On the way to becoming a woman. Natasha at a party.

On the way to becoming a woman. Natasha at a party.
A little time has passed since that magical time when I was not only a spectator, but a participant and f n t a s t h e and with a otal action entitled "An intimate world of women." In a short time, our friendship with Natasha became even closer, but ... nothing more than friendship. And it was even more surprising to me and, I think, for you, remembering our "relationship" in the women's bath.
I did not shoot women's clothing, not the top or bottom. We chose a new girlfriend dresses, bras, cosmetics, went to the women's fashion show and other events, so beloved by women. Once we went together to the reception to the gynecologist. Of course, I was (I want to screw up, "sat") next to the woman waiting queue. Ah, if they knew about t h packed under thin panties as a district of the neighborhood brought with them, talking about the upcoming inspection! ..
Some were shooting at me panties and shoved them into bags and backpacks. When opens the office door, I saw a woman stretching full legs on the gynecological chair and a young doctor, a printed list to open the vagina.
In the bus, close to each other, we looked at women's magazines. But most exciting for both of us (or both?) Was a joint viewing porn. It was Natasha's house. We were lying under a blanket on a wide, comfortable bed and watched a movie recorded on a disc on a DVD.
In film "Favorite" particularly impressive scenes of how each main
heroine invited her to a swingers club, where frank trachoma engaged the whole group, while our heroine could not bring himself to join in a collective and sex. But sexual experience brought her to the point that, after returning home, she lay in bed with a young guy who was her either (Lord, have mercy!) Son,
whether the pupil. Earlier this alumnus or (horror!) Son peeping at her while she was in the bathroom and then changed clothes. Paintings quite ingenious sex mature beautiful woman and a young man excited me. Natasha felt my excitement, leaned toward me and kissed me passionately long sweet kiss. My heart nearly stopped from
her affection. She put a pen under my nightgown and stroked a member of the insurgent: "Really I grow up?"- In the eyes of my girlfriend's burning flames -"It is time for surgery, Sasha". Again he followed a long sweet
hickey. Natasha leaned over me, pulled out a breast and put the nipple in my mouth.
A few minutes passed. On the pretty heroine calm excitement voice told her comely girlfriend sex scenes details from the pupil (or son?). A friend, who was sitting opposite in an unbuttoned coat, repeated: "How? Your son? Tom?"
She ran her fingers between her legs and peresprashivaya details masturbated until until huddled in the throes of orgasm. I tried to go to Natasha, but she pushed my hands: "Then, Sasha ... We will have many more opportunities. You want to go with me to the women's beach?" - My blazing vzgdyad was the answer.
Suddenly Natasha pridvinuvshis to me, whispered in his ear, as if someone could hear: "I'll go with you, you can insert, but promise me that you will not move. I want you, Sasha remembered about me all the time"
I nodded my head. She threw off her shirt and lay down on me, gently inserting my cock into himself and pressed his whole body. There was a long deep kiss. It was an unbearable torture sweet caress. Natasha did not let me move. I could feel the blood boil, surrendering warmth around my penis.
To be continued: ahead of a trip to Dubrovnik, to female beach ...
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