Modest, and hope their village school Katyusha Vintovkin returned home a few hours earlier than usual and has a threshold in a state of mild euphoria in anticipation of a long, completely free pastime.
Parents, as usual at this time of the day the house was not close, and Kate immediately prudently threw the door hook on the loop. Somewhere in the summer kitchen radio proclaimed across the street hot working at noon, and in the meantime quite Katyusha snuggles in a cool room curtained dimness of parents on their couch. Abandoned in a hurry heavy portfolio breakup hlabilsya at her from the corner of the sofa who have left textbooks and notebooks, and a cute puhlogubaya favorite teachers and schoolmates, frantically tucking his knees and raised his uniform skirt ... wanker.
If only someone knew about it now, Katya would have died of shame, without hesitation. Seizures child masturbation chased her for more than four years, and absolutely nothing about it Katya could not with them, and to tell the truth, it is not very much and wanted to ... Doing this a little strange, often chaotic and sometimes immensely-stretched and swayed , process it seemed like more and more from time to time. Therefore, room parents, the windows of which were perfectly visible all internal and external approaches to the house, become a kind of outpost for Katusha: as soon as she found herself alone in the house, her and delayed with the feet on the sofa, while the right hand of her as if by itself climbed under the skirt pants ...
Usually accompanied by masturbation fantasy images Katya were quite chaste and erotic over the edge. Just one completely innocent kiss of a virtual character in her pink pussy from the excitement could easily get Kate to finish sometimes more than once in the course of the day. But today, the school day was not quite normal sexually. And not even the usual: Vova Likhodeev pinned nowhere to tear out a tuft of imported ugly, colorful magazine. On the crumpled scrap of red and unsightly colors were displayed razzyavlennaya wet pussy, over which hung an equally appetizing and does not clearly male language ...
Consciousness-class girls who Vova was presented rollicking "porn", Stayed on the verge of patience: spitting and expressions of disgust over the scene depicted is not passed in the form of physical abuse in relation to the "educator" Only for the reason that it is, do not be a fool, I did not stay long with the demonstration of the product. Katyusha Vintovkin, closer to where, Likhodeev Vovk with his masterpiece did not dare because of chronic acute in love, was forced to get acquainted with a bright piece of Lena through Sinitsyn, which took away Vova "porn", Managing to still lubricate it lightly on the ear. Kate looked at so Vovka after meeting "this stuff"That he was for a moment even now a matter for the whole life completely futile to try to beg forgiveness and after school her consent to a legal marriage ... A Katyusha until the house is not left alone in the ugly-realistic image stretched to otlizu pussy. And now, desperately tugging himself for the clitoris in his shorts and unseparated contemplating all standing in front of the eyes of the magazine piece, Katya felt that he wanted something much more than usual ...
Forgotten on the sideboard of more of a holiday home Otkryvachka turned up in his hand and came as something at once very cleverly and confidently. Katyusha dropped down panties again rushed into the hall, checked whether the hook is thrown and hurried back to the couch. Compressed in a chubby fist Bottle opener sharp head is similar to a sickle-and-hammer and cold tingle when Katya drove finger smeared baby cream for a smooth rounded figure flagpole. Actually, the idea to shove yourself something in her pussy, worried not for the first time, but had somehow outweighed all fear; now delivered Vovka Likhodeev "ugliness" so fiercely and passionately biting uyazvlnnoe girl's chastity that Katyusha Vintovkin already, with his skirt as high as possible, dangling his feet and pant with interest trying to look itself in the bosom, thrust her into the narrow hole stretchable hymen stout wooden tail Bottle opener.
Hymen resisted only at the entrance, then as suddenly and can be easily missed nyrnuvshuyu inside Otkryvachka Katenkinogo to the cam. Katya felt completely unfamiliar sensation of a foreign body smooth inside and froze in the light of bliss attracted waves of buzz. Kaif, however, rolled over on his own courage than by physical sensations, and Katya with her legs spread wide fingers sneaks hairline on pussy, pulling the sides pubescent sponges and curiously examined seem simple kakim-to improbable pairing of its outgoing interior pink wings and body circular shaft for most hID "hammer and sickle" it Bottle opener ...
"Atas!"Undoubtedly, it was quite mercilessly - to interrupt it just embarking gentle feeling inside is fractional knock at the outer door. Otkryvachka appeared almost instantly on the table under a pile of newspapers last year, soared by cowards pudgy legs and sealed completely played out was a pussy and not skirt school uniforms removed quickly recovered disputes Katyushinymi hands.
- Who's there? - Katya, feeling out of place played out a blush on the cheeks, was ready to get angry for no reason at all to be behind the door; It seemed strange for a moment just what it missed the bell rattle and clank entrance gate to the yard ...
No one answered, but Kate was not going to engage in the excitement of his elucidation of the personality through the partition door. She yanked the hook and pulled the handle. Muzzy from the heat, half-asleep Bermudd sitting on the concrete steps of the porch, sometimes plaintively mewed and pochsyvanii right rear behind the left front contrived ass knock on the door trim dermantinovuyu ...
- Bermudd - a beast! Animal!
- Meow!
- It is here you knock? I almost upisatsya because of you !!!
- Meow!!
- Come on already! Only once: with lunch guessed wrong! I teach lessons.
- Meow...
Imposing gait black and white Siberian bumpkin followed in the shaded room and collapsed on poldivana. Katyusha with a sigh pulled out from under his brazen the achieved happiness muzzle unbuttoned portfolio: only some few unfortunate minutes shot down completely all the mood and the upcoming couple of hours home alone now represents not in glowing terms - apart from the necessary to the lessons of practicing the mind really nothing else climbed. Kate pushed the newspaper on the table, dropped her bag on the table and pulled doom apron with school dress over her head. Rises educational depression it was decided to correct the shortbread from the vase on the sideboard. Soon Katyusha at home robe sat at a fancy formulas exalted celestial algebra and waking up in anguish? la suhomyatku cookies and a desk.
Life went on the mend after a glass of cold milk from the fridge, which was fairly divided with vzvivshimsya Bermuddom the couch in the proportion of one to three. Katyusha good vypisyalas in the toilet and pulling the pants, suddenly discovered their almost starch hardness in the crotch. Love games with itself have left their mark, and half wet cloth hidebound recalled the need to prematurely change to a fresh pair panties. "Ah, well, then ... ", Soaking inside it in a gentle milk shortbread irresistibly drawn to lie down with your favorite book, "U-oops! Peck!" - Katya deftly slid on the surface of the couch right in front of the muzzle itself produce has to jump up Bermudda, who resentfully in blew fluffy cheeks makes ease turning in an attempt to lick his ear. Needless to say ... that the favorite book in Katya was not interstellar algebra ...
When the adventures of Tom Sawyer reached golozadogo dabbling with Huckleberry Finn on their island of Liberty, Bermudd vprsya an insignificant remained vacant couch area in the legs and naturally behaved as if it were not for him, and Katya just him leaped - he's lying here forever and the place it was not going to concede. Carried away by reading Katya found herself involuntarily urging the abdomen legs and the risk of falling off the couch under the pressure gently pressed into her thigh cat paws. "Phew, it's hot!"She unbuttoned the front the whole robe and threw his upper half ago, restoring parity and ruthlessly vminaya stretched down and fur behind him in the back of the couch. Bermudd woke up, wriggled from under her plump white knees and climbed to the naked Katenkin side.
- Bermusha, do not go without you hot ... - Katya began umarivat sleep, she repeatedly collapsed lightly knock on her cat, who finally toppled down under her bare belly, and fell asleep in some poluvyvernutom able to throw back up all four paws.
Katya suddenly felt an incredible trick of soft woolly fur Bermudda easily tickling her stomach and she closed her eyelids over floated before the eyes of the letters. Liberty Island Pictures from the book began to move in her mind a haze of dreams, and Katya somehow presented itself, and the third is not superfluous among two young idlers get away from all the world. But the delicate veil of beautiful dreams suddenly sharply and clearly crossed the newly erupted before Katya image of a full-blown red rose with pussy aimed at her man's tongue ... Katya woke up from what Bermudd a muffled purr persistently poked somewhere under her belly to its whiskered face.
- Where are you, Bermush? What are you doing? Fu! - Kate tried to pull a little stray and obviously something messed up with your favorite feline flair for the soft scruff of the neck.
But Bermuddu seem something very liked Katyushiny home panties and instead to go back, he pushed even further forward over the body and as a result nosy cat face with a mustache was right between a little parted in surprise Katenkinyh feet.
- Yes?? - Katyusha curiously emerged suddenly looked down, slightly up on his elbows and knees slightly wider spread.
It is obvious and incredibly happy Bermudd intoxicated by licking salted slightly noticeable yellowish stripes right in the crotch Katenkinyh cowards. "Wow!", Abdominal something quietly began to play, have fun, and Katenke thought she sees as inflated through the thin fabric of her panties sex no longer children sponge. "And if so?"Katyusha gently slipped his index finger under the neck urlychaschego cat and pulled to the side panty elastic. The opened slippery slit almost brought the poor pet mad: Bermudd in its rhythmic nalizyvanii purred as if before it swung open lake valerian, and on top of all closed his eyes ...
From the incredible and very quick buzz she closed her eyes and Katusha. Like the lightest pink smoke shroud enveloped her entire head to toe. It is as if it was wrapped in, twirling on the couch all over and barely without lifting tickled-frenzy pussy from snout reveling in happiness Bermudda. Elastic panty nearly torn and heavily crashed into insensibility of her fingers as though Katya slipped a little ass up Bermudd was somewhere at the bottom, and it's all from the tips of my toes to the hair penetrated by a gentle current shook on his head in the gripping her spasms orgazmo- convulsions ... "A-ah!"He exclaimed Katya, ending all at once, and fell from his arched bridge on the sofa and Bermudda. "Meow... ", Bermudd, almost sober, vybarahtalsya from under her bed and left.
- Ah-ah-ah! - Sounded sympathetic echo dies down at her.
Katya hardly looked out of the ocean of his euphoria towards this stranger, but somehow did not raise any concerns about her sound-voice. On the table sat a fairy-tale cartoon character reminiscent of Pinocchio petrushek and cheerful images of child among the newspapers at the same time. His nose, however, was quite normal, but the most psychedelic variety of flowers were scattered around the perimeter of the garments. All the same solid construction clearly indicated the hands of national artisans: live all their amusing toy joints caused mere assotsiatsiativnoe definition - "waist-wood".
- You ... you ... who? . . - Katya hardly missed tried to completely not befitting her age illusory deviation from reality, to fall out, it seems, from what some visitors have tales.
- Opener! - Just imagine colorful phenomenon. - And who are you thinking - dick?
- X ... how ?! - Katusha in the perturbation finally came to her senses: such words when it did not allow himself to utter even Vovk, which total favorite forgiven much more than others.
- Yes dick knows how to ... - responded briskly in readiness to present all that is required fabulously rowdy character. - So called - opener. Here I sit ... What is - like it? You know how many such uncorked?
- What ... like? - Katyusha tried urgently to meet the arguments of reason, but then noticed the dangling ear adorned with dangling type steel clip "sickle-and-hammer"And instantly lit up her hunch. Immediately everything became very clear, magical ... and shame. - How - "uncorked"?
- what - "how"? Well I invented for! What is so tough? Bank some herring-tin, polnoobmnoy bottom open or have prostitutstvuyuschey for bottle glass plant in the second ten times already on her maiden imposed prowess with a narrow neck of one-click way to remove stklyshko shrieked ... Or uboltat trhlitruhu sloping, crush barrier it more unnecessary, but to get into her salty-sweet juice dripping delicate poalevshie tomatoes ... or condensed milk does himself more stupid painstakingly and carefully dig up the spill before it sticky saliva on her own lips ... Or a jar of caviar squash lodge and make absolutely rejected from the norm in a spray of embarrassment for the whole kitchen table ... Many different ugliness I love! . . You will be something to fuck?
- Do not! - Katya screamed a few unnecessarily, like a chatterbox, funny character and could actually jump off the table and start seksual-domogany.
- And why then I popped into the hole me? Thank you, by the way, and thanks as fairy-sorceress - I because you become a teperishnego. I like it so. From one thanks ... How can dryuknut - he likes?
- So you - Otkryvachka ?! - Katyusha acted slowly to a standstill-braking. - My Otkryvachka? And why are all painted - I was just ... Otkryvachka
- With spoons Khokhloma made with boards cabbage. That color. Fuck you?
It seemed that wherever did not go in their thinking that articulated a comedian, he always went to the same question of his.
- Let us not, I - a girl! - Did not survive his head and angrily explained everything in one fell swoop, pouting at his rudeness, Katya. - And in general, are not you ashamed, opener? We are familiar with you the first day, and you say the words, and all sorts of bad things ?!
- And what can you expect here! - Genuinely surprised khokhloma deviants. - Fuck both want something, all still standing so that it is not up to foreplay. Stick to you?
- What is ...? - Tentatively interested Katyusha, suddenly felt that her panties on under the robe again treacherously wet.
- Yes, that's worth ... - wooden man extremely obscene zakovyryalsya bunt in his turquoise shorts. - This is - my sister-opener! As a thought - without lubricant will enter?
And he proudly staring at Katya from under his stomach ... a replica of her darling Bottle opener, which is half an hour ago, she with caution, but it is very hard to imagine stuffing pussy ... This small wooden dick swayed under the belly grinning at the top buratinsky your mouth openers, and under the barrel were still suspended two colorful to match the owner Kinder surprise - his chocolate eggs.
- No! - The last time strictly warned his Screwtape guest Katyusha.
- No, this is not ... - jumping off the table and unscrewing the cap from the tube of cream, said busily preoccupied-opener. - Then smazhem, smazhem final ... and we can, right?
From his arrogant cheeky Katya sweaty knees. She is still trying to build on Pruszcz it between his legs-Openers kid, but he's more confidently took up her ass, rumpled robe and eventually tore pussy panties.
- Oh! - Katya gazed with horror at how shapely with a flourish at the end of wood slowly intermeddle in her naked hairy sponge.
- Ah-ah-ah ... - full of echoes subside sympathy echoed her squirt-opener, thrusting deeper and deeper, to the very depths of his wooden relative. - Getting there Dna bottom?
With billowing from the breath-feeding Katya paused, closing his eyes and half-watching began to stir, gradually speeding up, in her stem-piece of wood back and forth. In all tummy warming as if it were something really soft and lively ...
- That virgin and ebm ... That's because - virgin and ebm ... Here, look ... - started the endless jokes in their own way rocking in her opener, and Katyusha weakly blossomed at all: well, up to a limit, spread her chubby his knees, moved all the ass at the very edge of the sofa, and opened hospitably dressing gown ...
What began to gather additionally focused their counsel before the opener, the sky began to roll in the poor lamb, so Katyusha More and grabbing his hands behind him, right behind his small fry bread-wood who walk into her pussy shaking. Zahoroshelo Katenke all around the egg surprise chocolate directly in the ass gently knock, a piece of wood at the heart of all tastes, but ashamed tastefully-champs stretch pussy. There is no longer made Katyusha, zaegozila pelvis-twitching on three sheets to stir her wooden leg, zastenala drawl, graduated from ...
- That vskuporil! - Pretty stood between her legs a strange-funny all in wonderful colors. - And do not say ebshsya on Fridays! His friend the Napa ...
More Efficiently shaking, but vmedlennuyu took out a hole hymen wooden structure.
- Tomorrow will come, too! Here's potrsh ... - I warned everything settles breath Katya, pointing yourself at the end. - Poigraemsa? . . Well now ... Close your eyes, open your mouth!
And barely had time to blink Katya - disappeared. Looks Katya - Otkryvachka lying on the table the most common among the piles of old newspapers. However, wet, slippery to the point that had to be rushed to the bath to bear - to wash.
And nothing: some half an hour later the parents are not focused were met in Bermuddom measure requesting immediately currently an additional share of sausage; and self-prilichnitsa Katyusha Vintovkin sat for lessons to the best decorated blush of diligence in the coming school-scientific achievements ...
* * *
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