Business - troublesome. That here and there, then this, then that.
Especially if you are the owner of the company and its CEO at the same time.
And now we decided to open a branch in the city of Deer. So I'm going there to pick a senior manager to lead this branch.
I decided that we can confine ourselves to the branch of the three positions: a senior manager, manager and office manager.
They took office two rooms. Brought furniture and everything you need for the job.
It remains only to recruit staff, according to staffing.
We decided to take a local. Advertised in the newspapers, and the secretary on the phone collected CVs of candidates applying for the position of senior manager. A manager and office manager selects his team let a senior manager.
And here I am in the city of Deer and me 10chelovek resume.
Quick view an experienced eye, leans 7 nominations and three leave.
First: Belohvostova Galina, 21god, higher education and the desire to work.
Second: Maltseva Marina, 26y.o., higher education, has experience and desire to work.
Third: Treshchev Evgeniya, 30 years, higher education, work experience and desire to work.
- Call me here these three - ordering his deputy for Human Resources and throw in front of him on the table summary of the selected contestants me.
-Now 9 am. A meeting to assign 15hours - and I add leaving on business.
Travel around the city in the meetings and concerns to 15hours I was in the office.
Three contenders sat and waited for meeting with me. Passing through the hallway, I saw them sitting on a chair.
Galina, realizing that I am the director, as if by chance, spread her legs wider, and I saw her black thong. Leggy beauty blond knew what she was doing. My cock reacted moment. The whole week was not part of it into a woman.
So. Start Calling contenders.
I'm sitting in the main office and the office waiting Treshchev Eugene.
I will not describe here a survey of all the candidates, but Treshchev very arrogant and talks to me as if seeing me. Big mistake on her part.
Second comes Marina Maltseva. Keeps modestly, but it knows. After the survey is still a very good impression of her.
And the third - Belohvostova Galina. Young, knows little. But here comes my defense in her "little friend."
He just did rushing out of his trousers. And this gala as if by chance, that his mini-skirt lift, then push the legs.
The winner is my hell. I want this young. The life of me. And the main horseradish brain suggests: "Well, what that young. Teach. And they do not teach such. But we have sex. Head agrees to the head.
A Gala tries everything in his speech hints inserts. Like, if you will take, I will try hard and work and so. In general, I personally do not regret. Again bitch throws her skirt and legs Spreads.
We're alone with her. I selection of candidates for vacancies do one. Because the owner.
-Well, - says more my dick than I - I think you have all the chances to take the place of the general manager, and eventually director of the branch.
I would be cut off and thrown standing club. And he's a bastard continues:
-I've not local. Which restaurant you recommend to me that I could have dinner with you.
Galina realizing that I fucked up and I crush on her voice meets the winner:
-"Harbor" Restaurant. People your level dinner there.
-Okay - I continued my hell - in 18 hours and will continue to meet there opros- while he gives a sign of my head, which depicts a lascivious smile to Galina was ready, that it certainly gets fucked after dinner.
-Required. I am all at your service. And I hope that I sustain the final exam and we work well together - a smile of agreement on many illumines it.
When we parted, she again looked at me, a captured horseradish, and licks her lips in a way that I understand it this way: "I take it in the mouth is excellent, you will not regret"
After her departure, I call the deputy and ask to make me a coffee, and he sat down on the sofa, I threw his head and soothe hell, so he waited until after the I will take her restaurant in the hotel room, and there is hell let it understands itself.
In 17-30 zama call and say,
-You do not know where is the restaurant with the name of the sea - I'm starting to dig in pamyati- well, that has something to do with the shore.
-"Pier" - help the deputy.
-Yes, it seems "Pier". Find out where it is and take me there.
Five minutes later, the deputy comes to me and says that the restaurant "Marina" is located in 5 minutes by foot and that he was willing to take me.
-No - I say - Let's walk, I go there, and you find a flower shop and buy a bouquet of roses.
I walked out of the building where our office and on the road said deputy went to the restaurant.
Exactly five minutes later I was at the entrance to the restaurant, and the deputy handed me flowers.
There were still fifteen minutes before meeting with Galina and I decided to drink a glass of mineral water at the bar.
Going to a bar, I went to the bar and bought a glass of mineral water, I sat down at a free table.
Stretching fun, I drank water in small sips and treated visitors to the bar.
At one table sat a young couple in love, and with the eyes were leisurely conversation. At another table, a company of men to drink a bottle of vodka
And for the third table sat a young woman in miniskirt with beautiful legs and looked out the window. Here she turned and glanced at me. Oh my god, it's Marina Maltseva, an applicant for the position.
Seeing me, she nodded slightly and smiled.
I took my glass and went to her table.
-Good evening, Marina - I said, and sat down at her table.
-Good evening, Robert Zaharovich.- she said.
- What do you got here?
-I live near here and is now waiting for a friend.
Her cell phone rang and he took it and listened to voice of the caller, she who - once said:
-How can not you? I've been waiting for half an hour.
Okay. You can not because you can not - I caught phrases conversation.
-And you have a date here - she asked, looking at a bouquet of roses in my hands.
-No, this is for you - obeying strange feeling, I said, and handed her the flowers
-Why are you so? Give flowers to your beloved, you are waiting for.
-I do not have a favorite here. I ask you to take a bouquet.
After enduring momentary pause, she took the bouquet.
-Do I understand correctly from your telephone conversation, that your girlfriend will not come today.
-Yes, you heard absolutely right.
-This means that you are free today?
-Then I ask you to join me for a couple of dinners at the restaurant.
-No, I can not, I ......
-Do not - I interrupted her - I ask you, and I've got in this town no one, and I want to eat, and one dinner was not used.
-If the only way, then I agree.
We have moved from the bar to the restaurant.
I will not enumerate and describe what we ordered, and other trifles. But when we drank with her a bottle of champagne and ate well, the music started and the singer with some smoky voice began to sing about love.
-Allow me to invite you to dance - I invited Marina and she agreed.
We went out on the dance floor of the restaurant, where there are three couples dancing, and I took Marina's waist.
Slow dancing, I talked to her about any nonsense, telling anektody. And his hands were doing their job. They groped her perfect waist, and gently descending to the pope, felt its elasticity.
Sometimes I pressed her closer to him, to feel her breasts her magnificent breasts. And because I was taller than her, I saw on top of that she was without her tits livchika and ended fairly large nipples. And when I presented the pacifier in his mouth, then "my fool" and rose again to be cleared my head.
"Quiet, quiet," I said to myself, trying to persuade him to calm. "I want" - he resisted and was filled with power. ... "I beg you, give me half an hour," I -umolyal it. "I fuck, so fuck you. Hold it stronger, so that I could get close to her delicate recording. Should I say hello to her, "My head fell into the power of this intractable demon and I pressed his standing" fool "to her body.
She pulled away and leaned even closer to me.
"Fool," wedged between us, acquired the properties of steel and I kissed Marina's neck. From what she closed her eyes, she lifted her head to me and slightly parted lips.
I kissed her gently on the lips Marina and finding in them reciprocity, again kissed her passionately already tight.
Two minutes, we never left each other's lips, ignoring others. But then the music ended, and everyone began to diverge in their places.
We, being no exception, too, returned to his table.
Sitting at the table, we drank one more glass only open the second bottle of champagne. And putting his glass, I took the hand of Marina in his hands and kissed each finger individually.
-You know, I have not experienced the feeling of love - I told her.
-You probably think it is. Freedom, champagne and a lonely woman.
-No, no, Marina. Let's go to my hotel?
-Let's home to me - suddenly offered it - people in the hotel, and I'm one today.
-I agree - I said, and paying took her by the hand, and we walked out of the restaurant on the street.
Having fifty meters from the restaurant, in a quiet unlit place, I again embraced Marina and kissed her lips passionately.
She reciprocated and five minutes later we were kissing like Fourteen youths.
Finished kissing, we joined hands and went to her home. On the way I told her poems. Fortunately I know their views.
Apartment Marina is in the high-rise building on the fourth floor.
One-bedroom apartments of unmarried women. They are so similar to each other, that does not make sense to describe.
Marina cooked a lovely coffee, poured into me, and she took a towel, hid in the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later she came out of the bathroom in a light dressing gown, smelling clean woman's body and gave me dry and clean towel, said:
-Go take a shower. Bathrobe hanging there.
I quickly grabbed a towel and rushed to the bathroom.
Undressed and turned on the shower I soaped sponge his body, washed himself and carefully his "bum". That did not lay down and asked me to let him enter to something.
Vymyvshis, Proterevshi perfectly clean towel and wearing a robe over his naked body, I got out of the bath with a bathrobe protruding member Marina.
She had opened the pullout sofa, opened a bottle of champagne and poured it in the glass on the coffee table. Picking up the glasses, we bumped them, and I said:
-For a sweet and beautiful girl. The one that I love.
We drank wine glasses to the bottom. And Marina sat in a chair.
I walked over to her chair, knelt down and took her foot in his hands, began to stroke it gently and cover the gentle kisses. Lips I moved with kisses from the fingers up. And when went to the very top, I picked up the other leg and gave her a kiss, and from the bottom up. Marina was sitting, leaning back in his chair and closed his eyes. And when I rose from the second leg up, I completely opened her robe and saw her naked body. It was the body of the goddess of love. Everything is perfect.
I again began to kiss her feet. Gently obtselovyvaya each foot, then I went up to just below her bosom, then fell to his knees.
Marina began to stroke me with his hands on his head, shoulders and chest.
It was like pulling the approach to the heart, once again kissing his feet down to the knee and began to climb. And when I was close in the womb, I spread her legs wider and began to kiss the place around the womb, her lips lightly touching his hair, framing her pleasant-smelling pussy.
Obtselovav all the places adjacent to Picea, I clung to the most gentle lips Picea.
Then, gently parted fingers pisnku, I became tongue licking the fragrant flower garden of pleasures. I licked the open pussy on the entire surface, and felt like her clitoris began to fill with blood.
-Oh, Robert, ah-ah-ah-ah - she said - my dear ah-ah-ah-ah, and her body began to tremble.
-Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh - orgasm entered her and was ready to break out.
I licked her pussy, swallowing, started to allocate fluid. And when she put her arms around my head and tried to blow up an orgasm, I stood up, and, raising it higher up the ass, planted on his dick.
-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah - a cry broke her and she firmly wrapped around my neck, began to frantically bounce on my dick.
I helped her, holding her ass and throwing up, and she cried non-stop orgasm.
And two minutes later it made her cry, I cry a duet her orgasm flooded her powerful stream of semen.
I sit down and tossed it on the dick so hard, as if he wanted to break it into two parts. From what she screamed even louder. Orgasm does not let go of her for a second. And she did not want to part with it.
More about five minutes we could not stay in this position. Orgasms out of us, one after another. And our diluted secretions become liquid spill on my feet, creating a pleasant feeling of satisfaction.
And when she took a deep breath and paused, I'm not taking out her dick brought it to the decomposition of the couch and, without disconnecting it, put it, and the top has started lying to drive with blows of her pubis her "boyfriend."
A member of my lost strength and was a member of her furiously.
-Oh, my dear Robert, how well - she whispered in my ear, hugging tightly, tossing his feet and moving to the beat forward.
-Marina, a favorite - I say, pecked her in the pussy and throwing her legs over his shoulders.
In this position, I have continued swotting. And after two minutes Marina breathed heavily, and we both exploded a fountain of happiness. And I once again filled her jet sperm.
But my fall "fool" would not persist.
I turned back to the marina itself, put the cancer and went into her from behind, again began to stick it on the dick. I was part of it, as if helping Marina, moved towards me, and when I was ready to once again finish in her, she suddenly pulled out a member and began to sit down on his ass.
Like in the hymen I hardly entered her ass, making her scream and even after two minutes hardly incoming and outgoing member, I exploded orgasm, and poured a portion of the liquid, and this rubbed her ass.
Further work on the fucked her ass was facilitated. So I'm not taking out a member of her priests, pulling her to him, got up from the couch to the floor and holding her feet began to fuck her standing.
Legs Marina hung in the air and only the hands, she rested against the couch, and I'm holding it went in her ass by a dick then spitted her, then taking off. Two minutes later, fucked in this position, we cried together and relaxed.
He pulled out of her ass dick. I put her on the sofa and began to gently kiss on the lips. She was very tired, poorly answered me.
-I'm in the bathroom, and while you rest - I said, and got the nod in agreement, having dedicated me a towel left in the bath.
Vymyvshis shower and Proterevshi towel, I got out of the bath naked, and walked over to the couch.
Marina was lying on his back and stared at the ceiling.
-How old were you? - I asked her, knowing that I ask a stupid question.
-And then you have not seen kak.- she replied and got up and went to the bathroom.
I poured myself and had champagne in glasses and began quietly othlbyvaya, relax, sitting in a chair.
They could hear the water flowing through the body of Marina. Vymyvshis, she came and sat on my lap. We took the glasses, and I said:
-For our love with you. Let it will have a long continuation.
-How to obtain and will - she said, and we drank to the bottom of the glasses.
I stood up, took her in his arms and kissing her tenderly, put it on the sofa. I lay down next to her, hugging her. And I thought we were going to sleep, as the Marina hand began stroking my breasts, and lips to kiss my lips, and then she covered the gentle kisses my neck, shoulders, and tongue began to caress my nipples. Nice waves ... went through my body. And Marina, not looking up from my lips, nipples, pulled the hand to my cock and began to caress him with her delicate female hand. I lay there, without interfering with its action.
When the cock began to get stronger, Marina of nipples began to descend toward him, gently kissing my stomach, navel lick coquettishly, she started kissing my cock. Feeling gratitude to kiss a young woman, my penis has become stronger.
Marina opened her mouth and stuck to my cock.
If possible, more thrusting and pulling, it has strengthened its rhythmic movements of my cock. Working his mouth, his hands caressed her eggs. And when a member already confidently and firmly stood, Marina sat up and with his cock in pussy sat on top of me and began to move up and down so that the member went to her.
Lift and dropping it at the same time to make small circular motions.
And after about three minutes, lying on his back, I could not resist and took her by the waist, he began to help tossing and dropping. More about three minutes, we moved with it in this position until you gasp and cry at the same time is not finished.
When finished, she lay down beside me, and I swore to her for about an hour in eternal love, kissing her lips and body.
I woke up in the morning on the couch. Marina was not.
On the table was a note: "My dear Robert, breakfast in the fridge, the champagne there. I will be soon. Kisses, your Marina "
Brush your teeth, taking a bath, I cooked a brilliant coffee and quietly sipping his, listening to music, sitting in a dressing gown on a chair.
Came Marina, buy fruits and other foods.
We had breakfast with her and I dressed and went to his branch office, promising to Marina that I will dine with her.
Upon entering the building I was waiting for my Deputy for Personnel.
-Robert Z., so we will take Belohvostova Galina and she is waiting for you.
At the entrance to our office was Galina.
-Robert Z. Hello, you probably were yesterday busy or have forgotten, and I was waiting for you at the "Gavan" restaurant.
-As the "Gavan". Is not the "Pier"? - I asked.
-No, "Harbour".
-Okay, wait, I'm deputy negotiations.
The deputy walked me to the main office.
-We will take Maltsev Marina to the position of General Manager - I said.
-Do not get Robert Z..
-Marina Maltseva today took his documents and said he did not want to work for us.
-How does not want to? - I grabbed the cell and took the deputy from her phone, dialed it.
-Marina! What happened? Why did you resign the general manager? I do not understand anything. Answer me.
-I want sincerity of our love. For any service relationship does not interfere with them. If I accept your offer, then our love will not be sincere. You said you love me. And I say that I love you. I wait for you for lunch. I'll make a wonderful soup.
She switched off the phone.
Here's a story my dear readers. Thanks for reading until the end.
If you have something to say to me, write. [email protected]
C respect, your Zuzu.
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