In the meadow

-day, The last time I ask - are you coming with us to the fair?
Blonde woman running shoe impatiently tapping on the Mexican tile floor covered with a cozy kitchen. Her younger daughter rushed down the hall, excited by the upcoming trip.
-Mom, I told you a thousand times - I'll watch the birds, they are now breeding season, I can not miss it .. Then, this stupid fair we were last year, and pozaproshlom- in general, go without me .
-But, Dan, mind you, are you going to sit at home in the evening, I do not want you hanging out on the empty village - who knows what!
-Mom, let's all right, I'm going home to watch the birds, see the telly .. ate a sandwich - all, go, I went.
With these words, 15-year-old Danny took off on the second floor stairs, and quietly looking out for the curtains, made sure that his mother turquoise jeep drove away from the house. At last! He is one, until the evening, no one will interfere with, go to the attic with silly requests to look at the birds. Moreover, the telescope, which was presented to the father, Danny already a month is not used to monitor the birds - he found something in a hundred times more worthy of observation, and, moreover, thorough ..
He looked at his watch and quickly climbed up the steep spiral staircase to the attic. Three o'clock in the afternoon, a little more, and he will be watching these pictures that never dreamed of most of his classmates, does drochaschih on glossy images Hustler and Playboy.
Every summer, parents Denny shot a three-storey house in a cozy village, surrounded on all sides by forest. Nearby hiking trails, famous for all States, but the place was quiet and totally wild.
On that day, quite by accident, Danny, looking around the neighborhood, saw movement in the clearing between the trees. There, he knew, was quite nice meadow on which no one has ever been - a bit too long we had to get it, avoiding unpleasant stinking swamp and long jumping over bumps. However, somebody came up to her, thought Danny, and mechanically brought sharpness. From what it felt hot - on the soft moss strewn meadow, the boy with a gas station not weak tastefully planted his dick size of a roadside cafe waitress - Denny knew her, she was a thousand times he served ice cream with whipped cream, a sort of 17-year-old prude in the apron. Now it was not a thread, it was cancer, having rested his hands in the trunk of a tree and severely caved full tits violently shook in time with the movements huily methodically pecking her pussy. Denny then began, not looking up from the telescope, nadrachivat instantly jumped dick, so much so that finished right in my pants, but simultaneously with a couple on the meadow - where the guy with the gas station, Jim, was later found out Danny, when he had finished, splashed long sperm fountains all Angie back.
Since then Danny had not a weak research by finding out the frequency of the parishes of a couple on the very nature created for fucked meadow - all was easy, they were fucking twice a week, when they coincide change - Angie was very careful, its reputation prude should not It is stained, otherwise it would have killed his father, the owner of the cafe. But dropping shaped apron and dress, she forgot about their reputation and long time swallowing and lovingly sucked huische Jim, do not forget about his hairy eggs, and then prepend him his promiscuous pizden all known it poses. Together with them finished in the attic and Danny, the only issue which was to prevent a possible invasion of the mother or sister on his "territory of love" - His father worked, and visited the resting seven times a week.
Today, Danny decided to prepare for the session view live porn advance - took off shorts and underpants, left in a T-shirt, and began stroking sweet nyvshie in anticipation of eggs and a member of - comparing their size with dimensions of Jim Denny proudly convinced that it will be more huechek. But still he could not put him any heifer - classmates were only able silly giggling, in his view, and go to prostitutes for pocket money - should not have to even think about it. Therefore, the scene in the clearing, open to his view through the telescope, were truly a miracle sent down from heaven.
Soon the clearing appeared a couple of hugs. Jim, with a beer in hand, ran his other hand into his bosom Angie, feeling her milking the rich, she's on the go unbuttoned pal belt for jeans. He slapped her lush ass and something said, pointing to the dress. Angie readily took off her clothes, doing an impromptu striptease, wagging full hips and substituting palm under your soft curvy boobs. Jim, watching the action, slowly swelling poddrachival your dick. Angie approached him and fell on his knees, took the eggs carefully licking boyfriend. Danny chuckled - Jim, without changing facial expressions, continued to drink beer from cans that held in his hand. Angie began to swallow a member Jim clasped his ass with both hands - her enthusiasm by no means combined with a sleepy expression of her stud, who has already seen to pump beer in honor of the weekend at the most can not. But she was not going to give up - five minutes of frantic sucking members - Jim, throwing the empty can, lay down on her back, giving her a ride finally revived the end. From the point of view of Denny, pose, which took a couple was just perfect - Angie sat facing him, and he could see it in every detail - a pair of juicy sisechek with pink big nipples, shakes to the beat of her movements on dick Jim, widely spaced, shaking like pudding, full thighs, and between them overgrown with red curly hair never shaved pussy, then going down to the hairy groin boyfriend, then rising above it, pink, glistening with grease inverted sponge - Danny moaned softly and comfortably clinging to the telescope , began with a double diligence nadrachivat member. He was so carried away that did not notice the quiet creaking, and opened the door behind him, belatedly reacted only diffident "Dan?" behind the back.
In the doorway stood his old friend Richie, who lives with his mother and brood of younger brothers and sisters in a nearby cottage. Richie with avid interest absorbs opened his eyes a picture - a half-naked man with a thick swollen member in his hand. Unlike his peers, Ritchie for a year kept full of secret pleasures of sex life, though knowing the sex with, so to speak, passive side - his 18-year-old brother like that winter night, drunk ambushed his 16 inch dick in virgin ass Richie, so I addicted to this case, that it is a rare day huek not been first in the mouth brothers, and then in his razebannoy zhopenke, the benefit they lived in the same room. But for two weeks with his father's brother had been at a party in a different state, and Richie just yet craved fucked good. Denny, painfully blushing, waved at the telescope:
-Rick, I do .. then ... well, in general, happened to see ...
Richie, in a different situation would certainly play a joke on a friend, and perhaps he would have joined the viewing of live porn, now, with hunger, was not going down all the brakes. Strongly approaching someone taken aback, he knelt down and revealing a large head, gently licked her, paying particular attention to sensitive spot near the frenulum.
-Ricky! What are you .... ooooooooo ....
Huila Denny treacherously responded to affection, and began to stone. At the head of Danny rushed fragments of thoughts: "Rick, hell, he was that, Pedro ... no, like - oooo, bozhzhzhzhzhe"And he stopped to think, closed his eyes and plunged into the first time experienced a feeling of well to do blowjob. Rick tried - with one hand stroking and massaging eggs Denny Loni, the other he clutched a member at the bottom, a mouth trying to play all kinds of pirouettes on dick boyfriend. Three minutes a dance was enough to become a member of the Denny Stone, Rick and he felt that it was time - my friend could soon finish with the habit. Rick in one fell swoop pulled off his shorts, under which there was nothing, and by continuing to Iron-on transfer anus friend asked:
-Dan .. fuck me in the ass, just smazh member of what some cream, did you get it even more than my brother ...
Denny, zonked fallen from him so many sensations, dutifully rushed into the bath mother on the third floor. On the run, he barely restrained laughter, imagining a dialogue with her mother - ma, I watched the birds and I got dick, now we have to lubricate it ... will fly into the bath, he immediately found a large jar of cream, which her mother used to lubricate body after a shower, and all the heart nalyapal cream yourself to hell. Thinking only that now, yes, right now, he will fuck for the first time, and Rick that is poebyvaet his brother, but he now he is ambushed, yeah, he ran flew up into the attic and found Ricky lying on back on the old couch with legs bent at the knees, under the ass Rick was a sofa cushion, made his hairless little white buns were turned inside out, as it were, and a brown ring anus stared directly at Dena. Small huek Rick stood, and Denny timidly walked up to someone.
-Denny, you're yourself a ton of cream smeared on the dick, and I smazh sensitive ass, and then another tear - Rick asked, cautiously looking at an impressive weapon boyfriend. Dan obediently excess cream smeared on his finger and froze again, not knowing how to approach each other ass.
-Denny, well Sun finger in my ass, smazh everything, and come on now, fuck me, I can not stand straight, I saw your dick - pristanyvaya asked Rick.
Denny gently touched the slippery cream finger ring anus and pushed hesitantly at him. Sphincter instinctively cringed, not letting your finger Denny.
-Come on, Sui, fear not - Ricky whispered in ecstasy.
Dan made the effort, and his finger easily plunged into the depths of his asshole boyfriend. After a couple of rotational movements, Dan pulled out his finger and tried to attach firmly in his place his dick overexcited.
- I put my feet on his shoulders, and slowly stuck dick, giving him the finger, and it goes like clockwork - led Rick, already owning a bad anticipation thick cudgel in his ass. Denny, breathing heavily, put his thick cock to the coveted hole, pressed the head of the finger, and - oh gods centimeter squeezed into a cramped, as it seemed, a hole of his friend. Rick moaned painfully and began his tormented worn without a good dick zhopenkoy on a nice thick dick friend. Denny, a feeling of pressure ulcers Rica, tightly embraces his dick and almost going down on this crazy, started slowly at first, and then all the increasing pace of planting horseradish in his hungry ass Rica.

Meanwhile, in a clearing events unfolded as follows. Drunk beer, and hot day played a treacherous role - Jim did not last five minutes breakneck jumps on his dick. When he finished, he closed his eyes and dozed off, ceasing to respond to harassment unsatisfied Angie. But she decided not to give up easily, and still get the long-awaited orgasm. Standing on the knees and elbows sticking out his ass, Angie began carefully licking nipples boyfriend, caress his balls, swallowing dick - in short, doing everything to awaken it to life, more and more agitated herself. In this wonderful position and it caught two men appeared out of the bushes at the edge of the clearing.
Two friends from the southern state, decided over the weekend to walk along the famous hiking trail, cut off the road, when suddenly opened their eyes in amazement sight made them freeze. Standing sideways to him crustaceans girl with a gorgeous ass and dangling to the ground with heavy tits sucking dick with smacking obviously have strong sleeping boyfriend.
-Uh .. Miss .. your boyfriend seems to doze off ... maybe we can than help ?, - gently asked one of his friends.
Angie, was taken aback by surprise, instinctively tried to cover up, flopping backwards on the soft moss and pulling your knees to your chest. Naturally, she did even worse, because it opened up the views came her wet, unmet pizden in all its glory - twisted lips glistening with moisture, red shoots over them, but to top it all she had and farted loudly. The aliens stood in silence, with interest examining opened before them a seductive image. At Angie from those as fire zhegshih her pussy, something sweet ache in the lower abdomen, and she could not help, he began strongly rubbing the clitoris with one hand, the other with his finger in the pussy. Young people - Angie immediately called them to himself and blond macho - took it as an invitation for an immediate action. Quickly spread a sleeping bag, they took off T-shirts and shorts, and close to Angie masturbating.
- Baby, I think you would be better to stand the way you was when we accidentally came upon this glade - come on, let down to the knees and elbows, but otklyachila better his thick zhopku, we're going with you actively work - purred Macho .
Angie readily complied with the requirement. Immediately blond, standing just as she, crustaceans, ass to her face, told her:
-So, blyadyushka, well ka ka lick my ass, so good, to thrust her tongue on the conscience, and I vyderu your fat ass.
Angie, almost continuously ongoing since the advent of this couple in the clearing, began to carefully lick spicy smelling then blond ass, thrusting tongue in the hole and shurudit them there. Then she felt the thick fingers macho, caressing her clitoris, stroking wet sponge, and finally authoritatively included in its troubled waiting pussy. Fuck her so minute, macho, holding his fingers in the folds of her fat ass, planted in one fell swoop his OOOOOOOO which a thick dick to her on the eggs and began to steadily batter juicy pink pussy sucking. Blond suddenly he turned around and stuck his even more members in Angie's mouth, already flying off simultaneously from the resulting buzz. Grabbing her by the hair, he vigorously began to fuck her in the mouth, coordinating their movements with the other movements. Blond spared Angie, pounding cock in her mouth the way she choked, quickly nalizyvaya its trunk, but he was adamant.
-So, baby, you're a good teat, but very much I want to enjoy your ginger Mandu, let's change the posture ka, - suddenly said blond - but at the same time prepare you for my friend, he loves such passion as curvy behinds
Blond, tucked under the back of a backpack, a sleeping bag got a half-sitting, and ordered Angie - Come on, baby, jump ka to my dick. He never went out of her pizden and helped Angie climb lapaya passing her tits, twisting the nipples, and matsaya her ass. Legs wide apart, Angie sat down on a hot pussy sticking to the sky dick blond, sat facing him. He immediately began to suck her big nipples, occasionally quite sensitive biting them. Angie, in seventh heaven huge cock, tossing and turning in her pussy and gently pushing her cervix, eagerly took in the mouth member macho feeling it tastes its emissions. She jumped on the blond dick at the same time ... nasazhivayas mouth on the penis macho and do not restrain the deaf groans - as well she had never in my life was not.
Suddenly she felt a finger blond trying to break into her virgin ass. She moaned in protest and twitching ass, which he began with greater intensity to peck her pussy.
-Quiet, problyad, I'm better than you do, if my friend shove you in the ass without training - he will tear it apart, silently, now you get used to it, relax your ass, baby, - said the blond.
Yes, Angie knew that there was such anal sex, but she also heard that it is terribly painful, and even unnatural, so fuck homosexuals, but she, Angie, would never be able to take dick in her small narrow hole, it will just die - and she angrily jerked, trying to throw a hand blond, attacking her zhopku
-You're not listening, baby - Macho said softly - but you do worse than just yourself. We'll have a bit to warm up your ass, honey
With these words, he went out of his mouth Angie, deftly gagged her her own panties, Valya nearby, and quickly tied her hands behind her back, making a semblance of handcuffs from a twisted cord, which he took from his backpack lying near. Breast Angie, because of the hand cocked back, even more puffed out, Macho nudged her and she almost fell forward to the blond, her ass so much protruded. Blond, grinning, he kept plowing pussy Angie and bite her lush breast, from which she, against her will, scary flowed. Macho, meanwhile, cut from a nearby bush long rod, expertly cleaned it from the crust, and waved it in the air.
-Now baby I uplift your ass, and you will be happy you ask me to stick your dick in a hole - he promised
Angie's eyes widened in panic, but what could she do? Lying on her ebuschem blond, with his hands tied and gagged, getting a buzz, the likes of which has not been in her life? A second rod fell on her ass, leaving a pink scars. She groaned - but who would hear her? Jim went to bed asleep, snoring rhythmically, and the two seem belonged to rage. Macho began approximately flog her lush ass, though not particularly strong, but leaving sensitive scars. Soon zaalel ass, and he thought that's enough, you can try to plant this virgin ass. I never looked for what some grease in your backpack, and found a tube of a warming sport cream, generously paid it on his dick. Then he rubbed his finger and stuck it in a sharply pressed tight ass Angie. After waiting a little bit, macho began moving his finger in the stubborn ass horny girls. Angie muffled moaning from the sharp pain caused by intrusion into her ass fat fingers, but gradually the pain began to take place, and warming lubricant caused a rush of blood and burning was a pleasant cover her ass. But this was just the beginning - Macho on stihshim moans determined that the girl gets pleasure from what is happening, and decided that it would be time already and drive member in the narrow hole. He was attached to the back of a helpless otklyachennoy ass Angie, and slowly began to thrust huilo in its hole. Member entered slowly and with such a strain that Macho already thought was to abandon the idea and otebat girl in a conventional manner, when the blond decided to help someone, and abruptly moved Angie at his dick, from which Member Macho just yet flown with a sweep of her hole. Never stopped for a moment, from kayfuya gripped his dick firmly tight rectum girls, and began quietly moving .. The feeling of two cocks, ebuschih and rubbing her body through the thin partition, became final for Angie, and she somehow moan poluvoplem start wildly finish. Thugs continued intensively to fuck her lax sucking and current hole.
After a while, noting that in their hands slid completely different world girl friends decided to change position. Blond Angie decided to plant in the ass, to stir it, and only decided long ago Never drive dick between her lush boobs.
-Come on, baby, come in myself, now my friend ambush you in the ass, in the pussy yours to me after doing nothing, it is a tunnel under the English Channel, but here are a couple of your boobs and asks that their pomatsali, get up, move, - He whispered in her ear Macho.
Angie stood limply to give her so much pleasure blond member Macho untied her hands and pulled the gag out of his mouth, panties.
-Lay baby on the flank, give my friend comfortably settle down, - he asked gently.
Angie, after the experience the fun, remained locked in a certain condition, and could not resist the request so nice otymevshih her friends. She obediently lay on the flank, blond sat behind her, grabbed with both hands still red after whipping back and in one motion threw his huge huilo to its full length in the already rather razebannuyu zhopenku Angie. To shut her mouth, Never put it in his term, the order podzapachkanny her own feces.
-Well on, honey, you are soiled - and lick you, come baby, I know what you're wonderful nipple - he purred.
Angie does not mind, carefully licking their shit with his cock and ass succumbing member blond. He never pulled the dick in her mouth and told her to squeeze it between the boobs. Then he accepted with pleasure to drive it between her immense breasts, occasionally let her suck. But Angie, is gradually being raised, like once a powerful finish. She asked Never do anything to her, from which she will be able to finish in the same way as the first time.
-Oh, you came to talk, friend .. But what can I do to you, your pussy razebana, aah, it seems to know ....
He lay down so that his dick in his mouth Angie turned and his head - near her pizden. He stuck three fingers of his hands in squelching pussy Angie fuck her so little, he added two more fingers and hands folded boat. Carefully he began to push through their sizes not weak hand deeper and deeper into the girl's pussy. She moaned and furiously sucked his cock. Macho gently cupped her cervix and shook her, causing Angie almost fell into ecstasy. Then he folded his fingers into a fist and began to fuck her fist strongly massaging the same through the partition member of the other, who walked in the ass Angie. Five minutes so fucked enough that both felt the approach of orgasm and began to move vigorously. The first could not resist blond and moaning cum shot in the ass girls. Macho dead, splashing her entire chest, face and abdomen. Both rolled away from Angie, frozen and relaxing. Peace and silence, broken only does snoring dimensional Jim prevail on a cozy glade.
After 10 minutes I Never got up and looked a welcome eye picture. Angie in poluekstaze-half asleep, legs spread wide, lying in front of him. Shiny from sperm face, crimson lips, boobs, filled with sperm, on the suck, almost black nipples, swollen pizden with splayed lips and jets secretions oozing from it, unobstructed aperture anus centimeters four in diameter, with sperm brook flowing from it - class, held good time. Blond as savory admired the picture, gently slapped on the behind Angie, and whispered:
-Get up, hole, come with us in the campaign .. This will be the most memorable days in your life, I promise you.

In the attic of the cottage resting after a wild fucked friends decided to finally see what is happening on a cozy glade. Danny clung to the telescope, and a second later turned to Rick, he showed ... his dick to the rebellious life. Rick smiled, stood up without another word cancer, and spreading to the limit hands buttocks, turning the other a fiery ass. Danny spat on your dick and put him on the most can not helpfully otklyachennuyu ass friend. Both wondered: "Summer is a wonderful"...
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