I'll start with the fact that I was married for five years, and everything seems to be normal sex, we generally just ATAS, everything is super duper. I never thought that could be even better !!!! I'll tell you a story: it happened recently. My husband and I went to rest abroad, staying in one of the most prestigious hotels on the beach. we went with the children (we have two children, a girl and a boy). Naturally they needed a babysitter while we go shopping and fun in the nightclubs.
The hotel offered us the services of paid nurses and we will be happy to use it. One evening we wanted to have dinner together and we asked our nanny to stay with the children, she gladly agreed and we with peace of mind went to a restaurant, returning to the room in pretty high spirits and of course by degrees, have decided to drink a bottle of champagne in the hotel. Without any ulterior motives nurse offered to drink it with us. The girl she was a young good-looking, brown-haired woman with a good butt. In appearance she could give 25 years.
While drinking, we learned that she was a former prostitute who enlisted in Russia and sent to Turkey to work in human beings. Coming into disrepair as it said it was released, and a grateful host also gave it to the hotel handyman. One bottle has not done, taking the vodka and then she came up to me and kissed me on the lips. I did not resist, and my husband opened his mouth in shock. Frankly, I've always wanted to try the taste of a woman.
The children were sleeping in the room and in the living room we have arranged an orgy. Without hesitation after our kiss she knelt in front of me spread my legs, pushed a coward, fairly soaked and started to lick my pizdenku. Her husband began to fumble in his pants and stroking his penis, which grew in front of. I asked her to undress and followed her example, and then we had stripped my husband. Having laid it on the table, I got a job at her pussy and began to lick so much so, as if I had been doing it all his life. My Hubby got over her head and just shoved his cock in her mouth. Further more…
Putting her cancer the only man in our triangle, started to tear up her ass, I also carefully monitor this. He then vpendyurival his dick in her ass then my mouth. I dutifully sucked his cock, and then taken to lick her anus, and even plyuvat there, oh how it excites me. Without thinking we on our lovely nanny took position 69 and started to please each other, fingered the clitoris tongues spitting in sweet cunt thrust tabs as deep as possible. My husband got a job in zade and I climbed into my pussy. So now it is darkness, not only to me but to lick and suck the penis of our men.
The living room was comfortable sofa, I with our mistress sat on it for convenient and splayed legs waiting when my husband starts to turn us vylizavat pussy. Bleeding sweet juice nasheh pizdenok and even saliva husband, we both got cancer. He began to fuck us in the ass if I fucked his ass in hand climbed our girlfriend, and vice versa. However, he said that we have now a whore he otebet. I was already almost to the limit, when we began to suck dick. But the nurse offered an unusual posture for a man to get cancer.
As the experience of her rich husband to fix, I went to the honey of his legs and began to suck his dick and she got up from behind and began to lick his anus. my husband just fainted from the pleasure, then we swapped. yes it is gorgeous when did not think that the man's anus can be so sweet. Then my husband lay on the bed, she climbed on him and began to fast movements. I got a job enabling him to kiss my pussy on the face of her husband. Suddenly I hear: - "for ssy in my mouth"
- "You pervert," I replied her husband but then granted his request. At this time our friend has finished. Then I lay down on the bed, her husband entered me so with such force that I cried as much, and the nurse climbed on me and I like submissive maid licking her pussy and my faithful nose in her ass poked his reed in her back hole. In general, I finished after 10 minutes in the current status. it remains the case for her husband. He sat down and we humbly kneeling took turns sucking, as far as possible by pushing this wild trunk in his mouth.
"I want you to have pissed," said the nurse, and the hot stream ran down my face and her getting into the mouth. I began to lick the droplets of urine from his testicles and tongue nanny worked hard with his head. "Yes yes yes," even let my bitch, let these words from our sweet flowed sperm head, she licked it all, kicked a mouthful and began to kiss me, giving me too enjoy this nectar. For five minutes we sat in silence, and then she dressed quickly and left. We are even not say a word. And the next day we again caused her to sit with the children but that's another story.
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