash. And I'm crawling on all fours for him ... he lets me in the middle of the room, stroking the head, and I stuck out his tongue and breathe like a tired dog.
He grabs me by the hair and tilts back ... feels the feverishly my breasts under a sweater. I'm trembling. Then he literally rips off my clothes leaving only her panties. Undresses himself and strikes me as a member in the face. I immediately think of the expression, and makes me laugh ... It is even more angry. And he starts to fuck me in the mouth. That's over ...
He takes dick cums on my face, wiping my hair and also lays down next to me on the floor.
- What are you bitch.
- you just fucked me in the mouth, so I'm a bitch?
- Yes, that's why.
- I will take as a compliment.
- I'm tired, early tomorrow on business. Let's sleep.
- And who of us is a bitch? Got his and sleep.
He leans on to me, kissing me. Deep breathing. Spreading my feet, he runs his hand into her panties and begins to caress me with his finger, still kissing. I lick your hand and begin to caress it ... Horny Masturbate his penis.

- Tell me what you want me to fuck you.
- I want you to fuck me.
- yet....
- fuck me !!!
- yet...
- fuck me, fuck me ... I beg ....
Cutting push right to the end. Throughout the body cramp. I clung to him. I fainted. I shake his head. Muscles shrink ... I'm delirious keep him beg ....
He squeezes my throat and increases the tempo. I find it hard to breathe. He pressed his mouth to mine, and I'm coming right behind me .... he ends. And five minutes later, he lies on me, without removing his penis. I'm suffocating under its weight ...
- and yet, you bitch ...
- well, I'm a bitch. Let's sleep.
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