Summer day

Cyrus woke up early in the morning. Bright sun shining and the day promised to be hot. She had breakfast as usual, and began to get ready for work. Today, she decided to wear an orange shirt and white pleated skirt brief. Kira had brown curly hair that reached down to his shoulders, slender legs peeking out from under the skirt, white pumps completed her garderob.Ona slammed the door and pushed the elevator button. When the doors opened, she saw a man in an elevator, and a smile came to him in the cockpit. She lived on the 11th floor, had to go long. The doors closed and the elevator began to descend. Suddenly, a man came up to Kira, pinned her to the wall and began kissing. His hands stroked her legs, hips and gradually moved up. The man pulled the girls panties, his hands reached her elastic ass, moving and caressing her pussy and clit. Cyrus was hot. The unexpectedness and from such a situation, she was excited. In general it was very sexy and it was easy to bring. Stranger in this time pressed the button "Stop" and the elevator stopped between floors. He pulled up her skirt and, kneeling, began to caress the tongue clitoris. Lips bowed his tongue went around all the most sensitive places. He then sucked the clitoris in themselves that led the girl in ecstasy, then released him and gently stroked the language. Then he unbuttoned his trousers and planted it on his penis. The man took the girl in his arms, her legs encircled his waist. He continued to kiss her, and became equally quick jerks to introduce his penis into her vagina. It was so sweet that Cyrus started moaning. The man has brought it even more, his movements became faster. Cyrus felt the tremors within the powerful body that penetrated her and delight. They moved at a rapid pace, so that could be heard slapping their bodies. Finally stranger took out his penis and ended on the floor in the elevator. Cyrus held his hands and body wanker. After intercourse, they again led the elevator in motion. Cyrus straightened her blouse, skirt. It was only when he went out suddenly woke up and realized that was left without panties. They stayed at that Neznakomtsa.Kira descended into the subway. In the morning there is always a lot of people, but that day was something special. The crowd crushed the girl to the people who sat and she could not move. Beside her sat a man reading the newspaper. At first, Kira was riding and thinking only about how not to fall into the crush. But suddenly, she began to notice as if her knee touched someone's hand. At first she thought it seemed, but the hand moved higher. She persistently climbed to where most recently was a member of the stranger out of the lift. And the finger, feeling the humidity her pussy into her, and another finger began to rub her clit. Looking closer Kira realized that it was the hand of a man who was sitting in front of it, he covered it with newspaper, and people standing nearby did not notice anything. And the fingers of a man was persistent and skillful. The index and middle fingers and then easily entered into the vagina, and the large - ter clit. Cyrus was ready to scream, but bit her lip so as not to do it. Inside its hard part - the clitoris and vagina all the flames of fire, his fingers moved faster men, and Cyrus came, trying not to betray yourself and to keep a pleasant, sweet teplo.Na next stop she got to transfer to another line. There was also a lot of people. Cyrus pushed into a corner at the opposite door of the car. She stood and stared at the glass door. The people were many, but the girl did not notice it, she remembered the fingers of a man who made her cum just. Reflections girl again interrupted insistent hands. She felt her skirt behind someone lifts up again. She was clamped to the wall and could not even turn my head and see who it is. Cyrus felt, as her ass rubs naked male member. Hands of a man touched her clitoris and vagina. And there were so wet that they slipped and did not meet resistance. Member not long rested in the ass. Sensing that the girl is ready, a man walked into her vagina. They stood in the crowd, the train swayed rhythmically they copulated, a member of the inputs and outputs, and all around was full of people, and no one knew that beside there is something unusual. Cyrus and frightened and fascinated that this unknown man had done to her in the middle of the crowd. She could not move, she just arched her back. A member of the suddenly slipped out of the pussy, he was immediately replaced by a finger. The man moistened his in pussy, and drove in the ass. He squeezed her buttocks with one hand, and the other is pushed into the ass finger. When the hole is widened, the finger was replaced by a member. The man began to move dick in her ass. He drives the his powerful phallus in anus girls and hand ter her clitoris. The train was traveling and suddenly the lights went out. Kira felt a powerful blow in the ass and a member at that moment a hand grabbed her breasts. She broke down and finished. The light flashed, the man beside her was not, and she thought that it was a dream. But a pleasant languor in the abdomen prevented her etogo.Kira came out of the subway and went to work.
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