A trip to the sea

Once my wife and I went to the sea. About how we went, of course I will not write, but about how to ten days to live, perhaps you can.
We stayed in the private sector, nomerochki we were very small, rather simple little rooms 2x2, in which there were two beds and a bedside table. But let's not about the interior, not talking about it. In the next room I lived a guy with a girl. They often retreated to his room for a long time and there fucked, it was clear from the monotonous creaking of the bed and muffled moans, as well as the walls were thin, everything happens as if it was there. My wife and I also did not lose time in vain and therefore engaged in the same. And judging by the fact that we are young, we are going on the wall did not bother, and even in front of the plant. One day after a marathon, our neighbors ridges on the bed and began to say something. At this point, my wife-partisan took one of the glasses standing next to a decanter on the table and going to the wall, he held it and began to comment on the conversation of our neighbors.
- Count up, they talk about us.
- And we are interested in them? I asked with interest.
- Do not believe it, but she wants to offer us to you to join them.
- I.e!?
- Well, in terms of sex.
- And that, as you look at it?
- Yes, in principle fine.
There was a knock at the door, and his wife, putting the glass on the spot, ran to open the door.
- Hi, do not want to walk, get some fresh air?
It beat all the same neighbors through the wall.
The wife turned to me and questioning look at me.
- Yes, of course, did not sit well us the whole evening in the crypt.
Two minutes later, the four of us we walked down the road to the nearest bar. We met their name Yura and Katya. Katya was a girl of medium height with a beautiful legs, which emphasize the beauty of very brief mad white skirt, as well as the skirt was translucent, and I even saw her panties, a pale pink color. Her T-shirt emphasized the firmness of her breasts, and no bra showing protruding nipples. She was clearly still excited by what is happening in their room, since it was just a couple of minutes ago.
We went into the bar, sat down at the table, ordered a beer and began to tell each other about themselves. Time passed quickly, it was seen by the empty bottles. Not much conversation turned to an intimate subject, about whom any position like more who he loves and he loves. Suddenly my wife offered to go to the sea. Nobody did not resist, and all as one, if that, and waited, got up and headed for the exit. The street was late at night, but that did not stop travelers, crowds of people went from bar to bar, having fun laughing and staggered from side to side from drunk. After a couple of minutes we admired the sea surface. Our girls ran laughing through the water, like in the first to the sea, and we with Yura continued our dialogue. So we reached the end of the beach and the sand was replaced by ground cover, began to slip even low bushes along the sea. I turned to look at the girls and saw a lovely picture. My wife is in full kiss with Kate, with a hand full swing Katie examined the ass of my wife, having lifted up her skirt and exposing us to review this elasticity in white panties. My girl also did not miss, as it turned out, answered her affection caressing ass his new girlfriend. We looked at each other and Yura went to the girls.
Jura purposefully walked over to my wife and began to help Kate in the weasel, but I preferred to stay on the sidelines and watch a little bit for a while. Looking at it as a stranger guy hand caressed the ass of my wife, I was excited not a joke, but decided not to rush, and continued to watch. Jura his way with the other hand to the pussy of my wife and already pushing her panties to the side began to pull at the clitoris at a furious pace. My wife, little legs apart, continued kissing Katya. Jura meanwhile dropped to his knees and began to greedily lick pussy familiar to me, which in the meantime has already flowed like a waterfall. I could no longer tolerate, and came to the blessed Trinity, I took in one hand ass wife and another ass Katya. You can not imagine what kicks ass to hold simultaneously two in their hands. When I knelt down and approached Katina pussy, she obediently lifted one leg, thereby giving me full access to his innermost, I started roughly rubbing against her pesechku right through the fabric of her silk panties. I heard a groan Katie, who broke away from the kiss and felt her hand strongly pressed my head to him. I pushed the soft fabric of her panties and my eyes appeared shaven pisechka expiring juice fountain. I followed the example of the Jura and greedily clung to her, penetrating deep into the interior, then caressing her clit. Suddenly Kate squeezed legs and let out a thin squeak and her body began to beat in the throes of orgasm, I felt that my mouth poured a viscous liquid. After that, Kate slipped on the grass, and I turned to see how my wife there. She was on all fours, and Jura pecked her unseat the piston, as well as a member he was not a little, my wife had to shove their own panties in her mouth, so as not to raise the ears all around. I decided to help Yura until Kate rested. Jura lay on his back, and my wife sat on horseback, began to continue to fuck her pussy at the same pace, but his free hand caressing her ass all at the same pace. I began to get a job in this chocolate ring, and because we fucked in the ass on a regular basis, I drove my dick in it without difficulty, and began to gain their pace. My wife was just a scream of pleasure different mats, she screamed that we cables and so we fucked her as the last bitch that took off at the station and she wants her holes were huge and red on a fucked. Looks like it is excited not only me alone, I felt through the thin partition wall of the vagina, as a member of our familiar strains and is about to finish, I was also on the way and that's when he heard a growl Jura began to cum right into my wife, I, too, began to discharge her ass. Together with us and she had finished. Gently coming out of her razebanyh holes, we settled there and admired how these holes follows the fruit of our labor. The wife, while still in ecstasy, smeared it on their own, mixing and stuffing it back in the pussy, then in the broken-down ass me, while gently meowing like a cat. I've never seen her so satisfied.
Meanwhile, Kate began to come to herself and her little hand caressing his own hole in the ass.
- That's what I want, I want a whore in both holes, the boys and fuck me so.
- But we in the ass never tried, you will be hurt, - said Yura.
- Do not worry, I will help her to develop, and I said, putting Kate crustaceans began to lick her ass, with the panties decided not to remove, painfully, they liked me. Wet its hole, as it should, I introduced the first one finger in her little developing, given the freedom and the second. Her ass was supple and very quickly acquired the necessary flexibility and was ready to dive into her term. I got up and slowly began to enter, ass was just super, she was ready for a wild fucking. Going right to the end I began to gradually increase the pace and after a moment, I thrust her acceleration for most tomatoes. Little else rammed her ass, I came out of it and told Kate that she sat down with his back to her boyfriend and gave it a try ... its already broken-down hole. Sitting astride the Jura she scored usual pace, and in the meantime was attached to her shaved pussy with all his might, and drove his cock in her, she screamed and began to moan loudly and even shout. I felt through the wall of her vagina as a member of her boyfriend beating her ass, and he is not dropping the tempo pecked her pussy. This rate promise quick results, and we were soon approaching the end. Jura finished first pouring the entire portion of sperm in Katina ass and fell off onto the grass. I quickly turned on his tummy and Kate swung stabbed her in the ass, dick went in like clockwork. And here again I fuck her ass from which oozes sperm Jura, where everything is so squished that I could not concentrate for a long time, but it came my turn. I rapidly poured every last drop of her broken-down ass, and when I came out of it, he saw that all the ass and panties pushed aside for Katina ass, stained with our sperm, and residues arising from the ass, running down on her cunt sponge.
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