Granddaughter of these people

Girls faced foreheads, studying newspaper ads. Three editions were already behind us, but everywhere was solid "Herbalife" or "virgins. on the slave. with chorus. data". These both were OK, but the ads are not attracted.
- Come on, Come on! Look, - Irina looked around with blue felt-tip pen one of the ads. - "I wanted to work on the contract in the city boys and girls. pay high". Maybe we dare?
- Call - after a brief hesitation, decided to Eugene.
The next day, elegant and beautiful, they are standing in front of a man in his forties with a small. It is in the center of the city was quite well-known, they could not dream ever be there. Mechanically, the two began to reason chances. Handsome, yes to everything - a bachelor. It is possible to try. The man told them yet ...
- The work is not the most difficult, especially for nelenivogo person. But I have a very stringent requirements. Firstly, you must be absolutely free, and secondly, very obedient. I'm not going to convince you, you decide for yourself. But once you have agreed to work with me, retreat would be nowhere. This is my rule. You will write a statement - its agreement to my terms.
- What conditions?
- Everything - later. First of all, I want to make sure that you come to me. Can you take the risk?
- Well, despite what ... - Irina hesitated. Jack remained silent. For myself, it had long been decided ... it will get the job, whatever it at any cost!
- You will have to pass the test. It's a hard test. Severe ... and ... and painful.
- What? - Irina again interrupted.
- Well, what is the risk, if you will know in advance? - Man laughed.
- In short! - Jack broke his silence - what, where to write? I agree!
- Well done! - I praised her boss, bringing to the table that stood among the garden - that pen and paper. Write Write ... so ... "I, ..., badly in need of work, responded to a newspaper ad. Faced with an employer, I agreed with his condition to pass a severe test for employment. Date, signature"
While the friend wrote under dictation, Irina decided to take a chance with her.
- Okay, persuaded, let's paper.
- Wait a minute. Nobody will persuade. You is my own mistress.
- Well, that is, I wanted to say that agree to your conditions, - faltered girl seems to already regretting his decision. Meanwhile, a man took his wife's statement gave Irina sample, from which it must be written off, and led into the house of Eugene.
To this day she was preparing in advance. She carefully rehearsed gait, voice responses to various phrases and circumstances. She felt that someday all this it is useful. Once she got the idea. At first, it seemed to her absolutely unrealizable, but every day is becoming more clear outlines. Just a few days ago Zhenya visited the store of the intimate goods ...
The man led her down a long corridor of the first floor, then down a steep long staircase (Eugene counted thirty-eight steps). They went down into the basement. The owner turned on the light, and Jack found herself in a spacious room with lots of mirrors. In a couple of meters away from the left wall was a large table. Something like a workbench. a bracket with two parallel long grooves therein were attached on the table. Behind them on the back of the table there are two levers, and on the floor adorned with two wooden pedals, like fashionable shoes on huge heels. In the room, Jack noticed a small door. The door through which they entered, the owner immediately locked. Opposite the table hung on the wall clock timer, and there were two wooden tables on the right wall of the room. Gloomy, in general, it was obstanovochka ...
First, he ordered her to stand in front of him on his knees. When she obeyed, he unzipped his pants, told her to lick it all carefully. "Good start, I thought Jack, a ..." She silently fulfilled all his orders, according to the following, the owner took the body in his mouth. The man told her to drink all that will flow down her throat. Help in the mouth kneeling girl, he buttoned his pants, told her to undress. Jack managed to comply, still on his knees. The man was pleased.
- Let me see your hands - pointing out her middle finger of her left hand, he told her to shove it into the anus. Jack did it with great pleasure, because so far everything was going according to her plan. A few minutes later, he ordered her to lick your finger is all that remains on it after the tour of the bowels of the girl. His wife was not too pleasant, but needless to say that it has fulfilled the order immediately?
- Get up, I'll tell you a little about their environment - Jack stood in front of him, eyes downcast dale - I'm very picky. For every disobedience I seriously punish all of their employees. It may sometimes seem that I am too harsh, however, reasoning itself ... I'll show you now, what will happen to you when working with me. Are you ready?
- I'm ready for anything! - Inside her trembling.
- Come to the table. Get on your feet. Elbows into the recesses. Rotten. Hands squeeze levers - as she fulfilled this order, elbows and his legs were fastened. "Sly what mechanism".
A man walked up to one of the cabinets and took out a wide leather belt.
- I paid you a hundred strong blows here this belt. You'll have to count them - he began to beat her on the back and buttocks. From the unbearable it seemed to Jack moaned in pain and flex back. But do not forget nevertheless considered his punches. Before the final, one hundredth, blow the man told her to concentrate ... The impact was so strong that Jack yelled, forgetting to say "hundred".
· Well, no, not so good. Let's once again.
- Mm-m-hundred-oh-oh! - Jack gasped, shuddering under a new belt punch.
- Well done! - He praised it - and now the latest udarchiki. You can not count it - he stood directly behind her crimson cheeks, and swung with all his might hit along the belt - on the back, buttocks and thighs. Exhausted, Jack fell back on the table head.
- All. Can you release the lever.
Dressing and listening to a man, Eugene regained previous determination.
- If you will be here after every disobedience, then now you need to know the terms of the contract.
- I agree to any conditions, you do understand ...
- Do not interrupt me, it is also an offense. Under the contract, within one year you can not get out of here. You can call, write, send telegrams, but you can not get out. Everything you need, I myself will bring you. Monthly to your account two thousand dollars will flow to the bank. At the end of the year - the prize. Twenty-one or sixteen thousand dollars depending on the complaints. The award may be reduced, but their twenty-four thousand you get the train.
- I agree, let's deal!
- Not so fast. First, we went for your things, and then ...
Finally, Jack plucked up the spirit ...
- ...I also want you to experience. Firstly, do not poke me, that would be between us no matter what happens - she would not let him get a word in - secondly, I love watching men in different situations ...
- And what do you got for me? - The first condition, he clearly ignored.
- I want you to let down the pants to his knees and stood in front of me on all fours, - to her surprise, he accepted the game. Retreat was really nowhere. She took the box from her purse a dildo and a bottle of lubricant. Minute, and the host gasped, having caved in, and the phallus protruding from its backside ... He stood up and pulled on his pants.
- And when you did vynesh?
- Not before we come back with things.
- But from what so burning? What have you smeared it?
- Petroleum jelly with garlic juice, - said the girl calmly.
He took her into the next room, where she could secretly watch the torment of his girlfriend. With barely passed the test ... Irina Sitting in the car, all three awkward startled by unusual pain.
Pick up things and said goodbye to his family, the girl returned to work. The contracts were signed in the same place in the garden. Then the owner showed them the room. The first was Irina. Leaving it to settle, they went to the other end of the long corridor - the room Jenny. Barely crossed the threshold, the owner locked the door, pulled the pants and got on his knees. Jack silently pulled out his penis, put it to his face.
· Lick it - with undisguised disgust, the man did it. When he was finished, Jack was standing in front of him on all fours with battened down the skirt.
· - We both want the same - she pointed at his rampant organ - so why the pull ..?
As he left, he said to her one more thing ...
- Discuss me strictly prohibited. In all areas of the house are installed microphones. Contact me should only "master". While, however, my name is Sasha.
The next day the girl became acquainted with their duties. They had to respond to calls, mail sorting, tidying the house and fulfill all the orders from the master even faster than he gives them.
On this day Marrying ministered to the owner and his friends in all their entertainment. By evening, she was so tired she could barely dobrela to his room. But she collapsed exhausted on the bed, her back was summoned to the owner.
- A minute, boss, I'm not dressed - she was really in shorts.
- Come, what is there now!
But Jack ventured to disobey. She took the same member, dipped it in the lubricant, I thought that she would have to suffer badly, drove it into his anus. Then she threw on a robe and went to the master bedroom.
- I have bad news for you. You're wrong on several occasions today. However, this is forgivable for the first day of work. But now you do not come right away. What do you think, should I punish you?
- You know better, boss.
- Into the basement!
Taking off coat, Jack asked if she could stay in the panties "a week". After receiving permission, she took her place at the table. This time he turned on the timer for about forty minutes. Pulling out of stone leather whip, the host began to lash Woman's back and buttocks. Minutes eight Eugene saw in the mirror of blood, speaking on her body from the blows.
- Can I pull the panties? I did not think it would be so much blood they can get dirty ... - she asked breathlessly.
The owner himself came and rolled her panties down to her knees. At this point, he noticed the plastic between her buttocks. Jack was pleased by his reaction, everything worked perfectly.
When whipping over, Jack was released, but he told her to get dressed not allowed.
- All your faults I bring in a conduit. But not only them and their observations I am motivated when summing up. At the end of the punishment I'm going to put a mark on your body. A year later, I had them all count. Be good, get a table from the green box - a subject that Jack got it plugged into the wall outlet. And until the indicator lamp lit up, he tore his wife's chest. But then he held her so strongly wounded ass, hands ordered to take up arms, and legs to put on support. The box turned out to be a miniature soldering iron.
- Today, I choose the place between her breasts - with these words he pressed the soldering iron to the specified point. The pain Eugene screamed, but all ended very quickly.
- And remember that each time it will be worse and worse - with the value of said boss member incurring in the vagina tormented girl.
Irina badly cope with work. She quickly realized that, in contrast to a friend, does not know how to take risks. And by the end of the second week for the eighth time I was in the basement of the table. Three times he set the timer for an hour, was now sixty-five minutes. Every time the owner changed and an instrument of punishment. This time, he lashed her with rods. "Maybe next time he their ambassador, thought Ira already familiar shuddering in pain". Her back and ass were stored for seven marks soldering, today will be the eighth ...
As soon as a girl, beaten and humiliated, he returned to his room and went to her Eugene.
- You really hurt Irisha? How he beat you today? Even longer? Show mark - Eugene greased a burn ointment - poor, poor ... you are my podruzhenka
- How do you manage to stay so? Did he hit you less?
- Er, he beat me only twice - on the test on the first day.
- But why?!
- I am trying very hard. I do everything to win it and save your skin.
- Conquer?! Yes it you? Sadist and a pervert!
- Hush! .. - Jack hissed, - microphones, I told you so - but it was too late. A minute later the phone rang, the owner called Eugene in the basement. To his great regret, she did not have time to go to her for a member. Noticing his absence in Zhenya's ass, the owner was particularly cruel to her. He lashed her with a whip so violently that from the very first shock she was unable to hold back a scream. And by the end of executions frustrated voice itself. After the timer signal he silently switched to soldering network, still not releasing her from the table. Jack silently sobbed, burying his face in his hands. Never before has it and could not imagine that he would stand there with a bare ass, excised in the blood of the host lash and wait for a new pain ... When soldering touched her clitoris, she had had no power to scream. She only sobbed harder. The owner allowed her to escape. Suddenly, she fell before him on his knees and kissed his hand, just as her tormented.
Back in her room, Jack began to howl in pain. But at the same time it is so hard to twist the nipples on the chest that soon finished in terrible agony. After showering, she went to bed, having given myself to the rest of the period held by a member of the pope. She immediately stuck his bed and fell asleep brutal sacrifices ...
Having lived in the house of the owner nearly four months, she had fourteen marks on the body. She always wore a plastic member, but only ten meetings in the cellar ended in an act of love .... In the last three times Jack returned to his battered but not Banged that really upset her. Looks like it when the owner asked her to be in a secret room in a test of new employees, she thought she could plan all began to falter ... and a half months ago. But then he had it only once. And yesterday she watched the suffering of black-eyed boy. Anton brilliantly passed the test. She saw how painful it was to fulfill all orders humiliating for him, but he passed all brilliant. Today, Eugene was able to lure him to his room. As soon as he saw him yesterday, she passionately wanted it. And now he decided to take a desperate step - said the five-week "starvation".
Anton has surpassed all her expectations. Until now she had not met the man, capable to tire her. But Anton ... In the first three hours she reveled, then enjoyed. Now it is high time to lay on the floor in silence and endured his restlessness. But just a few hours ago, she could not restrain myself extra second. As soon as the door locked, she lay down in front of him on his back and spread her legs apart. He understood without words. A minute later they were both already rolled through the room like a big lump of human skin. During these hours, Anton had her in the most unimaginable positions. Her knees and elbows ached from the endless race, back numb, moaning and screaming, Eugene hoarse. She had obkonchalas, and it all is not enough! Eugene was convinced that the owner listened to them. She prayed that he quickly entered her room. And though the last label, she received only three days ago, Jack was ready to go through a new torture and humiliation, but he again entered her in a businesslike way.
Irina shuddered from the shock of the dog whip, dreading the new label in the buttock. Before the call timer still had almost forty minutes. Today she broke the telephone than very angered owner. Even though his hands were tired forty-five minutes have passed since the beginning of flogging, Irina was sure that he would finish on time and not a second before.
And Jack was lying on his stomach under the blows suffered by Anton and his penis inside her uterus. Only an unhealthy excitement would not let her throw the boy to himself. She imagined the anger in the eyes of the master, when he finds it under this jerk who does not have yet even the first mark. Perhaps he would thrash her whip on the stomach and chest, and then carved to the hip and between her legs. And then the label. I wonder where is this time? .. The girl dreaming, she did not notice as finished. Soon, Anton finally slipped from her to the floor and lay still, resting. Suddenly they both heard the sound turns the key.
- This host - Jack whispered. The door opened, came in front of them
Sasha, tired and surprised.
- I want you, girl - was all he said, going out into the corridor. Jack jumped him just naked.
- Sasha, Sasha ... - she dropped to her knees and crawled to his feet. - I beg you, forgive us! Only you and I want only you ... Well, if you want, punish, izbey, Rape ... just simply ... Sasha! ..
He took her right in the corridor. And in that moment, when Eugene gratefully finished, standing on all fours, the corridor became Irina, marching out of the basement, where she was recovering from the flogging.
- God, Jack! .. - Only she could breathe.
After this incident, the girl did not speak. Irina in on itself, and Jack did not insist. She has started its new and interesting life. She was convinced that Sasha terribly jealous of her. For the first time, he forgave them. He just fucked her in the corridor, in front of Anton and Irina, like a dirty little dog. But next time, about a month later when he again found them together, the boss got angry in earnest. He first led to the basement of Anton and ordered the wife to watch them. After whipping marks and he raped rude guy. When it was the turn Eugene, Anton had to stay and watch the suffering of the girl he had just had ... The owner started the timer at the ninety-five minutes and picked up the whip. She cried out in pain, writhing and dropped his head on his hands, but at the same time ... cum, cum, cum. Having a label directly on the anus, she dug her lips in a passionate owner lips. And then Anton saw her trembling hands helped a man undress, stood forward on his knees. Having blowjob, planted a vagina on his penis ...
Throughout the night the guy tossed on the bed. He saw her lips, pending on the purple host body. Her tongue, gently enveloping the head and crawled under the foreskin, gently deflated and drawn. He imagined Zhenya's buttocks, her clitoris with burns trace. Her ass has always held the whip master patterns, and pussy was hot and excised as none of the girls out there in the wild. He wanted to spank her and love. I wanted to hear her cry and tear, not listening to him ... His own body on fire after the punishment, he tore out the anus oozing blood. But the guy and did not think about it, he longed for her.
One day, towards the end of Zhenya's contract, the owner went to another city for a few days. Anton decided for yourself ... now or never. At night he brought Eugene to the basement, but she ignored his orders, laughing heartily. It did not work. After a few nights, he decided to try again to fulfill his dream.
Anton waylaid Eugene in her room. As soon as she opened the door, he attacked her, gripped her mouth and tied his hands with tape. He threw the girl on the bed, forced to stand on all fours. Her hands were tied behind his back. Anton took brought with him the belt and began to whip the force and fury of her buttocks. Jack tried his hands to stop him, but then Anton lashed her hand, and she retreated. Finally, he fainted. Discarding the belt, the guy pulled out of her backside and took her phallus. Jack made no sound. All night Anton had her in all holes and in all positions. From time to time, he was taken back and smack her again. He beat her on the chest, stomach, even in the face and he beat her clitoris wide belt ... In the morning, exhausted and bloodied, with their hands tied and mouth sealed it found the owner returned home.
The whole week Sasha nursed her. And when she began to slowly come to life, he proposed to her.
As soon as her contract expired, they were married. They no longer there was no need to go down to the basement, they loved each other and were happy. And on their wedding night, as well as in all future husband whipped and fuck her right on their bed. Zhenya was happy. Now she has all what she wanted - a strict and overbearing landlord and gentle and loving husband.
When Jack went to the pregnant woman, her husband tortured her almost every day, because she begged him to. Without flogging, she could no longer sleep without punishment. Her body always holds many traces of punishment. Jack admired them, standing idle for long periods in front of a large mirror of his bedroom. Eugene gave birth at home. She was on all fours, and her husband violently whipped her on the back and buttocks with whips. It howled and screamed in pain, but gave birth to a perfect ...
After telling me this, my grandmother wiped my tears. Grandfather long dead, and the phallus, she often inserts ...
Summer 1998.
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