The case in the bath

It happened after the new year, and I familiar pair (Oleg and Tania) went to another city where they plan a big company with the same interests. Once on the train, we met a girl (Olga), which had previously knocked out of the team, but was able to return sooner. We went to smoke. Olga complained that losing weight in her chest diminished and proposed on the spot check, with his jacket my hands cupped her breasts and lightly mash leaned over and sucked on her nipples. Hearing that someone comes, we returned to the car. People were not enough and in our neighbor and in the reserved seat 5 except us was empty. Rastegnuv his pants and pulled out a member, I sat on the shelf Olga fell on my knees and covered us Oleg sheet.
I must say that Olga is doing great blowjob she licks penis and then suddenly swallow it completely. After some time I came straight into her mouth, but she did not stop until all of my sperm had accumulated in her mouth. Rising she called Oleg and began to kiss him to transfer sperm.
When we arrived. We were immediately taken to the bath, is a bath at it said how easy it was a huge house with a yard enclosed by a high fence. Inside there was a big room with a plush sofa pair of armchairs pair kitchen and shower room. They began arriving guests. Total came to 18 people. But I have to say in debauchery did not participate all. Upon reception of strong and it was decided to first steaming sponge oneself down with snow, so throwing off towels (all were in towels !!!) crowd ran into the street. Rubbing the snow gradually shifted from the back to a more intimate area, but the cold made itself felt, and we went back into the house.
I was assigned to the fry and I went outside. After about 15 minutes for me came Tanya, hinting that I'm bored, I pulled out a member, Tanya without lishnik words squatted and began to suck me, not satisfied with a blowjob she lifted the towel and turned his back to me, I took a member of the hand and began to guide him in the pussy but Tanya rearranged it to the entrance of her ass. I began to introduce a member of Tanya slowly but suddenly drew back and planted on my dick until the end. We stood there and fuck when I came tannin husband (Anton) and said that we are bastards can fuck and elsewhere and here is lit barbecue, pulled out a member of the ass we gathered to go to the house that would finish the job, but Anton gently held me and leaned sucked my a member for a few seconds, leaving him and promised to come back, we went into the shower.
Standing under the water jets, I again began peck Tanya in rastrahannuyu is a little hole. When he had finished. I'm going outside. smoke break, I suggested that Anton will fry barbecue and I at this time he can fuck me. It turned out just fine standing over the roasting meat and twirling skewers I felt in my ass included a pair of fingers coated with grease, fuck me with your fingers Anton put me dick in the ass and started moving slowly. Feeling that he will soon be over, I moved forward and egochlen fell from me. I turned and began to masturbate his penis in front of his face and was rewarded when the jet of sperm hit me on the cheek and mouth. I sucked from it all to the last drop, but kept everything in his mouth lifted I opened his mouth and showed him all began to swallow slowly.
Our company was one couple Andrew and Jeanne none of the guys never fucked Joan, Andrew and Joan always had sex together in front of everyone but no one to himself were not allowed, but suddenly called Andrew and urgently summoned to work. Jeanne was left alone. First to Jeanne began to pester the owner of Pasha and here Jeanne vovsyuuzhe sucks at it, they were joined by Andrew sitting between her tion he began treating her tongue, thinking that because I stay out of work, we turned Joan on its side resting on the edge of the couch ass out, front still wielded language Andrew is still a member of Pasha was held captive by Joan, but I got a role causing grease to the finger and ring her anus, I gradually started to put pressure on it until my finger did not fail in the scalding plot.Snachala one then two, and finally I jerked off three fingers of Joan ass when I'm sick, I squeeze a little grease on the penis and put it in the ass, I swung and introduced him.
Watching as the penis enters the ass I was excited even more. We were approached Tanya and stood in front of me back on the sofa gave me access to her pussy and ass, Suddenly from behind me came Oleg and began to steal up to my ass, and then I fucked in the ass Jeanne and I fucked in the ass Oleg, while I lick Tanya and Zhanna sucks dick and her pussy dominated by Andrew. First she could not stand Jeanne start to finish with the muscles of her anus tightened so much that I finished and lying on Jeanne I felt that Oleg is also nearing completion and now I feel like a sperm flows poured into me. It was great! Of course this is not all over, but it was too long to tell. Who wants to know more details, please write!
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