I was only fourteen. I studied in the seventh grade. Outside the window was fevral1977 year. We lived with my parents in hell on kulichkah in one of the Union ..... mills in the working village in the endless steppes.
Like any teenager my age. I was quite osvedovln in sexual matters, in the sense in theory, and of course with pleasure, Chiharu, pridovalsya ananizmu. And I can not remember that I have someone to learn. In general, in life, I just reached up himself, so to speak abslyutno instinctively. I want to mention (for young readers) about Vidic, porn magazines, and other utensils so helps novice modern poznovat their sexuality "man", Then we could only dream. If that was so, and it is a pair of black white photos, maps naked beauties, or printing of a typewriter under kapirku "Samoizdatovskie" porn stories of unknown authors and all ...
And so ... In the Saturdays I woke up around nine in the morning, the parents was not at home, they even went to the eve of the mother's sister in a nearby town, until Sunday. This meant complete freedom. Quickly tucking the bed I went out of their komnotu and went down the hall toward the front door to the left of which has a bathroom. Passing (approximately in the middle of the corridor, I am sorry for the rhetoric, an important detail for Dolny events) room on the left and right stolvoy I again made sure that I was all alone and ran on into the bathroom crying "Sloboda as well !!!". Sloboda was also called by the people of our street, which were built (in contrast to other "multistory" streets), 60 single-family "Finnish" house and we lived here entirely osnovatili Mine. On it all and worked.
Taking a shower and thoroughly vyterevshis poltentsem I went to the big mirror on the wall, my mother's pride, and critically examined himself. In my 14 I was not quite poorly built, tall for his age, with lush mop of blond hair and a pretty attractive face. Between the legs hanging precocious large sausage, which I am proud. None of my class-mate of such nebylo spears. I picked it up from the bottom in the palm of your hand, as if trying to slow down the weight and length of the vote. Then just play the muscles in his arms and chest and was satisfied with them. Still, I am strengthened in boxing and running. Besides horoshistom it was hard to pervrgo class, and everything he played in the school band on keyboards. All these advantages have raised my rating among peers by hundreds of percent. But the subject of my dreams was neither one of my odnoklasnitsy. And then I dreamed about the Light of 9 "b". TEENS goal which seemed zhyzni was a provocation ... men. She was always dressed fashionably, wearing the shortest skirt in the school, painted hair, makeup polzovalas (despite prohibitions head teacher) and everything had snogsshibayuschey figure and a very nice, I would say the bar form, face. Many of the boys tried to hook up with her, but in vain. She was not pristupnaya, but that did not stop me. And I even tried something daring like to invite her to the movies. But she asks not agreed at the time was not accepted to go out with a guy younger than themselves. She korektno translated everything into a joke that would not offend me. But all the same, I zastradal. There was only one waiting for mana and celestial run for Svetka as a crowd of other rejected. The only consolation for us was a visit to the sports section where she played in the school voleytbolnoy Kamanda. And when Svetlana went out to the site in the CB shorts and a T-shirt (the normal form of that time), which suffered not a single wash, and prkticheski were already her second skin, Hall simply bursting with "fans". All this garment bestyzhie obresovyvyvalo her young breast with two protruding nipples, flat stomach, causing krgluyu ass, buttocks between which, in almost every movement of her slender legs that disappear treacherous one then the other half blue panties.
Labia she were so plump that hide their shape under laskutkom jersey, to everyone's delight kids of all, it was simply impossible. Despite this Sveta never wore a "with formed swimming trunks" of a laundry. Either not knowing that in this way it is a heavy weapon or naslozhdayas this fact. Anyway, I'm sure that she was the main character is not one hundred erotic fantasies throughout the male half of our school and more than one serving of sperm "virtually" Of course it was released in, or on it. Including me personally. This is so simple Soviet schoolgirl satisfy all at once.
Sveta first time in my life has become a real and permanent object of my fantasies during masturbation. My Father's in the closet a few years ago I found an entire folder Ever "samoizdatovskih" raskazov. And when I was home alone, as today, the udovlstviem indulged in reading and rukobludstvu without fear of being someone zastuknutym. And if before reading them, I introduce to what is not real beauties now firmly taken their place of Light.
Vydya of baths, neither of which I do not fear voshol completely naked in the room where Father treasured folder is hidden in the cupboard antrisolyah. Pulling her and settled down on the couch next to me opened a page at random and began to read. Cherz few minutes my dick is already standing as the number and the right hand habitually fell to him. I masturbate at first hesitates, then all retmichney quickening pace.
The heroine of the story, it is she asks, giving me today in different poses and with different parties, and I prsto floated and then whispered in the ear of the Light, the Light. It took all my mind, all my heart, and I even thought that I love her. Because of it I did not notice their peers. But many of them in the diaries in the column stood love my name. On the contrary, I avoided devchenok from my stream and mlachshe class, and some even disliked. Although outwardly they are no way inferior to Svetka, but did not behave so provocatively.
In addition, in recent years because of all this mess in my life, I became more irritable and raseyanym. So this morning I forgot two things.
First ... Seeing parents yesterday to the city, I forgot to lock the door (our door locked only at night, and at the moment I was sure that she zapertata) And second, to me was my priti odnoklasnitsy Julia Sokolova, we agreed on 9.30 finish joint essay on history.
With Julia I had known almost from birth, we were born on the same day and hour in a maternity hospital in a procedurally on the opposite table. After a walk in one kindergarten, I learned in one class, and for the second year sat at the same desk. Julia was a diligent and somewhat shy devchenkoy. She was a good student but was not an activist in the school. As for her appearance ... not Bolshaw growth with a cute figure and same pretty face.
Her body was not a drop or excessive fat folds, but despite this she seemed plump. Plump like a child were her cheeks, palchiki, dimples on the back of his hand at the base of the phalanges. And yet she was menie had very fragile and tiny little girl. Every part of her body was proportional to the other, slender but not thin legs, hips slightly evolved, elegant waist, shoots maiden breast, skinny shoulders and plump ruchki.Krugloe face with large brown eyes, a small nose and delicate lips. All this is framed by a huge mop of curly brown hair from nature to the blades, which made her head more, and the whole figure like a sweet little girl doll.
In essence, it was beautiful. The only drawback was her mother Julia. In his youth, being smzlivoy devchenkoy, Mother Julia has done a lot of mistakes. She is constantly visited and Khachik zaezhie, and with alkagolem ... she was in trouble. Julia was her illegitimate daughter, is not known by whom. After she married several times for the same alkagolik like myself, but this was not booze prikraschalis. Unexpectedly, two years ago she ostepinilas, prikratite spree and now lived alone without "husband"Probably embarrassed already maturing daughters, but continued in a quiet drink. Perhaps that is why with Julia who does not particularly friendly terms. And when the sixth grade teacher decided to seat us by a guy with TEENS, with Julia none of the boys did not want to sit. I'm not harboring any one of a class of sympathy TEENS volunteered to sit with her. On the one hand I was sorry for her, on the other hand it was a good friend and a man knows not a few evil and humiliation was able to appreciate friendship. Since that day I have not had in a class more concerned about anything, there is chalk, cloth, watering flowers while off duty, etc. Julia nazoylevo not helping me in everything.
Such was her gratitude. But it was actually more. The gratitude. Not when previously it did not take under the protection of a good-looking guy. But it is more, I unfortunately did not notice it.
So. I have already reached the highest point. My dick nalilsya and was ready for the final overture, ejaculate sperm flow all the obscene that circled in my head. Easy schemlenie groin signals the approach of orgasm ... " Sveta moaning beneath me"... As suddenly flashed in the window of the hall shadow. Behind her came a clattering on the plank zavalenke. More Available immediately and someone walked into the hall and immediately hear a knock at the door. Only then I remembered that it is not locked !!! Shit ..., flashed in my head. The situation was just tragic. I'm completely naked with standing by a dick, which in any lies or wanted, and all my clothes in my room. To get to it was necessary to run through the corridor ... And what if this came at this time voydt.Net ostovatsya better still, I thought. Thoughts frantically changed my mind. Despite the fact that it took only three seconds, it seemed to me that flew forever. There was also the last hope that the one who knocked still no answer udt ...
But at that moment the door opened and closed after a while again. The aperture door on the floor of the corridor went frosty vapor. And that someone removed the shoes zhikaya locks lightning. In the silence that seemed to hear my heart pounding, I looked at his gun, it still valiantly stuck at full length. Gadstvo I thought ... Who could it be? At this time, the voice is heard from the corridor "Andrei" (it's me) "are you at home". Damn Julia! How could I forget !!! Abstract whether he prklyat !!! Understanding that I was gone, there was on the face. The road to the clothing was cut off for ever. And I'm completely naked in the middle of the room and even with styakom. And odnoklasnitsy in the hallway and is about to go down. "Andrei" Julia repeated. We had something to answer. Type ... "Wait I dressed". And then I noticed on the back of the sofa spotivnye Father pants. I ran to him, and with emotion instead of cooking phrases fashioned "Yes I'm here" Hear me Julia had left his place at the door and walked in my direction. What should now pull over this piece of cloth, I remained only a moment. Molneenosno grasping Tights from the back, I frantically began to push through in his legs, but the treacherous leg twisted and in spite of all the efforts I have not been able to pull this latest rescue above the knee. At this point, Julia appeared in Recruiting door into the hall. By surprise, I sat on the floor, but in this situation I did as I could not pull the damn pants. Yes, and it was too late Julia huge eyes staring, with no where but in the rearing of my fellow. Goat she froze at the sight forever. I successfully without prdolzhal ten more seconds to deal with his pants down. And in the end okonchatelno angry removed them and threw back on the sofa, then he stood up and heroically-irritated and went past his komnotu Yulka narrowly missing her with his piston. She, still continued to look in amazement at one point which is now moving with me. Going to my room I took out of the closet clothes, socks and clothing, dressed quickly and bezsilii down on the bed. That got involved ...
Pondering the absurdity of the situation in which I found myself. It was worth Julia school raskazat what she saw today, my reputation would be the end. be teased to death. From where she stood koredora we have just shared door curtains. Julia continued to stand and wait patiently. What! Why I thought it does not go away. Impasse and could not prdstavit. Leaving same was terribly ashamed. But then he thought if she will leave the correct already that does not succeed. And I Yesil is necessary as that to save the situation and talk to her. Yes exactly.
Blushing, I pushed zanovesku, looked at his guest look harried rabbit and said come in. Julia downcast eyes came in and is not sure stopped in the middle of the room, between the table and the bed. Just now I saw it in a coat that is not buttoned to any button, beneath the blue with some sort of pattern flannelette dressing gown above her knees, legs well apart from woolen sock or what was not. They lived just two houses from us, probably because Julia has decided on a short way not much dressing. In her hands she held the sheets with the manuscript and the book "Vostaniya and revolution" through it we prepared essay on history lesson. His part I beat last week ostovatsya only connect Proceedings. Deciding to immediately settle all this with my beleberdu streptiz without delay, I turned to her, "Julia" she looked at me and I'm the first in my life saw me full of unfamiliar hitherto luch in her eyes. Her eyes sparkled and if I tried to say something. From what he saw I was troubled. And in a place that would popytatsya agree with it, do not squeeze me say ... "take off your coat, we warmly". Julia got out of the sleeve and handed me a coat. You're not on the street froze so I roam added pointing at her bare knees. In response, she shook her head childish. For hanging coats in prihozhke nakonts I heard her voice.
Andrew, I've written all you have to do only the title page.
Back in the room I got supplies and paper and began silently to cook the first page. Work Zanele ten minutes the whole time we were silent. For myself, I thought about how to start a conversation with her again about "pact of silence"But the options seem demeaning and ridiculous. Julia often brought by leafing through a book with, sat on the other side of the table, but suddenly stopped on one of the pages, and I noticed that she began to breathe like that quickened. Zglotnuv saliva she loudly asked ... "Andrew why he had such a small" looking up, I looked at the book in which sported a full-page photograph of the statue of David. Now I swallow saliva tried.
-How small? I asked.
You could see how she struggled with him and still managed to say.
-Well, neither as big as you. And the last letter "I" She lost in her confusion. Her cheeks flushed, and I even thought that she was trembling.
I was tagda still a boy, but still knew that from that moment that something had changed in my life, and do now what it should be according to the new. And I said, rude ...
-Large I have it only when necessary. Now I felt something drozh.I regretted that skhamil. All the same she devchyonka. But the answer was right there ...
-And from what he gets. Sprsil she narostaet tremor.
I looked at her, it was clear that she volnavalas. Her heart was beating ucheschnno, and kananada shook her whole body. I could not believe that she does not know the causes of erectile dysfunction in men. For this she was too smart. Therefore I asked directly ...
- ...You would like to once again look at him. The last two assignments me question were in fact so rude to that in other settings and with other devchenkoy I would, at best, be heard "fool" and it may be received in the face, but today everything was wrong and that surprised and delighted me.
She hesitated and thought about something, running along the edge of the table in her sweet finger. It was clear that the answer depends a lot in her later life, and desire fought it with sobriety. She again saw her eyes in embarrassment and said ...
From this answer in my groin immediately for zudilo. I did not like what she had expected, devchyonka, say it, yes, anything, there ... Do not know, or not yet, but yes it was a direct agreement. And then began the seducer in me. I decided to act. As it previously did not notice me Julia, suddenly it became to me like it was my sexual openness. It provoked trenchant Svetka. And I said ...
-Julia and because you've seen me naked before the second time I'd like to see you again ...
There was a short silence. Julia is clearly something to pretend in my head.
Even if we consider that she wished that the forbidden, in a place so she probably was afraid of this guy opened and even that is hardly noticed it.
-And when your parents come. she sprsil.
-Promised tomorrow.
-What if today?
This meant that she agreed PRINCIPLE.
-Well. I replied. I'll lock the door, okay?
She tilted her head and nodded. I ran ran to the front door and locked it on the latch. Back in the room, I decided not to lose the initiative saying.
-Julia sit down on the bed. There's more convenient. And then he stopped short. I leaned ... I thought. What is more convenient? Bed catfish own otribut sex. She sechas change his mind and leave. The more abstract is almost ready.
But Julia slowly moved to the bed and leaned his head back to the Senko. Her cheeks were burning in the eyes again shone this new light for me inexplicable. With trembling hands I rastegnul bottom two buttons of her holatika and gently threw the floor to the side. My eyes were opened two white legs. I'm from the bottom to the top patted their velvet skin. It was so nice. Julia looked at me and smiled. Feeling permissiveness I rostegnul robe before the end of the belt and razvezav razdviul its floors still shyre. What I saw was like me nakaund. His head suddenly swam and swam in his eyes, but I quickly pulled myself together. Before me lay prelstnaya fourteen-year-girl in some golubinkih cotton panties and a T-shirt. Bra she wore despite the fact that she had sisechki about pervrgo size.
Do not resist, I ran a hand through gentle warm fabric of her panties to the place where under them should have been her pussy, and looked back at her.
She, too, looked down as if appreciating himself and slightly podtyaula elastic of her panties More bollshe obtyagivaya of her pussy.
I started stroking tutzhe Paltz this place. Her lips parted and she moaned tnho as well as ... Before, I always thought that in such a situation TEENS always break through, and try to convince the boys that they say we only kid, it is necessary, and their devchenok it touches, but Julia I did not do it and I was surprised. Shine in her eyes became even brighter, and it seemed to me they have it on what that kashachi naughty. Only now I realized that from the moment she saw me naked. For the first time I born a new sense. Feeling females. And she dostovlyaet pleasure that did not want to turn off and naoborod develop. I understood and the fact that she was excited the first minute to the chapel, and, therefore, does not itself kontrolilovala. Obviously she trusted me so much that she was ready for anything. I am even more emboldened, and gently threw her legs. Julia leaned and stretched them so well that my mind otkrylms its new prelisti. From the fact that she quietly sezhala from the wall in my party pants on her crotch taut even stronger, clearly obtyagivaya her little virgin pussy. The rear part of them disappeared between the leaves of tender buttocks. This picture was so exciting that my dick in my pants already bursting with desire. Again eyes met Julia I asked.
-Can I kiss you there.
-Yes. Quietly she said, and shivered again.
I lowered my head between her thighs and felt hitherto not known to me the smell, which I immediately fell in love with the whole zhnzn. It is inexplicable combination maiden smell of urine and vaginal secretions mixed with sweat zapoh her pussy. I immediately thought that he told me was a sign for an eternity. Most likely this is also the instinct. Snchala I kissed her crotch through her panties, and then in turn the two halves of the buttocks bared, and only then to nose WTO uprsya place where it was under the panties pussy. A little piece of knitwear immediately on wet through. Julia full-flowing, but so abundant that the juice dripped from her buttocks on the bed and there obrozoval small puddle. I kept her panties and tselovot buttocks, kneeling before krovatyu.I while inhaling deeply intoxicating zaph me my first girl. What happened next I dobilo completely. Julia stopped me, rising fell on Cravath along and you next movement took off her panties and threw them to the table n. While I soprovzhdal their flight, and flew them robe. Then she beckoned me playfully palchikom.Ya also climbed on the bed got between her legs and began to look at it again prelisti. Now they did not hide nothing. Prior to that, I'm still no where in my life seen this girl's pussy. To describe all this beauty is not enough or no words. Her outer lips were so soft and gentle that their lips touched, I thought that the tenderer is not nichngo in the world. Julia was there still completely hairless. Therefore, to caress her plump bud was especially nice. From petting her pussy slightly opened and inside were visible labia lips, which were joined in the top nebolshoy clitoris sizes. Consider it all again, I bent over her groin, vspominv something of prochitanyh raskazov, as part of instenktivno, and began with gusto to kiss, lick and suck her prelisti. Julia gently while staring at me, raising his head and stroking with one hand on the nape of my neck, thus as if approving my actions. We obeem dostovlyaet this activity so much fun that we just choked with excitement. I kept coming off that would see her again schelochku. But Yulkiny hands on his head again poked my face in her bosom raspolnnoe.
-Well, give the same look. Malil me.
-Then nasmotrishsya. Responsible Julia. She was already at the highest level, and this did not mean that I'd interrupted. And suddenly, as if Julia shock pierced. She and srashno force squeezed my head with her hips and pressed down on top of her with his hands. Her whole body trembled, and she cried "Andryushenka favorite More More ..." it still mutter something, but nothing could be further disassembled.
Julia had finished ... and so much that I say, God forbid, because every girl to finish her first boy.
When he reached the chapel she threw back my head, and on the flank pvernulas tightly clenched thighs. It was evident that she was still very excited. After lying there for a minute she opened the other eye and psmotrev his eyes at me whispered cat "show it to me". I quickly took off his pants and underpants ebya widened her his farm. She did not wait for ... immediately began to touch my hands and stroking the eggs and prick, and then rising to the elbow became neumlo kiss and lick my dick. This morning I could only dream of such happiness, and now it proshodyat in reality. Light my erstwhile love both at once faded and poblkla now for me there was only Julia and no one in the world more beautiful and better nebylo this small TEENS. I was already at the limit. Julia, meanwhile, has expertly sucked and licked my prick and she can be seen as an instinct prompted it correctly done. It was evident also that it does everything with great pleasure. After all, this sweet candy woke up in her today for the first time, a woman. Goat she adored ego.A almost finished. But what I saw in you next time was the last straw that could bring my young body. Julia doing me a blowjob free hand bestyzhie wanker himself between her legs. Movements it was so familiar, and the dimension that I realized she is doing is not the first. So I thought they TEENS also engaged in this, and probably very often. At that time, it was for me such a startling fact that restrain myself I could not. Semen burst from me as from vulkana.I though I did not want it. The first part of it fell into Julia's mouth and poured the remains of her from head to toe. I'm standing on it went down, and she turned back, looked me in the eye and without embarrassment continued mastrubirovat.Cherez neskoko seconds Julia kochila second time. My knees buckled and I fell across the bed, we prlezhali ne.Tak five minutes. From my position I could see Julia's good pska and this kind again began to excite me.
Still now she was in her flushed wet, but the same calling and desire. I crept closer and are risen again began to caress her and schlku. Then he went on kissing her entire body without missing a centimeter. On the table flew last bastion her T-shirt. And I began to lick, kiss and nibble on her small breasts while licking a face, neck, arms and legs before razbryzganuyu me cum. It is not strange to me, it's not protivelo, and even plants. Julia liked it too. Every time I collected a "fields" new "harvest" I came back to Julia's mouth giving it all without a trace in potselue.Eto had our first kiss, and they really liked us. From my caresses Julia was at full throttle. It is widely spread her legs and I lay down on it between her beder.Ona smiled at me. We both wanted each other. And I'm for the first time in my life touched by a dick maiden pussy. Bravura attempt to enter it now and then I slid to the side, my inexperience and impatience prevented both of us. Continuing without successfully poke, and not getting hurt her, I was very nervous. But Yulechka tolerated and comforted me, and eventually began to help me a hand. Her delicate fingers wound my end and pointed in the right direction. Then she put her arms around my neck and kissed him and said ...
-Let's favorite.
I voshol into it about a quarter of the length and began to make thrusts. Gently, avoiding rudeness. About a third jolt my dick prvalilsya completely, and that was how I got to be a paradise. I was 14 and I have to restrain myself could not. Forgetting everything, I became passionately Julia stick to his penis. Uprshis hands in krovt I went up to them and continued to jump. At the same time I could see a distorted face Julia, neither of pain, nor of naslozhdeniya. Her hands lay limp on the sides and small breasts swayed to the beat pushes the moss. She was so good at this point that I realized that I love her. As if hearing the birth of my feelings, Julia opened her eyes, and ordered "quickly" She grabbed her breasts and began to knead them. Then she slid her hands down her thighs and began to masturbate again, despite the fact that my penis was in her. These bestyzhie its action, which some men from their wives waiting for years dokanali me and I'm still having to think about Julia pulled his post and continued to masturbate it became abundantly down her stomach. Julia, too, continued to masturbate and only now I noticed that our genitals covered in blood. At this point, Julia had finished the third time.
She pressed her thighs and began to rub the semen on the body. Then she turned to face the wall and froze. I hugged her from the back, and so we lay on the floor with Cravath hours. Excitation spodalolo slowly. I first asked, breaking the silence ...
-You will not regret.
-Not at all. she replied. It felt so good to you. She turned away, and we kissed.
-Let's go to the bath. she suggested.
In the bath for a long time we washed each other. I asked, remembering her incontinence -You hurt.
-No, just a little bit in the beginning. But it was very good. They say when people love each other, it hurts almost never happens.
She answered and looked into my eyes. I smiled and nodded in response.
We came out of the bathroom. Julia looked at the clock zasobiralas home. It was felt that now when the excitement subsided, it became again zastenchevoy and perhaps shy of his behavior an hour ago. She took her blue panties and put them on.
They stretched out so much during our game, which practically no longer hide. On all sides of her small plump schlochka.Yulka was seen in this kind of look like a little fairy. This picture again awakened my soldier. Standing in the middle of the room I have already demonstrated their bestyzhie kop.Ona at that time took the jersey from the table that stuck together and was all in the semen, and turned to say something like that ... But seeing my dick standing, laughed merrily. She clearly liked what it produces the impression that it is desirable to me. Her eyes lit up again, thus not understandable light. I walked over to her and gently kissed her belly and legs removed her golubinkie her panties.
We fell on the bed laughing and did not get up with her until the next morning already.
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