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My wife was long and tedious to ask permission to go to her New Year's party with colleagues. I knew that she had to have her stud work, but still, I had given her consent. And then came that day and in the morning she began to prepare for the evening. It is to this case has bought the dress open and the strangest thing she bought a thong and stockings. When she left me, he invited me to his friends to drink vodka. And here we are seven people sitting drinking vodka. Yes, I said seventh boon companion was a girl. I did not understand with whom she came. And now, when we were all in the fun, I turned on the music and the girl began to dance. She was perfect, she moved as if she was excited.
She caressed her breasts, buttocks, and thus as not even undressed. And here we have not sustained, and came to her alone. I went with the ass and began to fondle her breasts, and the second helped her undress through. And when she left, I spent naked in her pizdenke fingers and I realized that she was ready to do anything for it so that she would have stuck a member of it. Grabbing her by the hair, I abruptly bent and sticking out her already standing unit stuffed into her mouth. She immediately began smacking suck, lick my dick. it excited me and I grabbed with both hands in her hair began to peck her mouth. At this point, the guys working on her ass. They fucked her in the ass on the line.
So they were very drunk that they can not end up like I did. And the charter peck her mouth, I pushed her onto the sofa and ordered her to sit on the ass a member of one of us. Member, he was a huge 25 cm long and 9 cm wide and she has not been able to stick it. And when she finally planted himself on the penis I went up to her front and drove her pizden his penis. Caught between us she quickly reached orgasm almost immediately start to finish. But we continued to hammer away at her holes. She screamed, begged him not to stop. We initiated it and we both have ended in her both holes.
We were immediately replaced by others. We are twice finishing in her and she's dripping cum from both holes went into the shower. She washed a long time and when she came in the door rang his wife. I opened the door and saw the door drunk wife and five men. All of them were not less 1m90sm growth. She saw his wife dressed quickly and left. Friends got a couple of liters of bubbles and even put glasses for the hostess and her guests.
The wife of the move took off his outer clothing, and went into the hall. When it is passable mime me I hit was applied a strong smell of semen and sweat. I was not mistaken, her legs sperm flowed the river and around the face and chest were whole sperm puddles, and when she turned to me sideways, I almost ate ah, her hair matted with sperm all.
She walked around the room and said to her, we waited, she went into the shower. After 10 minutes she came straight from the tin and neat and completely naked.
As she washed her guests told us how it all fucked in the restaurant who were not too lazy to stick his dick out of his pants.
His wife left the room, and from there came out in white stockings and a white robe, and holding in his hand a package with vibrators. Bathrobe was not on it and fastened it in a way looked sexy. The package is dropped onto the couch, and she got up at Sered hall and began to slowly move her ass and caress his nipples. Squatting she asked for a double vibrator with suction cup and temporarily it does not interfere. By putting a vibrator on the floor she began to stick themselves to it. She is able to quickly as we often practiced games with a vibrator.
Caved in and resting his hands on the floor, she began slowly but methodically move the ass. With every second it was accelerated and now she has to force herself to sit down on the vibrator. At this point, she asked the two to come to her and I, and her guest approached her and she poked members eagerly grabbed them and began to sharp movements stick your mouth on our members in turn. Her guest quickly and richly finished it in his mouth and in his place stood the other. I soon something like finished in her mouth and I was replaced the next, and so until all does not end in her mouth she hews of the vibrator.
Strangely enough not one drop of semen is not lost it all swallowed. Sitting at the table and drinking a glass of wine she lay down on the sofa legs apart and said that she now will satisfy all who should. So I, with friends recently got his share of sex we do not really even want to fuck her. But at the same time her guests stood up and approached her. They twirled it like a doll. It consisted of three members at the same time. She screamed with pleasure and shaking her orgasms are advancing flow.
I did not know that my wife for so long will be able to fuck. After three hours of its members did not get out, but at least one was in it. Umballa fully disengage their huge members with the power of digging my wife.
My friends and I were excited seeing all this and when my wife climbed down the last ambal we were already members of our stake. We did not exchange her pussy and fuck her in the ass and just mouth. We just got the thickest vibrator and shoved in the pussy she included it. Putting her cancer, we fucked her for a long time, so everyone was quite drunk and who could not finish. But this had to be my wife.
She screamed from the buzz and asked to fuck her harder, slapping her ass and knead her breasts. We fucked her two or three hours. But when I put out the last of her backside is a member could not utter a word but the same. She just fell and fell asleep.
All the guests drank the remains of vodka got dressed and left. I covered his wife with a blanket and tucked her head under the pillow and pulled the vibrator still working and he went to write this story, so that you know what they are capable of drunken wife, if they do not fuck they want.
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