My funny boy

Chapter 1.
Emo princess.
I brushed away the wet bangs from his face. The bus was terribly hot. All music in the player for a long time already spun in the second round, the water in a plastic bottle over, I was dying of heat and thirst, and go to my home town was about 40 minutes .Edinstvennoe that happy is a foretaste of happy moms and dads eyes when they learn that their beloved daughter to go to college. I was so happy and proud, but I am most pleased that in a month will leave the city where she was born, and maybe more will not go back there ... Forget, forget, forget everything!
So ... well, and now more ... My name is Julia, this year I graduated from high school a gold medal.Vneshnost-ordinary, small-height 154 cm, black as pitch hair down to roughly ass hot pink bang on half face, dark brown eyes, a punctured lip, ear-tunnels with a plug on the neck - a lot of all sorts of crosses, chains and the like Fennec on-hand, dressed in a black T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. The lean, athletic, can say even skinny ... In short, so-so ... As you understand, I'm emo-girls. Do not rush to act against their noses, it is something to laugh all around, not emo. Just pathetic posturing publicly roar and razors on zapyastem.Nea ... Emo-is a manifestation not only of sadness and silliness, but also a rabid temperament childish spontaneity, sincerity, joy and happiness. Clothes do not matter. Well, yes, I admit, I like all of these shards, sneakers, black and pink clothes ... But to be a true emo is not enough.
So, something I rasfilosofstvovalas ... In short, I am a funny, funny and at the same time quite serious emochki. =) A little boastful, love math, singing and playing the piano and re Gita, listen to everything that is heavier, fine paint rollers and love !, skate, I have many friends, girlfriends and girls-only two. But I have to be friends with the guys in their lyublyu.Ya ryadah-"his" guy, probably it's because I grew up with childhood bully ... well versed in the computer to, and therefore entered the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and informatiki.Budu programmer! Now go home to please mom and dad ... The idea is that I am a happy man ... Just ... Heart broken. I love the guy who spit on me completely. Nevertheless, I am with him for 5 years. This is my best friend Radik. Beautiful, smart and talented ... in short, I have no chance. It has long been understood. But ... for some reason, the heart does not want to forget this dark-eyed wonder. Oh, okay Th sad about something! The main thing is that now I am absolutely happy ...
She came home pleased mom and papu.9 pm, lying on the couch and talk by ICQ with one another their good-Denisom.Nado say was the first handsome man in our school. Tall, blond, blue eyes ... In short, the dream of all girls. I absolutely did not like it, I despised him for flat jokes and consciousness of its own dostoinstva.Zanuda, koroche.Tochnee, so I thought until last month. Then he and some guys added to me in Asya, and we started talking. For a month's great friends! Although go out together for a walk and could not, he was not in the city, I ... Yes, none of us, in principle about it and did not regret. They communicate only because absolutely understood each other and came together did not even think of mnogom.Ya we ever vstretimsya.Odnako fate decided differently.
-"Are you already at home?"- He writes to me.
-"Yeah, just recently priehala.A you?"I -nabirayu fingers.
-"Also today I come ... I think that's what today to do tonight ... Friends have not arrived yet .."
My brain is pierced thought:"Really want to meet? !!"
I decided to check out:
-"I do not know, personally, I will not want to ... right now lie in front of a TV set and sleeping".
-"It's a pity..."-posledoval answer.
-"Just a thought ... maybe take a walk together today?"s embarrassed smile at the end of sentences.
I thoughtfully propped a hand on the cheek. I wanted terribly to sleep, but to miss the meeting also did not want to. In the end, it was interesting to see how we will communicate live. And I wrote: -"Come on!"
Chapter 2. A meeting.
11 p.m. I sit on a bench, waiting for Dennis. He sends me all sorts of funny ICQ frazochki type "Wearing left shoe, right ... " I sit, I look at my watch and smile. What he is, marafet, or what? !! The very same I was absolutely made up, however, as always. I like My skin cosmetics, but in principle, it does not need. Yes, and I was dressed in a T-shirt, a black hoodie, blue jeans and sneakers - as usual. Mike was too open, so I zipped right up to the chin ... natural modesty that helped.
Well, finally he did. High silhouette, disheveled blonde hair like a halo over his head, laughing blue eyes ... awesome expensive jeans, sneakers and a light shirt. He came up and said:
- Hey.
- Hi - I smiled back, and, not knowing what to do with himself, held out her hand. He grinned, a little twist of his beautiful lips, and shook his hand. I felt embarrassed for some reason. Dennis looked at me with interest.
- Come on, go through - I suggested.
- Ou go - he smiled.
We went on the road. I almost emancipated, showered jokes ... even began to laugh ... Suddenly he said:
- Let's sit down. Tired of something.
- Well, - I shrugged. - Let's go to UNV - and pointed to two hemp, standing at some distance from each other.
Dennis looked at them:
- Mmm. . Go to another place.
I was surprised, but said nothing. Finally found a comfortable bench. Seli. Chatting. Suddenly, somewhere in the yard the dog howled. Denis picturesque screamed and rushed towards me, arms wound around my neck, legs- my lap:
- Mama!
I laughed:
- Such a big boy and a little girl? Do not be ashamed ?!
- Sorry, I got carried away - Denis laughed and took his hands - Just thought you can rely on in case of danger to you.
- possible, but not in the literal sense - I snorted.
The dog howled again. Denis painted again and again that scared almost climbed on me.
- Look, young man! - "angry" I.
- Sorry! - Denis laughed again and got off my knees, but his arms wrapped around my waist. I felt like a fool. For some reason, she blushed and stopped. Dennis looked at me, at my face. A lock of my hair, tucked behind her ear, down my cheek. Denis carefully removed her from her cheek and put it behind the ear. I blushed even more and looked away. Denis pressed me his warm cheek and whispered:
- May I kiss you?
- No - I broke out more than ever.
- Here here. . . - He touched a finger to her cheek.
- No. .
Dennis bent down and touched his lips to my hot cheeks. Then he whispered:
- Yul. . . turn around to me.
- No!
- Julia. . . Well, I do not eat you. . . Can. . Only in a friendly? m?
- Friends do not kiss t ak - I hissed.
- Friends anything can de! bark - Dr. Denis ssmeyalsya. I could not help smiling. He saw my smile and quickly turned my face to him and pressed his lips to my lips ... I gasped, trying to unlock, but the guy hard, but gently pulled me to him and gently touched his mouth to my mouth. Inside I broke something, and I started to respond to the kiss. He kissed me so gently ... Like really kissing her sister, dear to him human ...
I melted into his arms. Suddenly he jumped up and broke the kiss, breathing heavily:
- Sorry!
- Well, - I shrugged.
He forced a smile and sat back. Embraced, he hugged her and stroked her hair. Something whispered to me in the top of her head, kissed her. . . Then he leaned forward again and followed by kisses. . .
At some point his hand unzipped my sweatshirt and pressed her to his chest. I immediately jumped up:
- Hey!
- Just ... just ... Yul ... damn ... - he could not find words.
- What?
- I ... I do not know how to tell you this ... damn!
- What's wrong with you?!
- ...Nothing, - he suddenly frowned, - Come on, I'll take you.
- I do not need to, I will go myself, - I smiled, held out his palm in farewell as he pulled me to him and kissed her again.
I pulled away from his lips and laughed:
- I hope I'm so other will not lose ?!
- No, sweetheart ...
- Oh, Denis, the sun in the sky, I do that on the ground While -! I waved and ran home.
Chapter 3. Travelers.
In short, we started dating. Not that meet ... just sit under the moon and kiss. Without the mutual obligations of the fact. I told him many things about his life, he told me about her ... We were each other it is not clear by whom. I knew that soon will leave and not come back. and he will not need me. Therefore, to keep themselves in the framework and not allow myself to fall in love. And he knew it.
One day, after 4 minutes of our meeting, he wrote to me:
- "Yul. . . who are we to each other?"
- "Friends"
- "You know yourself that it is not so"
- "Yeah. . "
- "I'm confused ... um m I understand that we are not a couple ... I do not know if I love you ... but when I'm with you, as if no one around, and there's just you and me. "
"Romantic fucking, "- I thought, and typed:
- "But is so important, what are we? Anyway soon leave, and Nitsche you and I will not work"
- "Then why all this? Why have you come to me on a date ?!"- Psihanul it.
- "I do not know. Well, if you want, I will not come"
- "No!"
- "what is not?"- I was surprised.
- "I want. . . want to see you. "
- "Good"
- "By the way. . I do not know. . Do you agree, though. . . "
- "What?"
- "Come to me now"
- "In cha Hut?"
- "Yeah. Only. . do not think anything bad"
- "Well, I do not think. In how many come?"
In the evening I went to Denis. It was pretty fun. Actually, I expected there to see someone else, but we had only been together. We laughed, drank tea and watched movies, played by networks- I dragged my laptop.
Suddenly turned off the light.
- As always. . - Dennis muttered, and followed a candle.
- We can plug blown?! - n oezhilas me. One in a dark room was scary.
- Nope. Today, any day of the week?
- Friday.
- Well, Friday is our housing office fucking electricity knocks. With surprising regularity. - Denis came in, lighting up the room dim light of candles. Put a candle on the table, he sat on the couch next to me and hugged me. kissed her on the cheek, her nose began to sprinkle my lips with kisses. . .
- uh. . . can I go - I tried to dodge.
- No, Julia ... - he continued to kiss me. Long kissed my lips, sucking the bottom and pushed his tongue into my mouth, he began to stroke my tongue. . . All gently to the limit, unobtrusive, but at the same time - can not get away.
He pulled off my sweatshirt and threw me on the couch. I stayed in a t-shirt, just shook his shoulders-cool. However, Denis hugged me and lay on top of me, continuing to caress my lips with his. I suddenly felt in his hip something solid. Clean instinctively guessed that since the sexual experience does not have. Scared, she arose:
- Denis!
- that - he blinked his eyes in fright.
- Hmmm ... you ... well, ...
He laughed:
- stupid ... This all-you.
- like me?!
- Well, my response to you. . . What you are interested in me, not only as a friend. . .
- understandably. That's why I told you. - I abruptly stood up, grabbed the bag with the laptop. . . Denis came up to me and hugged me:
- Yulechka ... do not go ... I love you ...
- I see - I muttered, but the laptop is still all-laid back and sat on the sofa.
- You probably think I'm kidding ... really I love you, - Denis sat down, put his arms around me, kissed her cheek. I stroked my bare shoulders, kissed her lips, uncomprehending eyes. . . patted on the back, hands slid under the shirt, he drowned kiss my indignation, again knocked on the couch, hands undid my bra, pulled my T-shirt.
He kissed me on the chin, neck, lower and lower ... lower ... I felt a strange heat inside, aching pain in the lower abdomen. And Denis all kissed and kissed me. His warm lips found my soft nipple, licked his hot tongue, then he covered my whole chest small mouth and began to gently suck it ... I was hot, nice and scary at the same time ... Dennis looked up from my chest looked at my naked before belt body and whispered:
- How beautiful you ..
He kissed every cell of the breast, stomach, navel, neck ... He got up, took off his T-shirt and jeans, remained in his underwear, lay nearby, hugged me, continued to kiss. I trembled touching my chest to his bare stomach, what was in shorts and a frighteningly stood stake, has become even hotter and harder.
Denis groaned:
- Sweetheart ... I can not stand ...
He tore off my jeans, pants too departed after the jeans, I trembled with fear and desire, shy, closed hands. Denis took my hands and kissed her stomach, then into the pubis, then the power of compressed spread my knees and pressed his wet mouth to where everything was hot and craved affection. That which does not touch a single person. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time, when Denis kissed my clitoris, put your own mountain yak tongue in my vagina ... He smiled and whispered:"my sweet girl, you really be my only ... ", Removed the panties. I closed her eyes in shame, he hugged me and whispered:"Honey, what are you, do not be shy, he's all yours. . do not be afraid of me, kid. . . "He spread his legs to me, licked his finger and gently introduced it to me in the vagina. I shuddered, a wave of sweet desire shook my body, making me bend and groan. Denis kissed me on the lips and continued to slowly move your finger in me. I'm just sick of desire, writhing, squealed, and he closed his kisses my moans, maddening. So he pulled out his finger and instead slipped something hot and hard. I was frightened, jerked, Dennis firmly pressed me to the bed and whispered:
- Do not be afraid. . . it will hurt, but quite a bit.
With these words, he strongly entered into me, his big already a member broke the barrier, pain shot through the body, I began to cry silently. Denis continued kissing me, began to move in me carefully. The pain gradually disappeared, replaced by a savage pleasure from which wanted to scream, but I was embarrassed and swallowed her screams. Suddenly I felt a ripple, Dennis closed his eyes, sighed, and spilled into something hot. . . "Mom! - I- thought that's only pregnancy I was missing!"
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