Letter to a friend

Hi Babe! Yes, you can be sure, with me you will experience the unique bliss! My God, I can not believe that I'm a woman to talk about it! I want you! My dream is slowly undress you, kiss you in a lovely breasts, lick your nipples, stroking the back of her hands and falling to the waiting alluring ass. I want to put you on your stomach on a soft silk bed and kissing your whole body from neck to toe, lingering for a long time not on the buttocks. When you become damp and you will start to moan softly, my tongue to stop your ass, licking the hollow between the buttocks. I ask you to lift the ass and put it under her pillow, and then you open me to a meeting. I begin to lick your hole slowly penetrating her tongue deeper and deeper. Finger I will caress your clitoris and lips. When you're already going to moan with pleasure, I will take anal cream-stamped it on her finger and grease the holes around your ass slowly pushing on it. When your ass starts to relax and open up to meet my fingers, I will slowly introduce it to you, everything inside lubricating and relaxing your sphincter. My hot cock already standing in anticipation of his large drops oozing grease and flows slowly down the trunk to the eggs. I take my grease on your fingers and slowly introduce you to the 2 already.
I am attentive to your response, if you're not nice, I'll stop. But you softly moan and breathe deeply. I caress your fingers up until your anus will not be open to meeting them. When your ass is already accustomed and will be well lubricated, Will you take anal gel and gently smear it on my dick, just caress not last very long, and then I can finish never tasted your charms. :) You yourself will choose the pose, but I would prefer to enter into you, when you lie on your back with a pillow under the ass held high with legs wide open, I want to see your eyes, your face, your eyes shining with excitement, your half-open deep breathing mouth. I put in charge of your head to the anus and slowly going to press it until the buttocks are not revealed and will not take a hot wet my hard cock.
My penis is just for your popochki -.. 15-16 cm and 3-4 cm When I was little I will come to you, I will stop, that's your ass got used to me. Then slowly I begin to penetrate deeper. Ass relaxed and well lubricated, you will not hurt, I promise you, you will be very, very good! When I come in with you completely, I'll stop. I'll kiss your neck, breasts, gently biting her nipples. You do ask me to move you. I'll start slow motion in your hot ass. I'll go out of her and slowly enter again if you do not ask to do it faster. My eggs will touch your buttocks, finger I caress your pussy, wet sponge and hump on top. I'm a little accelerating pace. You do not hurt, you just kayfuesh the feeling of my cock deep inside her ass, I fill you all! When I feel that you are already on the edge, I'm doing a few movements and finish deep in you! Can you feel my hot endless flow of sperm inside his ass! Your orgasm occurs almost simultaneously, anus begins to contract rhythmically, squeezing out the remnants of a member of my juices.
You breathe deeply and arches all over to meet me. This is an unforgettable experience! You're on top of the world!
I slowly, carefully get out of you, kiss your face and pat the chest, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, whisper thanks to you for the wonderful pleasure ..... ..... We just lie and smoke. We are right now, as good as it was never .....
I want you back, baby!

Exxxtreme 7 July 2004
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