Not all beautiful - the truth

This story proizola with me for a long time. I do not remember exactly when, somewhere in the class 9 or 10 ... now I'm almost an old man, and it seems to me that it was as if in a dream ... not even once be believed ... I think that my grandchildren are unlikely udostoyatsya such "honor"What at one time I was awarded. So, I was 15-16 years old, I studied well, causing his classmates genuine delight. I was smart, it was known to all. I was asked to write an essay or make a quiz in algebra. Sometimes I drew different drawings on request ... from their classmates. Of course, I did not do it selflessly, and took a purely nominal fee. My parents were not rich, but because I did not eat in the dining room. However, after the profitable sale of control and / or compositions, I could afford to go along with all of the dining room. Gradually I began to pour into the company, the so-called "the most advanced representatives" our class. This company contained the most beautiful of all devchenok not only our class, but also the school. The girls began to get used to me, joking me. Every kid at that time was a girl ... I was not ... I was a virgin, and I really wanted to try yourself in love affairs. Our girls, I tell you, were very attractive ... wore short skirts, so that was very well see their slender and young legs.
When one of them sat down at the desk, throws a leg over the other, then all of our class kid really wanted to touch the tempting thighs ... and sometimes wanted to push them wider and paste between your Maltz. Everyone wanted this ... trust me. I also liked her hands are manicured fingers ... I knew it was muzykankoy, and all the musicians-pianists hands gentle and well-groomed. What she still beautiful. But she was alone, and we are many. Because the rest of the boys began to "care" for other devchenki less tempting, but no less beautiful. They just do not have the habit of wearing such a short skirt. Yes, they were with short, but still decent. However, all the legs have been very welcome. Xenia (the name of Miss-short skirt), probably knew about our desires and laughed quietly at us, representing our cola, which rose by 45 degrees, it was worth it to throw a leg over the other, or bend, were immediately visible it is very pretty and nice little chest .
Around it circled many kids, but they were something like slaves. Wore her cigarette (yes, yes, she was smoking), I tried to sit down with her for one party. I did not have this habit, and quietly admiring her, her thighs, ass and breasts. Chances are, as they say, no ... But come to the aid of my mind. Xenia had to write an essay on Pushkin, Eugene Onegin, it seems ... as you know, I showed my Galante and she agreed to write this work for free. She was delighted and thanked. At home, I pored over this essay tried to make it very good. I Wrote. I put all in a bag and began to prepare for bed. He represented her in his arms, her hot lips. At the and I went to sleep. With joy I went the next day to school. Never have I so did not go. I thought that someday she would understand, and my attempts to thank not only in words. I was hoping ... it was not in school. I was not comfortable to ask where it is, and therefore had to peek in a classy magazine her address. She lived not far from the school. So after school, pretty otmuchilsya and selling control in physics (ie, money) I went to Ksenia home. He presented she will be glad that I'm for her, not only wrote this fucking work, but also personally delivered to her. I finally came to the right house.
"Horoshinky house and pretty The girl lives in it" - I thought. He began to climb to the third floor. Somewhere on the second floor, I heard a conversation, talking incoherently, but loud. I began to climb up awkwardly. The conversation stopped and started some strange sounds, if someone bludgeons in discord on the piano ... I podnialsya..vse quieter and quieter ... work in the misted my hand, and I thought it would be awkward to give him in this form. I was on the third floor. №№ apartment door was open and there were heard the sounds ugly. It was the Ksyushina apartment. I was stunned and alternates in the door ... even forgot to knock ... ... Entrance is quite rich but tasteless ... well furnished, and thoughts! go on, treading softly on the floor, the floorboards creak ... do not look down the hall ... ... and I see the edge of the piano, and the sounds of the piano ... raznye..zvuki and zvuki..stony ... pleasure ... Looking further unwittingly ... I see some kid standing with his back to me, his ass moves rhythmically and hands wander over the body ... Susie ... she moans, I feel her pleasure and that he was excited, too, is true. I notice that his ass is moving rhythmically, and range of motion increased breath ... hot ... Xenia moans so that she could shout stadion..Ey well ... Suddenly he begins to crawl to her stomach, she was sitting at her piano moans closed chest glaza..ey excited to the limit ... brown nipples twitching in time with the movements of the boy ... she does not see me ... boy begins to please her between his legs ... a lot of hoteli..razdvigaya her thighs wider appetinye he runs the language as excavator ... Xenia moans, for it is a real pleasure ...
I quietly turned and walked back into the prihozhuyu..ostavil essay on the floor ... do not know how dobrel home.
The next day at school the whole class got a deuce for failure homework ... including me ... it happened to me the first time ... I wrote an essay for Susie, and forgot myself ... The boys were surprised and Ksenia received "excellent" - For the excellent opening theme. Handing the work teacher, she looked at me ... her eyes were laughing ...
Finished fourth, I went to another school.
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