About nasty Lelka

Lelka was nasty ... Just about no one guessed. Not a living soul. Neither at home nor at school or in muzykalke where it four times a week went "brynchat piano"As said Timothy P. neighbor. Here with her then, from this very muzykalki Lelka and deteriorated.
These rehearsals ensemble muzykalke Skein adored. It probably also studied so diligently only to not kicked out of the band. Oh! As he played his guitar! The guitar was an old, out of school fund, all darkened and inside on it was painted a long time ago when indecent pictures, which probably tried to jam, to withdraw, because such things can not paint the caulk in the musical instruments, and otshkryabat all - the sound may deteriorate. But it was probably impossible to erase, and behold, there was visible in the image of bare female breast. And he played this guitar so that Lelka forget your synth Party and fixedly staring at his hands. And his hands were beautiful. As for women - with thin wrists and long fingers. And even nails have never been pogryzany, as was her rovestnikov - boys 13 years. Well, he was older - by as much as two years, not chewed, and can be seen, we cut smoothly and rasp. Elena Veniaminovna - teacher ear training and music. Literature and director of the ensemble (Vitaminka - was the name of her children, and all eyes "pedagogichesky composition") Waves his hands and then said "Olechka! You are again the subject of brakes! Concert on the nose! At the rehearsal must be very collected". And Skein lowered her eyes on their keys and blushed. But he only smiled. I saw how she suffers, and smiling!
Sometimes Lelka thought that he - the most beautiful in the world rasprekrasny. And at such moments she hated him, and she wanted to give him podzhopnik. It would certainly reached out, they are also very close, but the fear to depart from the ensemble put out similar impulses.
After the rehearsal he went fastest. And it was special in him - and the guitar and case, and even the bag with smenkoy. Yes! He was Lelkinym idol. She was even a couple of times dragged him to his house. And he did not even notice. He would not have noticed, even if it was close, I guess. And Lelka was insulting to tears this neglect on his part.
And here she is now sitting near the mirror in my mother's room exactly golyshmya and saw itself it is called "In his best". She found a lot nicer many peers. Of course the chest is very small, but a thin waist. Popa also nothing. And beautiful legs for his age. The eyes are large, long eyelashes, furry. And his eyebrows straight - and pull out will not have -ulybalas mother. Pink lips, and if a little bite - it seemed dyed red. In short - Th he needed it? Lelka scowled and walked away from the mirror.
On the day she was late. She ran almost ran from the house to the muzykalki. We could not be in a hurry - the remains of an Indian summer rustled underfoot and already beginning to get dark, but - ear training was common. That is, the group consisted of students playing different instruments. And he, too, should come today. She did not notice how after her boy walked briskly. Just turning into the driveway of the school, she felt that she was someone coming. Rather, she heard heavy breathing and looked around, thinking that someone from the group as it is late. But no. It was a complete stranger teen age 16. He grabbed her hands to his chest and pressed against the wall.
Lelka froze. She stared fearfully at him and could not squeeze out a sound. He kneaded her breasts and nozzles above the ear. Leaning toward her face, he opened his mouth and pressed it to his lips Lelkinym. She was numb or something? It is necessary to call someone, yelling is necessary, but it is silent and trembling all. He put his hand down and there it is imported. "Look here" - Aspirated he said. Lelka looked down and saw that out of his pants, right there where the fly, stick protruding stub. He took her hand in his and put it on the stick and squeezed his fingers. "Now vozi on it up and down quickly" - He moved his hand Lelkinoy and she saw a stick protruding from the round knob of pink. And the stick was so smooth and warm. It was hard and even a little slippery. Lelka completely stunned mechanically moved by hand, and the guy croaked over her and squeezed her breasts with one hand. His second hand left stick and climbed on Lelkinoy leg up under her skirt, she found the pants and got into them, and shoved a finger in Lelkinu pisyun (how funny mom called). Lelka squeezed his legs, but his hand was moving inside, a finger touched the folds and suddenly Lelka wanted to relax the legs. The finger touched something there and abdomen at Lelka tickling, throbbing and even wanted to finger touch only one place and Lelka spread her legs and took a little ass back to stir a finger exactly where nice. The guy grinned "Che nravitsa?". Lelka blushed. "Let a member of three, do not be distracted. And I was you, too Potro how to". "This means a member is" - She thought (that's what high school student whispering in school toilets) and began to move his arm as before. The guy is now moving his finger precisely where needed and Lelka sniffed, almost like it. It felt like it fell upon the severity, legs became cotton: And suddenly the guy grunted, pulled away, turned sideways and Lelka ass saw the knob opened in the hole and out spilled some sort of colored liquid milk jelly. The boy ducked and dropped her hand. He put the knob in the skin and leaned against the wall. He loomed over Lelka and had been seen as a stick shrinks and deflates Man looked at her and grinned again. He straightened up and put his wrinkled cock back in his pants. "Well all - stamp your twang in his school" - He said, then turned and slipped out of the gate. Lelka stood and pulls her skirt. In her mind floated ideas, and none of them lingered for a long time and Lelka could not even stop them melteshenie. We can say that she did not think about anything, but she thought in those few seconds a lot: The fact that it turns out nice when you rub your finger, that she had seen a living member of what he is smooth and warm, about how abdominal ticking of milk porridge, on his pants classmates about what this guy noticed it was her, that it was interesting and so wonderful, that it really at all the boys at first as members of a stick and then a cooked sausage. In general, she thought about everything except ear training, but his own delay, and besides Him.
Rousing himself from thinking tetanus Lelka suddenly realized that the lesson has probably ended, and now the whole team will be thrown out of school. She pulled away from the wall, out of the gate and padded feet wandered toward the house.
- Are you sooner? - Mom asked.
Lelka looked at his watch and realized that it took only half an hour, she got out of the house. She sat down in the hallway on the ottoman, and said smooth, without the slightest emotion voice:
- Vitaminka unwell, ear training was not.
She went to her room, threw the bag into the corner with a note-notebooks, sat on the bed and hugged his knees with his hands.
- Will eat - she heard her mother's voice.
- Nope, do not want to yet.
She went into the bathroom, locked the door and turned on the water. Stripped naked and climbed into the tub, Lelka looked in the mirror. Blush has not gone from her cheeks, her eyes shone: She sat on the edge and putting a little wider feet, looked at her pisyun. She had looked at myself like that, but had never thought about the fact that this small bump here is so sensitive to friction fingers. She touched it, and was surprised to feel that at the very top of it so ... as smooth and pink as a knob on a member of the Man: She Move your finger across the slot and felt again as the blood rushed to his lower abdomen. She sat in the bath, threw her legs on the edge and began to touch herself, rubbing, imitating his movements. Unearthly pleasure from touching their fingers felt Lelka today. She sniffed, and suddenly become a hot body, I wanted to hold your breath and "AAAAAA"Something rolled forward to it, overwhelmed. The body seemed dissolved, arms limp, legs just fell off ledges back into the bath, and Lelka floated somewhere - then closed her eyes and forgot about everything.
Since that day she has deteriorated. She rubbed herself whenever issued only opportune moment. She did it in bed at night, in the afternoon, when parents were not home, lounging in front of the TV in the evening in the bathroom, and even one in the toilet she wanted herself "poetkat" (As she called this process). And no one, not a soul - neither in school nor at home, nor in muzykalke where it four times a week went "brynchat piano"As a neighbor said Timothy P., I did not realize that Lelka has grown.
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