The day began as usual for Igor, but ended.
In the morning he got up, as always brushed his teeth, ate breakfast, and went to school. Outside it was cold in November. Igor was, and all his thoughts were about the event that happened to him three days ago. On this day, he came to visit his friend Zhorik, and for the first time he saw gay porn movie. Most of it has excited the scene, where a young man introduced himself in the ass huge vibrator, and enthusiastically sucking huge dick black man. Then Igor really wanted to experience something like that. He wanted to ask his friend to posotat Zhorik, but hesitate, although he saw how much Igor excited.
Igor walked and walked along the street with autumn hill on the pants. The wind tore the last leaves of the trees, and he wanted to take in the mouth of a large black man.
Finally he came to the meditations of the Institute, and learned with joy that today canceled classes because it was closed for quarantine.
He slowly made his way back along the path going to the store, and bought gay porn. He went home and dreamed how all will wank looking at taking in guys mouth.
Igor came to his porch, got up on the 9th floor, put the key in the lock. Cold Steel is easily entered into the hole, and he was at home. Slowly he undressed and went into the room, closed the door. Igor looked at his watch, and his face shone with a smile, the parents come back yet after 7 hours, so he had plenty of time to have fun. He took the tape out of the bag and looked at the cover. The film was called "Dirty bastards in the skin". Looking Igor put the cassette in polnstyu undressed, located on the couch and started watching. The first scene it nothing more disheartening, except that there were all mysterious leather masks, but here is the second excited him so much that he ended almost immediately. There's one guy in the skin dugogo whipped in the ass whip, and then drove it straight in the ass whip the poor man, then he shit in his face, and forced to eat it all. Igor is turned off, and began to think that he would stick to his ass. He began to wander around the apartment in search of an oblong object, and casually looked into the refrigerator. There he caught sight sordelka with the original name "pyatochok". She was all alone, but Igor did not think twice and took it, grease it with butter, and headed back. He began to insert a sordelku, but she did not want to go, togoda Igor moved to the floor, and tried again. Again stubborn sordelka did not want to go, then he pushed her by force, she abruptly entered into the anus, and Igor crap. Pulling himself out of sordelku Igor wanted to go for a rag, when he remembered that he had just seen in the film. He again put sordelku his anus, this time she entered easily. He turned to his shit, and began to sniff it. With one hand he jerked off, but what other sordelkoy wiggled in his ass. Suddenly the door to the room opened and entered one of Igor - Giorgi.
He just froze'll see Igor in such a strange pastime. Igor had forgotten that two days ago gave the keys to the apartment to his friend, because that to him came to visit relatives, and he did not want to sit at home all day. Igor tried to say something in his defense, but could not find the right words. Suddenly George laughed wildly and could not ostonovitsya few minutes.
Prosmeyavshis he said:
It turns out my friend fucking pervert. Pidaras So, now you budish do what I say, or else everyone will know who you really are.
Igor said that it will fulfill all.
To begin with you bitch lick my asshole.
With these words, Gregory took off his pants and turned to face Igor ass.
Lick my ass pidaras.
Igor besprekaslovno obeyed and fell to the dirty language other anus. It is incredibly excited him. Igor imagined that this big ass black men. This went on for five minutes, until George farted loudly, not in the face of a friend.
Now suck my dick whore.
With this word George turned, and in the face of Igor brought huge cock. Igor never done it, but now he is crazy like this. He priblizislya, and with force sucked dick. He closed his eyes and began to enjoy. George moaned softly, and his friend sucking cock and wiggled in his ass pork sordelkoy with the original name "pyatochok". Igor really liked the taste of dickhead. George prigovalival.
Suck my whore, slut lick properly.
When he began to finish, Igor afraid that choke and spit dick. Gregory liberally doused his friend's face with his seed.
He did not like.
Fucking whore, now I'll show you how to spit out my precious seed.
Grigoy ass again turned to Igor and nakakat him straight in the face and open mouth.
At that moment came the father, Igor, who returned early from work. He is very dogo thought what happens here to see prices.
Why his son who is crap right on your face? Why his son stirs sordelkoy in the ass, which he bought yesterday in an expensive supermarket, and which is now going to dine?
After standing and assessing the situation, the father of Igor swiped offender son in the face, and he lost consciousness (Igor's father was a professional boxer). Son swallowed a piece of shit, and just wanted extended his gratitude to his father, how he got hit in the face.
Embittered by the fact that his father left without dinner. He took off his pants with the offender's son, and his hard-fucked. Then I did the same thing with his son. From the most powerful punches none of them even come to mind. Father terribly hungry, he went into the kitchen, looked in refrigeration, and have found that there is not his favorite sordelek. He roared with rage, ran back, and once again fucked brazen tranzhitelya products.
After that, he looked at the floor and saw his beloved sordelku ...
A few minutes later, Igor woke up. My head was buzzing, the anus torn by intolerable pain, range was shit, and lying next to each, still not come into consciousness. Igor scrambled, and heard a noise in the kitchen. He entered, and saw his father, who dined peacefully ....
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