Monthly estrus

On the bench sits - Yulia, a neighbor, she carries eggs, well, just like a mother hen, egg vysizhyvat But Julia does not want to ... And so it is - from Julia follows ... Carrying the outcome - does not make coming ... and so it can be estrus estrus call ...: - how much of this sound, to the female body merged, Dozhdem between hip prolilos.V garden here just EvaSredi colors suddenly flowed: And the gift of nature through his genyDocheryam given: since flow - Olesya, Dasha, Christina, Olya, Tanya, Masha, Pauline, all Natali.U "critical days".Techt And Julia - it onaOt Eve genes prinyala.U Little Yulia no body -A Swiss watches, Julia is scheduled to wake up at Julia smotritIspachkala krovi.Pervym matter whether blood krovat.Ruka slowly nachinaetMokrye cowards shoot; After that, she - laying gets , takes net shorts - and bathroom idt.Tam Julia praying to the gods, and the water in the bath is gaining, in Yulin slender legs on the tile stekaet.Plitku blood, drops first, stained uzhe.Yulya simply peerless in the blood and full bath neglizhe.V Julia climbs, raises the hips - as a wife, Vodicka in the bath color changes - to red as vsegda.Podmyvshis, Julia puts on clean bel.Ot discharge protects the gasket ego.Posle she - long gown dress, with sheets and pants - his blood washes.
Summer came - a hot time, And Julia, unfortunately, went dela.Na female grass sparkled in the morning dew, Yulia egg - has long snesla.Yulya husband has not given, at this his vremyaPlot not included in the womb, did not get tired semya.Yaichku Yulin in the body to sit, if such a thing - was the belly bolet.Neproizvolno hips Julia night razvela.Krov outward grace between the legs potekla.E Julia washed with water in the morning with the body, gasket and pinned her skirt to the knee odela.Medlenno the yard she went for a walk, Laying walking became familiar to her meshat.Na bench Julia sat down, pushed his knees, once flowing out of the body - hips do not see dolzhnyA see the droplet, and immediately say - "That's always nice to see how a woman flows"."And that's my fault that I CURRENT again, because the thread does not mend his hole".tak Julia wondered about "women affairs", Between the legs laying absorbed, everything is what Yulia flowed.
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