Night beach

There is only you and I, my angel! Just you and me, and deserted beach at night, fenced off on three sides from the rest of the world. We're lying on the not yet cooled down from the heat of the day warm and soft sand of the sea. Exciting scent of your perfume blends with the smell of the sea night. I lift and fill our glasses Jamaican hot mulled wine from a thermos. I admire you! I drank your juice repeatedly, I touched on many of your secret strings, but not fed up, although the first quench hunger. Now, I do not want to rush! I'm thirsty again, but my new desire is to torment you and yourself deliberation, inflame passion more and more. And I want to stretch this sweet torture as possible.
Your perfect naked body gently caresses the warm night breeze, it relate to my hands. I lick the salt crystals from your lips, I feel your skin the most delicate velvet. In your eyes reflected only the light of distant stars and the occasional flash of the port lighthouse. And those eyes are telling me about the devil's desire - you are again looking at me with a passionate plea! In the glare of the full moon mysterious thy divine body seem even warmer, closer, and more desire, but I do not recognize you with that. Let the beauty of the world is concentrated in this moment, in you! I am your torturer and will be slow. I gently caress her lips trembling your lips, your delicate neck and strained my wonderful meeting breasts, your belly soft glowing. I slowly go down lower and lower ...
Slower and more tender than you would like. Only the quiet whisper of the waves and your moans pleading break the silence of the summer night. But I'm relentless. I carefully you turn over on your stomach. You wait, I know! Be patient a little longer, my angel!
A little bit of massage oil, warmed in the warm sand of the sea, and my hands very gently massage your back, hips, buttocks hemisphere. Finally I Spreading them. I study his hand mysterious caves, which are so hot, wet, and so attractive tremble in anticipation.
In the wave of the sea beat my fingers that penetrate deep into the, these depths of hell, then a moment longer break free, while continuing your torment. And so on without end, losing all sense of time and space, feeling a shiver of your ever-growing insatiable body. The soft rustle of the waves, it would seem, it has a sedative effect and relaxes. But not you, you neistovstvuesh! It seems that time has stopped. Easy laughter of two young mermaids, spying on us out of the water, spicing up our games.
So I thrust into you, now I nelaskov, and thy cry moan replaced - either pain, or lust - I do not know what is more. Your whole body tense - so long awaiting outcome, you seem to try to escape, rise, but it's too late! I penetrate into the very depths of your secret caves, explore every millimeter of it. Your fingers are compressed sand, your muscles tense. Shoulder, back - silyatsya off - if you wish to lose me! But this is impossible! Your slender neck thrown back - and pushing you into the warm surface of our improvised "bed"I dug into it bending. You tremble to the tips of the hair, you fight in the sweet languor, you scream, and finally fades, we are together is faded. I dissolve in you! And from your lips flies past, the sweetest moan. Just a moment ago you were in heaven - what all the treasures of the world, compared with the same enthusiasm !? And so I leave you, I lay down beside him. Your body is relaxed, eyes closed. And it seems like an eternity before ...
My hands again easily touch the delicate velvet of your skin. You shudder and suddenly come to life. I take you at your hands, you are obedient as a child. I walk on the sand and slowly lowers you into the sea at night. Your light cry says that the first touch of the water turned cool and a little bit scared of you. But now the sea is warm, you are eagerly looking for my mouth, and cling to his lips, you entwine my feet hips, my shoulders and hair - vines hand, and together we will come out of the water. I wrap you all in a large towel and let down to the warm, soft sand. Gently kiss your lips, thin bends your neck, gently stroking relaxed shoulders and arms.
"Do you want to sleep a while, dear?"- I'm asking you. "I want to die like this, at this very moment"- You answer. Because there is in life, and there will be no more!

Axel & Alisa, c 2002-2003
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